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Spring is the perfect time to do a deep cleaning around your home. And the bedroom is no exception! It is one of the most important rooms in your home so you want to make sure that it stays clean and fresh. After a long winter, maybe you want to give your bedroom a makeover. But before that, you must first clean your bedroom. This is to ensure that your bedroom is clean and comfortable to use this spring. In this case, you really have to take the time to do a thorough cleaning in your bedroom. Fortunately, there are some simple things you can do to make sure your bedroom is spotless! Read on to find out how!

Spring cleaning tips for your bedroom1


Vacuuming is essential to keeping your home clean and reducing the amount of dust mites in your house. It also helps to freshen the air and reduce respiratory problems. To vacuum your bedroom properly, start in the furthest corner and slowly move horizontally through the room (about two feet per second). Overlap each pass slightly until the entire room has been covered with the cleaner. Vaccum your floor and carpet of your bedroom for maximum cleanliness.


To reduce your work when cleaning the bedroom in spring, just use a sophisticated vacuum cleaner that can clean the floor area, rugs as well as some of the furniture around it so that it is free from dust and bacteria. This vacuum cleaner can be used easily by anyone, you can connect it to the socket and then direct it to the area of the room to be cleaned. The dust that sticks will be sucked up to the maximum. Use a Vacuum Cleaner from @thiscrazylifevlog


Not only new cellphones, but to help with your household chores, use and buy new cleaning gadgets such as a vacuum cleaner every day. This tool will get rid of dust under the furniture to the fullest, you can do it easily and don’t use too much force or weight. This vacuum cleaner can also be used to mop the floor in your bedroom or other rooms such as the bedroom and living room. New Cleaning Gadget from @victoriahouse78


Your bedroom is a place where you sleep, so it’s important to keep it clean and organized, especially this spring. The best way to do this is with a routine that’s quick and efficient. One of the first things you should do when cleaning your bedroom is dust it. It’s a great way to remove the surface dirt and grime that has collected from the other cleaning steps you’ve taken so far. Be sure to wipe the dust of your nightstand, lampshade, clear out your drawer, and other bedroom furniture.


Set your cleaning schedule regularly in this bedroom decor because it will serve as the most comfortable area to rest after a day’s activities. This is done so that the room looks cleaner and free from dust or debris. Especially you can clean the floor area and under the bed which will become a nest of dust or cobwebs. Clean Periodically from @homebyemma_


Not only will the floor be covered by dust, but the interior or furniture used will also be an area of dust that you can clean every day using the simple vacuum or duster that you have. Clean thoroughly then sweep your floor evenly. So that the cleanliness in this room is more even, then mop the floor again using a mop or clean cloth. Clean Interior Bedroom from @nb.nii_num


Also prioritize the cleanliness of the mattress area that you use, because this will be the surface that is in direct contact with your skin. Do regular vacuuming using the vacuum you have, this will avoid the presence of mites that can develop more and disturb your comfort. In addition, replace the sheets regularly so that your skin is safer and healthier, especially for those of you who have sensitive skin or are allergic to dust. Mattress and Rug Care from @theloomia


Whether you opt for daily or seasonal cleaning, a bedroom that is dust-free helps you sleep better. Excessive dust can cause respiratory issues and aggravate allergies. Sweep your floors, and then use a microfiber cloth on the end of a long-handled duster to remove dirt and cobwebs from the corners of your room. Once everything is dry, wipe down furniture and other surfaces to make sure they are free of dust, allergens, bacteria, and grime.


