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Whether you work from home or just need an extra space to get some work done, a well-designed home office can be a powerful productivity tool. If you’re planning on using a home office to do your work, there are many different ways to design it. Your office should be a place where you can focus on your work and feel inspired. Decorating your space doesn’t have to be all business, though – you can incorporate design elements that reflect your tastes and whims, and create an inspiring workspace that works best for you.

It’s important to make the space feel like yours by bringing in personal decor and a few choice items that will inspire you throughout your working day. Try a mood board, a few prints or carefully selected wallpaper to create an area that will feed your creativity and help you be more productive. Therefore, some of home office ideas are based on styles is all you need while others are more practical for working from home. It will personalize your style. If you work in a place that suits your personality, this will improve your mood at work. And here, we will talk about home office ideas based on their styles. Let’s check them out!

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Minimalist home office design ideas are a great way to create an organized space where you can focus and get work done. It’s a popular style of interior design because it helps you get rid of all the unnecessary items and belongings that clutter up your spaces. It’s also a great way to make your workspace more aesthetically pleasing. For example, you can decorate your desk with beautiful flowers and plants.

You can also add a minimalist wall art to your space for a different look. However, you have to choose a piece that doesn’t distract your eyes from the rest of the room. Another thing to consider is the color scheme of your space. You should choose light colors for your walls and furniture, because it will give you a calming and refreshing atmosphere that is conducive to productivity.


Having this sleek piece of wood furniture will give your home office a minimalist impression. Having a modular desk and comfortable chair can make your home office look more attractive and comfortable. Wooden Accent Minimalist Hiome Office from @life_style_connected


This minimalist design is emitted from several bots in the home office. Using this driftwood workbench near a window can create a sleeker, more stylish look. This comfortable work chair will also provide the perfect home office design. Minimalist home Office from @altforliving


The touch of oak wood that is placed in this home office has a sleek appearance and is suitable for a minimalist design in your home. This wishbone chair will also balance your minimalist home office look.  Wooden Home Office from @woodviewco_


You can try to use the space in the living room to create this home office. Implementing a small built-in filled with desks, shelves, and loveseats offers a comfortable and minimalist-looking home office design. Minimlaist Buil-in Home Office from @heliyadesignstudio


Vintage is a great style to add to any space as it can create a sophisticated yet eye-catching atmosphere. This type of decor is also eco-friendly as it tends to last long. If you love working in an office that has a vintage vibe, it’s important to make sure the decor is high-quality and long-lasting. For instance, leather furniture is durable and easy to clean.

You can also find vintage decor accessories like antique mirrors, black-and-white photos and old business signs. These are a fun way to add an antique flair to your space and can be found in local antique shops. Another vintage-inspired home office idea is to add a wall-mounted pegboard for displaying your important tasks list. Stick a beautiful artwork like this one on it to give it a more design statement than just a storage space.


You have to decorate your home office as a good work at home place. You can use this antique styled black wood desk for a vintage touch to your home office. This is an easy decoration, but it looks cozy and beautiful. Vintage Desk Home Office from @selency


Vintage furniture that is applied to this home office is able to give the impression of an interesting room for you to try. This antique flea market table and chair set can provide an interesting home office design. Wooden Vintage Home Office from @thedesignoholic


Some of the furniture in this home office has an antique style that will give your home office an attractive design. A set of wooden desks complete with unique carvings and some wall hangings with antique frames add an attractive look to this room. Antique Furniture Home Office from @most.home.nyc


You can buy a desk from a flea market cheaply to decorate this home office on a budget. Opting for this vintage style will balance out the color scheme and look of this home office. Antique Desk and Chair from @fatshackvintage


Bohemian designs are a great choice if you want to create a space that is both creative and comfortable. You can mix and match a variety of patterns and colors for a design that will appeal to you. You can also add texture to your space with a few natural elements. Pampas grass or dried bunny tail grass are both good options for adding a textured, organic element to your home office decor.

