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Spring is the perfect time to give your outdoor furniture a deep clean. Cleaning your outdoor furniture is a great way to refresh your patio and add a new layer of color to your space. It doesn’t have to be time-consuming, and it can help extend the life of your patio seating. It’s important to clean your furniture regularly and properly so you can extend the life of the material. Generally, it’s recommended that you clean your outdoor furniture twice a year. Once in the spring before you start using it regularly as the weather warms, and again before you put it back into storage for autumn. No matter what type of material your outdoor furniture is made from, it needs to be cleaned regularly to stay looking its best. Follow these tips to make it easy!

Outdoor furniture how to clean your outdoor furniture this spring1

How to Clean the Outdoor Furniture

Before you get started, make sure your hose is set up to a high-pressure flow that will help loosen and dislodge the accumulated dirt, pollen and sand (depending on the region in which you live). Spray down your furniture with a nozzle that’s strong enough to remove stubborn surface grime and dust, then wipe it down with a clean cloth or sponge.


Prepare cleaning fluid and sponge before you start cleaning outdoor furniture in the spring. Use a sponge with a rubber material to make it more elastic and not easily damaged when used for a long time. The cleaning fluid that you can choose is a well-known brand for its function to remove stains and make the surface of furniture look shinier and make it clean again so that it is more comfortable to use all day to relax. Prepare Clean Sponge and Cream Outdoor Furniture from @tealtrunk


To eradicate germs, mold and powder that sticks to outdoor furniture, you can use a nozzle or a fairly high water flow. This is the easiest way you can do without having to spend a lot of effort and money. This nozzle can be directed to the dirty outdoor furniture as needed, if it is clean you can wipe it using a clean cloth and leave it in the sun to dry. High Strength Water Nozzle from @karcher_newzealand


Whether you’ve got an entire backyard set of benches, tables, and chairs, or just a couple of swing seats, it’s important to take care of your outdoor furniture. Over time, it can begin to look dull and grubby. It can also be susceptible to mold, mildew and fungus. So, it’s important to keep your wooden furniture properly clean and free of these pests and fungi so that it can look its best. To clean wood outdoor furniture, use a mild detergent formulated for wood and soapy water. Wipe down surfaces in the direction of the wood grain, then rinse thoroughly.


When can you clean outdoor furniture? The main thing is. if the surface is moldy, dirty, stained and unattractive. Some outdoor furniture made of wood will definitely become moldy and dirty after winter is over, therefore, welcome spring with joy, one of which is by re-cleaning outdoor furniture to the fullest. Refresh Wood Outdoor Furniture from @ferz.woodwork


To maximize cleaning in the outdoor wooden chair area, you can use vinegar liquid to apply it to the dirty surface. Before brushing it, you can leave it for about 15-20 minutes so that the dirt is easier to remove and clean. Adjust the use of vinegar with the dirt that sticks and nests in your outdoor chairs. Dissolve the Soda into the Wood Chair Parts from @thepaintedestate


Chairs are one of the outdoor furniture that is often used, so you can clean them to the fullest when they are dirty and moldy. All you can do right now is provide cleaning spray and a microfiber cloth. The two will work well together for a cleaner, more comfortable chair surface to use all spring day. Previously you could use gloves to avoid dirt directly hitting your hands. Cleaning Oudoor Wooden Chairs from @desisowers


Metal outdoor furniture is popular for its durability and elegant appearance, but even the smallest discoloration or stain can detract from their sophisticated aesthetic. Greasy hands and rainfall can leave dirty and spotted metal, particularly in areas where water contains a high mineral content. Removing these stains can be a challenge, but it is possible.

To clean metal outdoor furniture, mix a quarter cup of mild dish soap with a gallon of warm water and use a sponge to scrub down the frame. Rinse thoroughly. Regardless of the type of metal outdoor furniture you have, it is important to properly clean them each spring. Not only will this keep them looking beautiful, but it will also help extend their lifespan.


