Architecture ideas the characteristics of modern architecture2

One of architecture that is often adopted by people when they want to build a building, either a house or a building is modern architecture. This architecture is in great demand because of the many advantages it offers. Apart from being up to date, modern architecture also offers a beautiful design, a simple yet elegant appearance. Well, to achieve this, there are several characteristics and elements that must be met. And some of them will be discussed in this article.

Architecture ideas the characteristics of modern architecture1

What Is Modern Architecture?

Modern architecture is a style of architectural design that emerged in the 20th century. It includes clean lines, functionality, and the use of industrial materials like steel and concrete, avoiding ornamentation, and embracing the idea of minimalism. The modern architecture movement emerged at the turn of the 20th century with attempts to reconcile the principles underlying architectural design with rapid technological advancements and the modernization of society. The movement was driven by advances in engineering, building materials, social equality and health. It also rejected past styles and emphasized experimentation.

And talking about the characteristic of modern architecture, modern architecture has many characteristics that set it apart from other styles. These characteristics include lines, function, material and space. Here are some of them that you can apply.

Emphasis on Lines

Lines are one of the most important design elements in modern architecture. They define spaces, create patterns and create emotion. They also important to create a more minimalist look and add interest to the design. The lines can be straight and can be arranged in vertical, horizontal or diagonal patterns on the facade of the building. Vertical lines draw the eye upward and can make windows and interiors appear taller or higher. Long horizontal lines can expand a space visually and can help create a sense of depth or volume, although they can be monotonous when they are overused.


To give the illusion of being taller and more open than modern architectural decorations in your home, there’s nothing wrong with adding an outdoor texture that is designed vertically. For example, you can use wooden accessories arranged vertically on the outdoor wall or glass window area in a neat and orderly arrangement. For this vertical wood material, you don’t need to repaint it so that it looks natural and can blend with nature more perfectly. Wooden Slate Decoration from @grandhomz

Focus on Function

Focus on function in modern architecture has a lot to do with a desire to make buildings as efficient and useful as possible. Functionality is an important aspect of modern architecture, and many architects have emphasized that buildings should be designed to suit their purpose. One of the most influential principles in modern architecture is “form follows function,” which means that a building’s form is dictated by its functionality rather than aesthetics. This explains why so many modern buildings have a simple, rectangular shape and are free from unnecessary decorations or details.


Function is the main concern and is suitable to be applied to modern architectural decorations. This architectural modern decoration looks beautiful with simplicity and minimalist applications in the house. The design or shape that is dominated by this rectangle is one of the characteristics that can be applied, you don’t need to add excessive accessories because a minimalist design must be applied and it may be strange for people to place decorations and apply complicated architecture in their homes. Square Shaped Modern Architecture from @studioheloisafogaca

Material Used

Modern architecture uses a variety of materials to create its structures. These materials are often found in nature, but can also be created through technological processes. The material that most commonly makes up a modern structure is concrete. It is a composite material that is composed of cement and aggregates in a specific ratio. It is durable and strong, but can also be made into many different shapes. Another material used in modern architecture is wood. This material is usually stained to give it a unique color and texture.


There’s nothing wrong with applying wood materials to modern architectural decorations. This material is always the best choice for any style, theme and season. Look at the outside of this house, which is also equipped with a minimalist deck that can be used as an area to relax with your family or friends to enjoy spring this year. What you can do to perfect this wooden deck decoration is add minimalist outdoor furniture that can be adjusted to the budget you have. Wooden Modern Architecture from @arkul_


Or when you want the look of a modern architectural house that is more sturdy and not easily porous, then just use cement as the main ingredient which can be perfected by using outdoor paint with the appropriate paint color you want. This outdoor neutral colored paint makes it look wider and more open. The rectangular design that is applied is one of the characteristics commonly used by modern architectural themes and will never fail. Concrete Modern Architecture from @nua_architecture


Glass is one of the preferred materials commonly used for modern architectural decorations. Just use transparent glass with a thicker choice of material so it won’t break easily when used for a long time and with seasons that change drastically every year. The main ingredient of this glass can be combined with wood materials to be applied to the window frames and some outdoor walls. Transparent Glass Modern Architecture from @themillievintage


Simplicity is an essential aspect of modern architecture. It can be found in clean lines, asymmetrical designs, and a lack of ornamentation. It can also be seen in the way buildings are built to fit a specific site. This is often done by minimizing the number of supporting walls that are needed, as well as integrating green space. In addition, simplicity can be found in a building’s use of simple materials and natural textures. This can help to create an overall design that’s calm, warm, and beautiful.


No need to add too many outdoor accessories for modern architectural decoration. The decoration of this house is dominated by stone and concrete which can work well together to add a texture that will never fail. Transparent glass walls allow you to see beautiful outdoor views from indoors, besides that the use of glass walls is also able to let sunlight into the room in sufficient quantities. Simple and Neutral Modern Architecture from @minimalmotifs

Connection to Nature

Modern architecture has an important connection to nature. This connection is especially important because humans are a species that has evolved an innate affinity for nature. Modern architects use this affinity as a foundation for their design work. They seek to make their structures as natural as possible while still retaining functionality. Another approach to connect architecture and nature is by having views of natural features outside the building, such as trees, mountains, and rivers. This helps people feel more connected to the world around them and can be beneficial to their health and mood.


The expanse of green grass, shrubs and various types of trees that soar high around this modern architecture is a natural sight that can be enjoyed whenever you want. Besides that, these towering trees can also be a shading accent that makes your house feel cooler all day long. Perform routine maintenance on all existing plants so that they appear lush, green and ready to serve as a focal point that will never fail. Expansion of Green Grass and Tall Trees from @jonholmesphotography

Use of Large Windows or Glass Walls

Another characteristic of modern architecture is the use of large windows or glass walls. The use of large windows and glass walls aims to get enough sunlight. This will make it easier for sunlight to enter the building. This will make the room brighter, feel more spacious, reduce electricity usage and of course be healthier.


There are many benefits that can be obtained from using transparent glass walls, one of which is to make the room look bright all day long. Try to use thick glass material so that it doesn’t break easily when used for a long time, besides that this thick glass material also minimizes you from repeated renovations. For a more modern look, you can combine it with an iron frame that has been repainted with a solid black color choice. Thick Glass Wall from @sustainable_archiitecture


The glass window area that is applied in this modern architectural decoration has many benefits that can be obtained. Apart from changing the outside appearance to be wider and visually open, it is also able to become an area to enter sunlight into the room in large quantities so that the area in the room is not damp and smelly. The use of transparent glass windows is also widely applied to modern architectural decorations that will never go out of style throughout the year. Transparent Glass Window from @josecastells_a

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