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Each season brings its own problem for your house. So, when the season changes, you should not only be concerned about decoration to beautify the house with the seasonal touches but also to do the maintenance to your house. Here, we will talk about the things that you should do for your spring home maintenance. It will cover the damages or problems that commonly occur during spring that are caused by the temperature and the weather. Please check the following ideas that we have compiled that consist of the problems and the way to maintain the problems.

Home maintenance what to do during spring1

Clean the Roof

During spring, your roof needs maintenance because the roof might be mossy. If you don’t clean it as soon as possible, the moss will create soil and the root will damage the roof. Also, if the moss grows too well, there might be small insects hiding there which won’t be good because the insects can enter your house from the roof gaps.

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Cleaning the roof is something you should do for spring maintenance. Look at this roof! Spring causes moss to thrive in this roof area, so it must be cleaned. You can clean it using special tools so it will clean faster. If you don’t clean the roof it will trigger damage to your roof. Cleaning the roof from moss from @completelycleaned

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Spring causes moss to thrive in the roof area and will cause damage to the roof. Therefore the care you have to do is clean the roof using a special tool. You can do it yourself without having to bring in an expert so it will save costs. Get Rid of Moss from @completelycleaned

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The roof is one part of the house that must be treated! Because in the spring, algae will grow to cover the roof and can cause damage. Do the roof cleaning by brushing it with a special tool until it is clean. This method is quite easy and can be done alone so it will save more costs. Cleaning the roof from Algae from @lbcclean

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Look at this roof! Full of mold and mildew. To avoid damage to the roof, you must clean it. This time you can clean it with a brush or spray water until the dried mold and mildew disappear. This method is quite easy but effective for treating the roof of your house. Cleaning the roof from mold and mildew from @n_exterior_property_cleaning

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Not only interior, exterior is one part of the house that must be treated. One of them is this roof! Spring, making this roof filled with moss. Therefore you have to clean it using water and soap for this type of roof like the picture above. This will keep your roof clean and reduce the chance of damage caused by the seasons. Roof Cleaner from @jamesbrownexteriorcleaning

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Look at this roof! Spring causes the roof to be filled with moss which will cause damage in the form of a damp and leaky roof. This time you can clean a special roof brush which is equipped with a long handle to make cleaning this roof easier. In this way, your home will look clean and well-maintained, but it will also avoid damage. Cleaning Wet Moss from @lincswindowcl

Check the Gutter

Just like the roof, the gutter can also be the spot for the moss to grow. Also, there can be other kinds of grass that grow there. Of course, that won’t be good for the gutter. It will make the gutter sag and clog. Make sure that you do your gutter maintenance at once when you do the roof maintenance.

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Apart from the roof, the gutter is one of the parts of the house that often gets damaged. Therefore, you can check it. Look at this gutter! Spring causes grass to thrive in the gutter and causes blockages so water can’t flow. To overcome this, you can clean it by pulling out the grass or scraping it using a special tool. Clean Up the Grass Clogging from @ben.fcs

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Checking the roof is one of the right ways to care for your home. Spring often allows weeds to grow in your gutter area and will cause water to not drain properly. To prevent this you have to check and clean it regularly. But when it happens you can give it immediately before the damage occurs. Check for Clogging from @superiorjetwashing

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Gutter is a part of the house that requires extra care. Therefore checking the gutter must be done periodically to prevent damage, especially in the spring. This is because many animals such as snakes are comfortable nesting in the gutter and will cause damage and blockage in your gutter. Check Wild Animals that cause clogging from @bbc_bermagui_building

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Effective and efficient! Home treatment that you can do is check the gutter. If this check is carried out regularly, you will find out early damage such as loose or clogged gutters. And you can make repairs faster so you don’t cause more damage. Therefore checking the gutter is one of the home treatments that cannot be missed. Check Gutter Position from @1.handy.manz


Often gutters become nesting sites for wild animals such as squirrels and may cause damage. Therefore you can check periodically to avoid any possibilities in your gutter. But when damage has occurred, you can find out earlier and can make repairs more quickly. Therefore checking the gutter is one of the most effective and efficient home maintenance. Check Squirrel on the Gutter from @dappertrappertony

Chimney Cover

If you have a chimney, it is better for you to cover it because there will be rain during spring. The top of the chimney should be covered but you should make sure that there are still gaps there to let the fog go out of the chimney.