After winter is over, you can clean outdoor furniture from debris or adhering stains. This is one of the activities you can do to welcome spring this year. To remove stains on outdoor metal furniture, you can use a microfiber cloth with a splash of soap that has been dissolved in water. Before rubbing it with this cloth, you can leave it for about 15 minutes so that stubborn stains can be removed more easily. Remove Stains from @euroscrubby


Patio furniture made from plastic or resin can be inexpensive, lightweight and durable. However, they are prone to getting dirty and need special care in order to keep them looking their best. Fortunately, there are simple ways to clean and maintain your outdoor furniture this spring that will have them looking great for years to come. Cleaning plastic outdoor furniture is easy and can be done with minimal effort and expense. Just be sure to avoid using harsh cleaners, which can damage the furniture’s surface.


Whether your wicker is natural or synthetic, you can make it shine with a few easy cleaning steps. The first is to remove dust and dirt, which can accumulate on wicker. Regularly brush wicker pieces with a microfiber cloth or duster (for smaller areas), or a soft-bristled paintbrush for larger nooks and crannies. To remove any stains on the furniture, use a gentle soap and water solution to wipe down its surface.


If you have powder detergent, dilute it first with water and put it in a spray container to apply to outdoor furniture made of woven materials. Furthermore, also provide tools to clean it, for example, you can use a clean sponge with a softer surface so as not to damage the surface of the outdoor furniture that you have. Do outdoor furniture cleaning after winter is over. Prepare Sponge and Liquid Detergent from @claireshomejourney


Outdoor furniture is designed to withstand many conditions. From direct sunlight and pouring rain to dirt, dust, wine spills, and greasy sunblock splatters, these cushions go through a lot of wear and tear. As a result, they may need to be cleaned more frequently than regular indoor upholstery. Thankfully, cleaning outdoor cushions doesn’t have to be a pain! There are several ways to properly clean your outdoor furniture.

1. Wash away surface dirt and debris with a vacuum.

2. Use a mild detergent to wash removable covers (follow manufacturer-recommended care instructions)

3. Gently hand wash cushions with a soft-bristled brush and hot water.

4. Apply a stain remover solution.

5. Rinse thoroughly with a hosepipe.


If your outdoor throw pillow is not too dirty, then it is enough to spray a special liquid to remove mold and mildew that sticks. After this liquid is sprayed, you can brush it using a soft-bristled brush. Another advantage that you can get is to get a more fragrant and comfortable throw pillow surface. Mold & Mildew Cleaner from @303products


After brushing the throw pillows using detergent, you can rinse them using running water so that the foam and dirt can dissolve and are cleaner when used. After this rinsing has been done, you can dry it in the hot sun so that it dries quickly and can be used again. . Rinse Throw Pillows from @furnituresourceretail


Brush the stains on the pillow using a soft-bristled brush. To minimize inflammation in your hand muscles, just use an electric brush so you can just point it at the dirty surface. Isn’t it more effective and efficient? Do this cleaning on weekends and of course when you have free time. Stained Throw Pillow Brush from @dremel

Once your cushions are clean, set them in a sunny spot to dry completely. This will help prevent a buildup of mold or mildew, which can cause the fabric to look old and worn out.


Spring is the perfect time to give your outdoor furniture a bit of love. A good clean can make all the difference in keeping it looking its best for longer. Luckily, it’s easy to clean your outdoor upholstery without much effort. A simple solution of warm water and dish soap can remove most stains and spills. For tougher messes, a combination of bleach and water can work wonders. Apply the solution to the stain and let it sit for about 15 minutes.


Outdoor upholstery needs to be cleaned regularly to avoid stains, mites and other adhering dirt. One way you can do this is to sprinkle detergent onto the stained surface of the upholstery, after which you can scrub it using the hand brush you have. Just rub gently so as not to damage the surface of this upholstery, this activity is also the best idea to welcome spring this year. Sprinkle Detergent from @thelaundress


Vacuuming outdoor upholstery is easy to do yourself, own and use a vacuum cleaner for maximum vacuuming. This vacuum cleaner has a hose that is long enough so that it can be carried anywhere easily, try to have a power outlet outside the room to make it easier for you to distribute electrical energy when you are about to use it. Vacuum Upholstery from @americaservicespro

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