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As temperatures warm, spring is a great time to bring new changes into your home. After the cold and pale months, bring some cheer back to your home with the spring vibes. Spring is when flowers bloom, birds sing, and cool breezes. In this season it’s as if everything came to life after being frozen by the cold weather. And this is the time for you to update your home with some spring touches.

Spring is the perfect time to update your home. You certainly agree with this statement if a touch of spring will make your home come alive again and look fresher and more colorful. There are many ways to update your home this spring. Some of them are simple and affordable, while others require a little more work, but all will help boost your home look. From bringing in fresh flowers and swapping out your window draperies to adding a new rug, there are so many ways you can make your space feel bright and cheery. If you’re looking to update your spring home decor, consider refreshing your bedding with a comfortable duvet single for a cozy and stylish bedroom. Furthermore, here are some ideas to copy.

How to update your home this spring1

New Paint

You can make a different look in your home by applying new paints. Painting your room with a fresh color is a great idea to update your home this spring. Choose green, yellow, or pastel colors for your new paint color choice. By repainting your walls, it will freshen your home instantly.


Spring house design with soft white touch evokes a beautiful feeling. In addition, pink rose accents give a more elegant look and fresh impression. The spring atmosphere in this house is really special. White and Pink Color Scheme from @louloux.x.x


Spring home decor with a pastel blue color scheme that will give a more attractive and fresh impression. Applying it to walls and furniture will bring out a lively spring atmosphere. Pastel Blue Wall Color from @3dayblinds


Beautiful spring farmhouse decor in a soft beige color scheme brings out so much charm and a new look. Pink cherry blossoms placed on the coffee table will also balance the look. Beige Color Scheme from @coffeepancakesdreams

Add Fresh Flowers

There’s no better way to brighten your home this spring than with fresh flowers. Whether you go all out and create a stunning centerpiece or simply add a few bud vases to your nightstand, fresh flowers are the perfect way to update any room of the house. However, in order for your flowers to last longer, you must follow a few simple rules of thumb. The most important is to keep your flower arrangements cool.


The flowers that bloom at the entrance of this house will give a fresh and natural impression. Choosing flowers that are low maintenance will also make your spring decorations even more charming. Hanging Flower Entyway from @ratedpeople


You can try using purple tulips placed on the coffee table as a spring decoration this year. Besides that, the rabbit statue will also complete the look of your coffee table. Tulips Flower from @abba.rella


Choosing blooming roses that are placed in this bag will give a fresh and natural impression on the coffee table in your home. Using this type of flower will bring you a more lively spring and certainly doesn’t look boring. Rose Flower Centerpieces from @simply_grace_ful

Swap Out Your Throw Blankets

If your throw blankets are covered in pet hair, food crumbs, and other grime, it’s time to swap them out for new ones. This easy home decor project will brighten up any room in no time! You can use a bright or patterned blanket to strengthen the spring season.


Switching out the duvet covers with these bright patterns and colors will liven up the sprint in your bedding set. Choosing a throw in a floral print and pastel green will balance the look with a white color scheme in your spring bedroom Flower Spring Blanket from @dreamhomesandlifestyle


Don’t forget to add a light blanket on your spring living room sofa for extra comfort. This blanket will add comfort and a sense of home to your spring living room this year Beige Blanket from @pinterestingplans


Don’t forget to add a light blanket on your spring living room sofa for extra comfort. This blanket will add comfort and a sense of home to your spring living room this year Beige Blanket from @pinterestingplans

Swap Out Your Lamp Shades

A simple but effective way to update your home this spring is by changing your lamp shades. This simple upgrade can have a dramatic visual impact on your space while adding character and value to your lamps. There are several ways to change the look of your shades, including painting them or using a fabric cover. Choose a new color, add stripes or geometric patterns, or paint a complex image.