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To take care of your home and avoid spring damage, one way you can do this is to add a chimney cover. In this way, the chimney will avoid falling leaves that can clog the chimney and cause blockage. This time you can use a chimney cover which is made using metal so it is resistant to all weather. Metal Chimney Cover from @gothic_construction

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Adding a chimney cover is an easy home remedy that you can try at home. By adding this chimney cover, it will protect it from falling leaves or twigs which will make its performance not good. You can use a chimney cover that matches the shape of your chimney so it will work more perfectly. Black Metal Chimney Cover from @fireplace911

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The chimney is one part of the house that is very influential and must be taken care of. One great way to keep it off is to add a chimney cover on top. In this way, your chimney will stay clean and can work optimally to remove the smoke that is in the indoor area. Choosing to use a round chimney cover that is made using metal is a perfect idea because it is stronger. Round Chimney Cover from @fireplace911

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This time you can do spring home maintenance by adding a chimney cover. This method is effective in keeping your chimney safe from falling leaves, branches and anything that can cause damage or malfunction of the chimney in your home. Use a chimney cover that matches the shape of the chimney you have so that it will make it safer. Stainless Steel Chimney Cover from @gothic_construction

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Talking about home maintenance, chimney is one part of the house that requires maintenance. It doesn’t have to be complicated, here you only need to do one step, namely adding a chimney cover. Make sure your chimney is closed but can still work optimally. Choose a chimney cover that is made using stainless steel so it can withstand all weather. Round Stainless Steel Chimney Cover from @spotlesschimney

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Look at these chimneys! The owner takes care of it by adding a chimney cover. This time the chimney cover that is used is made of aluminum so it is quite strong and suitable for outdoor areas. By adding a chimney cover, it will make it work optimally without fear of being clogged with leaves or other objects that cause blockages. Aluminum Chimney Cover from @spotlesschimney

Prepare the Air Conditioner

Well, although the temperature will still be a little bit cold during spring, you should prepare your air conditioner because the weather will start to be hotter. Don’t forget that you are welcoming the summer to come. You should make sure that your air conditioner works well.

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Preparing Air conditioner is one of the home treatments that can’t be missed in spring. This time you can do it by checking the filter and replacing it if it’s not feasible. This will make your air conditioner work properly and provide cleaner cold air. Change the Filter from @pugetsoundenergy

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Cleaning the air conditioner is one way you can try to prepare the air conditioner. By cleaning the air conditioner, it will make it able to provide clean wall air as well and make the air in the room of high quality. Therefore, cleaning the air conditioner is something that cannot be missed to improve your home maintenance. AC Cleaner from @temcon_air_conditioning

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The thermostat is one of the parts of the air conditioner that you should pay attention to because it greatly affects the performance of the air conditioner in your home. Make sure your thermostat is stable so that your air conditioner can work perfectly and there are no problems. This method is quite simple, but you should never miss it because it will greatly affect the air conditioning in your home. Check the Thermostat from @d2dnyac

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When there is damage to the ac, all you have to do is repair the damage. This method is one of the ways you have to do to prepare your air conditioner to welcome spring. You can do this yourself or bring in experts to shorten the time. Fix Crash from @eastangliaairconditioning

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Apart from fixing the damage, all you have to do is check the system. This is not to be missed! Use special tools to detect damage to your air conditioner. When there is damage, then do repairs immediately so as not to reduce the comfort in your home. Check the AC system from @reliablehomeenvironment

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Cooling check is an easy way to prepare air conditioning in this house. Here you only need to turn on the ac and wait a few minutes to see it start to cool the room. In this way you can also find out if there is damage or reduced performance on your AC so that it can be resolved more quickly. Cooling Check from @markusbuildersptyltd


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