Lots of us have heard of freestanding baths before – and I bet that many of us have seen (or even bathed in) one. Truth be told, freestanding baths are no longer exclusively for chic boutique hotels or spa resorts – nowadays, even the ordinary home can have them, and homeowners will agree that it’s one of the best purchases they have ever made for their homes! But what makes freestanding baths so special, aside from their obvious looks and appeal? Here are the true advantages of installing a freestanding bath in your bathroom space. 

First of all: what are they?

A freestanding bath is undoubtedly a stylish and functional addition to any bathroom space. Unlike traditional or standard built-in baths, freestanding baths offer a range of advantages that aren’t easily seen in any other bath out there. For one, they can improve and enhance your daily routine and elevate your overall bathroom aesthetic. But still: why is it more popular today, and why are more home- and property owners opting for one? Let’s explore the wonders and awesomeness of having a freestanding bath. 

  • True luxury and elegance in your bathroom

First and foremost, a freestanding bath offers a true sense of luxury and sophistication. Think about it: for a reasonable investment, you have your very own statement piece that can really transform your bathroom in more ways than one. It can change the look and feel of your bathroom, making it feel like a spa. In addition, since most of the models available today have a sleek and stylish design, they can add elegance that can elevate any bathroom décor. Even if you have a traditional or rustic bathroom look, there are still a lot of designs and styles from which you can choose. From a small freestanding bath to a large one, from a classic clawfoot design to a modern egg-shaped style, there are a variety of freestanding bath designs to choose from to fit your style.

  • Versatility comes in many forms

A freestanding bath offers a lot of versatility, particularly in terms of the placement of the bath. Unlike the usual alcove-style baths, freestanding baths can be placed anywhere, giving you more design flexibility. For instance, you can position them against a wall, in the center of the room, or even in front of a large window (especially if you want to benefit from natural light and stunning views). This flexibility allows you to create a more personalized bathroom space that reflects your taste and style.

  • A practical solution 

In addition to its aesthetic benefits, a freestanding bath also offers practical advantages. For one, it’s easier to clean than built-in baths since there are no hard-to-reach edges or corners. This makes it even more ideal for those who lead busy lifestyles and don’t have the time or the energy to clean their bathroom space regularly. Freestanding baths also typically have a larger capacity than built-in baths so that you can enjoy a more luxurious and relaxing soak.

  • An ergonomic design that’s easy on the body

Another immense advantage of a freestanding bath is its ergonomic design. Many freestanding baths are designed to offer a comfortable and ergonomic bathing experience. They often feature sloping backs, built-in headrests, and contoured shapes that provide support and comfort for your back, neck, and shoulders. With this, they are ideal for people with back pain, arthritis, or other mobility issues.

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