Parts of the floor that are swept and mopped regularly will produce a cleaner and shiny surface. Look at the vinyl wood flooring used, doesn’t it look more shiny when exposed to the reflection of the light rays from around it? Yes, you can clean this floor area yourself because it’s quite easy to do and doesn’t require professional local personnel. Sleek Wooden Floor from @jadecleaningservices_llc


The floor being the surface that your feet will step on so there is more likely to be a lot of dust or debris. Therefore, to welcome spring this year with joy, you can clean the floor regularly, maintenance of this floor can be done by sweeping and mopping it. For sweeping maybe you can do it every morning, but for mopping the floor you can do it once a week. Clear Floor Debris from @proclear1

Clean the Closet

One of the biggest sources of clutter in your bedroom is your closet. Get it organized and pared down. Using a decluttering method, such as the Reverse Hanger Trick or One In, One Out rule, separate clothes into keep, donate, sell and toss piles. Donate items you haven’t worn in a year, or any clothing with holes or extreme wear. Shoes also need to go if they’re no longer in good condition, or have worn soles.


Do you want your closet to look neater and more organized? If so, then you can use the konMari method so that everything stored can be properly organized and maximized. This method usually aligns the storage of clothes according to the type or color so that it will also make it easier for you to find the clothes, jackets or pants that will be used. Try this method for an impressive new closet look. KonMari Method from @immaculatetouch_


Throw away all clothes that are no longer suitable for use, while for clothes that are still suitable for use, you can donate them so that your closet area looks tidier and more orderly. Not only clothes, but you can also sort shoes, jackets and bags. Standing open shelves become storage that can accommodate a larger number of clothes. Throw Out Unsuitable Clothes from @personalstylingbyjt


An open closet design that is equipped with several storage boxes will manage all storage properly and optimally. This storage box comes in a variety of different sizes and you can use all of them according to your needs. Place this box on each open shelf according to its size, and see if it works for you. Add Storage Box from @countryclassicsrentals


Have a hanger with a large enough number to hang some clothes or jackets that you have. This hanger will accommodate more of your clothes, you can hang them parallel to the rods closet. Pull-out drawers arranged vertically are additional built-in storage that you can use today. You can use the top surface of the closet for storage as well. Use Cothes Hangers from @fashionablykay

Wash Bed Linens

Your bedroom is your sanctuary and it should be clean, tidy and free from clutter to create a relaxing space. A dirty, cluttered bedroom can disrupt sleep and can negatively impact your mood and health. Taking the time to wash your bedding is a must. Check your linens’ care tags for instructions on how often to wash them, but generally, a couple of full rinses should do the trick.


Wash the sheets in your bedroom to remove stains. This is one of the bedroom cleaning activities that you can do easily, to remove stains you can use baking soda before putting it in the washing machine. Not only the sheets, but you can also wash the pillowcases as well as the blankets to avoid mites. Wash Sheets When They Are Stained from @secretlinenstore


Install and use clean sheets to line your mattress. This is the best idea for the comfort of your skin while on the bed, another advantage you can get is to avoid dust or hair loss. Wash bed sheets regularly, for example, wash them once a week according to health recommendations. This is a great start to welcome spring this year. Install and Use Clean Sheets from @charleshbeckley


Wash bed sheets regularly according to the schedule that has been made. Adjust the use of bed linen with the pattern you need, to welcome spring, you can use a floral pattern with a bright yellow color choice that is ready to be used as a room statement. Rattan headboard is a natural touch that you can use today. Wash Bed Sheets Regularly from @frenchbedroom

Clean the Mattress

One of the best ways to get a fresh, clean bedroom is to vacuum your mattress. It’s a great way to get rid of dust mites and dead skin cells, as well as other contaminants that can build up on your mattress over time. Vacuum the surface of your mattress using a wide-brush attachment. This will get into all the seams and crevices where dirt, dust, hair, and other particles can be trapped. Once you’ve vacuumed the surface, use a commercial stain remover to get rid of any spills or stains that may have occurred over time. You can also use a solution of 1 teaspoon mild dish detergent and 1 cup warm water to spot clean any stains on the mattress.