Having a rabbit character on this table lamp will give a spring vibe to your home console table. In addition, the use of burlap-shaded lights will also give your home a rustic impression and dramatic lighting. Burlap Lamp Shade from @antiquefarmhouse


Bees are also synonymous with spring animals. Therefore applying the lamp shade which has a bee pattern has succeeded in stealing the eyes of everyone who comes. Bee Lamp Shade Pattern from @pretty_little_english_rose

Update Your Table Runner or Place Mats

One of the easiest ways to spruce up your table is with eye-catching linens like table runners and place mats. These simple decorations come in a variety of colors, sizes and fabrics to suit your personal style. For spring, you can choose in a bright color or rich patterns. You can combine it with neutral plates and bowls that are perfect for the warmer weather.


This blue and white striped tablecloth manages to give a new look to your spring table design. Combined with the spring ornament placed in the center of the table, this also manages to give a chic look. Striped Table Cloth from @midwestlifeandstyle


Updating the tablecloth on this spring dining table is mandatory for you to do. Opting for a bright color fabric like pink, complete with this pattern, manages to give your springtime dining table a more festive look. Pink Pattern Table Cloth from @vintagechicdecor


This tablecloth made of pink cloth also gives a festive sping dining table design. Combining it with this wooden dining table set will also give a natural look to your dining table design. Pink Spring Table Runner from @homebykmb

Add Bright Accent Pillows

One of the easiest ways to refresh a room is with new decorative accent pillows. These bright pieces are a quick and easy way to add some much-needed spring color to your living space or bedroom. The decorative pillows you choose should make a statement about your style. For example, if your duvet is plaid, you may want to pick a pillow in a solid yellow color to contrast against it.


This pillow has a truck accent that’s perfect for spring. The owner used jute material to make this pillow to balance the ssping look in your home design. Truck Pattern Pillow from @dreamhomesandlifestyle


This floral pillow looks beautiful and has an eye-catching look. The floral accents on the green front make this pillow look pretty and perfect for a springtime decorating idea. Flower Pattern Pillow from @thecrownedgoat


Interesting right? This purple pillow has a pretty interesting plaid pattern for you to try this spring. The combination of several colors in this blank will give a more festive look. Purple Spring Pillow from @thecrownedgoat


This spring pillow has a shibori pattern that makes it look very pretty. Now you can display it above an entryway chair so it will be the perfect springtime decoration and manages to provide comfort. Shibori Spring Pillow from @farmulosity


This pillow has a green checkered pattern that will make it look beautiful and charming. This pillow idea is perfect for spring decoration ideas to make it look cute and inspiring. Green Plaid Pillow from @dreamhomesandlifestyle

Add a Houseplant

If you’re looking for a fresh touch to your home this spring, consider adding a houseplant. Not only do they look pretty, but houseplants also remove toxins and pollutants from the air, which helps improve your indoor air quality.


The selection of fern plants to be placed in this spring home decoration succeeded in bringing clean and fresh air. Placing beside this fireplace will also be a beautiful display at the same time. Fern Plant Basket from @notinggrace


Some green plants on the shelves equipped with spring ornaments add a unique look to your home design. This plant AKsne gives the impression of a fresh room and of course adds color to your spring home design. Vines Plant from @houseonwren


This topiary plant placed on a fireplace mantle will add a natural and airy feel to your home design. Apart from that, you can also add accent wreaths of greenery and floral arrangements to complete your spring look. Toppiary Plant from @houseonwren

Update Your Gallery Wall

Whether you’ve got a blank wall space or you simply want to update a gallery wall, there are plenty of ways to give your home a spring refresh. One of our favorite easy ways to freshen up your gallery wall is to switch out the art pieces that are hanging there. Swapping out pictures or prints can completely change the look and feel of a gallery wall without needing to rehang it all over again.


This bright abstract wall art manages to give you a beautiful home design to try. This will give color to your spring bedroom wall so it doesn’t look boring. Colorful Abstrac Wall Art from @minimal.x.plumi


Don’t let the walls of your house look empty and boring when spring arrives. You can add a colorful framed gallery wall to make it the perfect room centerpiece. Colorful Wall Art from @amandatoppeart


Spring is synonymous with egg ornaments, so you can add a wall with framed egg pictures. Placing it above this fireplace will succeed in providing the perfect springtime home design. Egg Wall Art from @thecrownedgoat


Some vintage ornaments with a spring style can make your empty wall look boring. Hanging some of these ornaments in a corner of the house will succeed in stealing the attention of everyone who comes. Vintage Spring Wall Art from @marchemaison

Update Your Kitchen

Spring is all about fresh new looks, and you can really brighten up your home with these easy, budget-friendly updates. One of the best places to start is in your kitchen. A great way to make your kitchen feel new again is by updating the hardware on your cabinets. Replacing old handles and knobs with shiny brass or muted gold can instantly update your kitchen.