Vacuum is one of the tools that you can use to remove mites and dust. You can vacuum the surface of the mattress regularly according to the cleaning schedule you have made. That way you can get a mattress surface that is free from all the dirt or mites that stick to it. Because this vacuum has a longer hose, you can pull it in any direction as needed. Remove Mites and Dust from @nazirisakis


If you have a vacuum cleaner, you can use it to thoroughly clean the surface of the mattress. This vacuum cleaner can be filled with water to maximize cleaning. Lift the vacuum easily because it is equipped with a handle on top, use it to clean the sofa in your living room. Vacuum Mattress Surface from @hamptons_hideaway


If there are stubborn stains on your mattress, use baking soda to remove them, use baking soda according to the amount or absence of attached stains. After that, let it sit for a few minutes and then brush it gently to remove the stains more optimally. Matress spray makes the surface of the mattress more fragrant after adding baking soda. Remove Stains with Baking Soda from @santulanlife

Clean the Window

Cleaning your bedroom windows is an important part of spring cleaning because it helps get rid of dirt and grime that inevitably build up over time. Dirty windows are often a result of environmental factors, including pollen, rain droplets, sap-producing trees and birds, passing cars, and if you live near the ocean, caked-on salt. Clean all areas of your windows including window sills. You can use a microfiber to clean the window area.


Not only cleaning the glass, but you can also clean the window frames from dust so that the outdoor air that enters is healthier and fresher. It’s not enough to stop here, for this window treatment you can also wash the curtains that are used regularly too. This window cleaning can be done every week so that it is maximized. Wipe Glass and Frame Parts from @rba.windows.toronto


The activities of cleaning the glass windows in your bedroom can be done to the fullest to welcome spring this year with joy. This single window maximizes sunlight entering the room to the maximum. Not only from the inside, but you can also clean it from the outside so that the cleanliness you get is maximized. Clean Window Regularly from @cozinessrules


One way that you can do to clean the glass window is to use a cleaning fluid with a variety of different types. Spray this cleaning fluid and then wipe it using a microfiber cloth with a smoother surface. The results that will be obtained make the surface of the glass window more shiny and free from debris left over from winter. Use Cleaning Liquid from @adultingwithcharliex


Wipers are one of the glass window cleaning tools that you can use to even out the cleaning fluid that you have sprayed. After that you can wipe it using a microfiber cloth which has a softer and smoother surface. The glass window in the bedroom area is one of the activities you can do after winter is over and of course it can be used to welcome winter. Wiper Window Cleaner from @limpieza.exteriores

Wash the Curtains

Curtains aren’t just for privacy and sound dampening, they also can help block out the sun’s glare, light up a room and even add a touch of warmth. Well for this spring, maybe you should wash and replace your curtains. Using lighter curtains will make your bedroom looks more comfortable this spring.


When the curtain you are using starts to look shabby, you can wash it again so you get a cleaner surface. This layered curtain window can only be put in the washing machine and when it’s dry you can iron it so that the surface you get is smoother. Use cotton and sheer curtains to make them dry more easily. Rewash Curtain Layer from @cozy_home_in_sweden

Dust the Ceiling and Baseboards

Ceiling moldings and baseboards can collect a lot of dust, making them difficult to keep clean. They also are often overlooked and neglected during typical weekly cleaning tasks, so this is a great time to get into those nooks and crannies. Start by vacuuming these surfaces, then use a long-handled dust brush or electrostatic duster to remove the accumulated debris. You can also use a solution of water, dish soap and vinegar to deep clean these surfaces.


Look at the baseboard that’s been cleaned, doesn’t it look cleaner and shiny? Yes, you can do it when you have free time on the weekend. Repainting the baseboard can be done easily for an elegant look, white is one of the best paint choices you can use. After Clean Baseboard from @interiorcare


A soft brush equipped with a long handle can be used to clean the ceiling in this bedroom decoration. Do this cleaning only once a month to avoid any cobwebs. Apart from that, you can also vacuum the attached dust using a cordless vacuum to make it more practical and effective. Clean the Ceiling from @unitedliny


A brush with an iron handle will make it easier for you to clean the baseboards in your bedroom. Spray cleaning fluid to make it easier for you to clean the stains and dust that sticks. Cleaning the baseboard can be done once a month when you have free time on weekends. Brush the Baseboard from @taylorflanery

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