The addition of bright colors to the kitchen walls such as yellow and white will succeed in creating a bright and lively spring kitchen design. In addition, some furniture that has the same color can balance the look. Bright Kitchen Spring Color Scheme from @rosieloveswilki


White is a great color choice for any style and season. Now you can apply it to your spring kitchen décor for a final look that looks elegant and more modern. Adding some of these spring ornaments will also succeed in giving a stylish spring touch. Add Spring Ornament from @thirdgenerationfarmstead


The yellow roses blooming in this vase manage to give a fresh spring touch to your home kitchen design. Placing it above the kitchen island and kitchen counter will create a different look. Flower Kitchen from @wallflower_cottage

Fresh Area Rugs

There’s no better way to bring in a new season than with fresh area rugs. They can totally change the mood of a room, add new design interest or texture, or just make it more cozy. Investing in new rugs is a smart home improvement move that will pay off in the long run, especially since they can be repositioned whenever you want to refresh your space. But they do require a little maintenance to keep them looking and feeling their best.


The rug will give your feet a warm touch. But choosing a bright color that blends with some matching colored furniture will also balance out the spring look in this living room. Pattern Rug from @just_addabow


In spring living room you can decorate the room with a large floral rug. Placing it under the couch will also provide extra warmth to your feet. Large Rug from @randrathome

Lighter Fabrics

Lighter fabrics are the perfect way to brighten your home and feel more comfortable during the warmer months. Swap out heavy winter textiles, such as cable knit blankets, faux fur throws, and wool drapes for lighter options like cotton and linen. Sheer fabric is also a great way to add a delicate touch to your space. You can use sheer fabrics for window treatments, or you can even incorporate them into your bed linens for a soft and elegant look.


You also need to pay attention to the choice of fabric for decorating the spring. Like the picture above, you can apply a light blue bathroom curtain for an attractive and cheerful room design. Blue Curtain Bathroom from @magahomedesigns


Floral accents on curtains and blankets will balance out the spring look in your bedroom. This white color scheme and wood floor accents will give your space a warm, airy feel this spring. Floral Pattern Curtain from @thewillowgray

Change the Layout of Your Living Room

A few changes to the layout of your living room can give your space an entirely new look and feel. It’s an easy way to update your home without breaking the bank. Start by rearranging your sofa and chairs. This will open up the room and make it feel more spacious.


Your living room layout can give your space a fresh look this spring. The renewal of this linen sofa cover will succeed in giving a comfortable impression complete with brightly colored pillows. Large Spring Living Room from @returninggrace


Rearranging your sofas and chairs will update your spring look this year. Opting for a small L-shaped sofa will also work to make this year’s spring look more comfortable and inviting. L-Shaped Sofa from @new_chapter_home_staging

Update Your Patio

During spring, you can enjoy your springtime in your patio. Related to that, you have to redecorate your patio to get an updated look. But, it doesn’t meant you have to make a big change. Simply swap out your patio furniture like chairs and tables for something new and fresh. You can add some pillows accents to make it more comfortable. Don’t forget to add a fresh element, such as flower vase arrangement and potted plants.


The bright yellow cushions on this patio spring add color and a new look to this decor. Add fresh elements, such as flower vases and plant pots for the perfect patio design. Yellow Pillow from @sabrina_soto


This rattan seating set complete with brightly colored pillows and blankets provides a comfortable exana to spend the whole day there. This coffee table and large rug also manages to provide comfort for your feet. Spring Patio Decor from @imaginfires


This comfortable terrace is equipped with an L-shaped sofa complete with patterned pillows and blankets. This striped rug and coffee table accents will also complete this year’s spring patio look. Sping Porch Decor from @jotitup

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