Lastly, you can add house plants to your space for a healthy, energetic feel. The presence of greenery is essential in a bohemian interior design, as it brings the outdoors inside and improves air quality. For a minimalistic boho look, you can choose a white desk and complement it with green foliage and some hanging gallery wall art. You can also go for a geometric jute rug and some colorful rugs to keep the vibe going strong!


Bohemian style is synonymous with a touch of nature. Therefore you can decorate your home office by adding green leaf accents and wood touches to the furniture to create the perfect home office look. Boho Home Office from @flowbylara


This large potted cactus plant can be the center of attention in your bohemian home office. Combined with the boho style in this space design will give a harmonious appearance. Large Cactus from @rovecreativestudio


The ethnic patterned carpet combined with the wooden furniture gives this home office a boho impression. The touch of green plants in this pot will also give your room a cool and fresh impression. Ethnic Rug Boho Home Office from @bohodayo


Rattan accents in this home office add a natural touch. In addition, a wooden floor complete with some green plants in pots is synonymous with the boho style. This is perfect for you to apply to your boho home office design. Add Plants from @suzi_yasu


Whether you have a dedicated room or work from home in a shared space, a well-decorated home office can help inspire creativity and put your mind at ease. With this in mind, we’ve rounded up a collection of beautiful ideas for traditional home offices. An elegant wood desk is an important part of a traditional home office. For this reason, make sure you choose a piece that not only looks good but also offers plenty of space for storing files and documents. Besides a desk, you should consider getting an elegant chair as well. Leather chairs, for instance, add a sense of class and sophistication to any room.


This home office has a traditional look that will add class and sophistication to it. Using this traditional style wooden table and chairs can give an elegant impression to this home office design. Traditional Home Office from @landofbelle


An elegant wooden desk is an essential part of a traditional home office. The touch of leather on this sofa is also able to complete your traditional home office look. Traditional Desk Home Office from @mldesignskc


In addition to a traditional style table set, you can use an antique buffet that will store various files or documents within easy reach. Having this traditional style buffet will balance out your home office design. Traditional Buffet Home Office from @whittneyparkinson


This wooden table complete with traditional style storage can give your home a unique design. Combined with soft leather chairs and hardwood floors and a navy color scheme, this will also provide a comfortable and warm home office design. Traditional Desk from @reviving_no37


For a modern look, try using wood paneling on your walls for a warm texture that can add depth to the room. You can keep it bare to keep the look contemporary, or paint it for a cleaner and more minimalist vibe that still looks great. Gallery walls are another popular option for a modern home office, as they’re a great way to incorporate texture and color without being too overpowering. They also make a space feel more personal, as you can display artwork that’s collected from junk shops or galleries and mix it with art you already own.


The black and white color scheme of this home office gives your home a unique and modern look. Complete with sleek furnishings and buffet storage, it will complete your home office look. Black and White Color Scheme from @hobbiesandhaus


The touch of gold on this table can give your home office an elegant and luxurious impression. A pendant lamp right above the desk will also provide the perfect lighting for your home office design. Gold Touch Desk from @philkeandesigngroup


In this modern home office, you can use minimalist furniture that will still look good. Choosing oak for this type of furniture will give it a natural touch and a different look. The dim lighting on each of these open shelves will be the focal point in this modern home office. Wooden Modern Home Office from @ab_architects


This modern minimalist home office is a great way to combine texture and color without going overboard. Choosing oak complete with a white color scheme can provide the perfect contrast to your workspace. Modern Minimalist Home Office from @stephaniebrowninc


This built-in home office has a narrow space but can make you more focused while working. Complete with open shelves that are usually used to store various collections of books or displays, this will also offer an attractive home office design for you to apply. Modern Built-in Home Office  from @nada.emadhamdy

Mid-Century Modern

With more and more people working from home, it’s a great idea to set up a functional workspace that’s both visually appealing and comfortable. That’s where mid-century modern style comes in! For an authentic mid-century look, you’ll want to keep your furniture neutral in color. Choose desks and chairs that are dark brown or warm caramel-colored wood to add an element of warmth. Moreover, a few touches of brass can help to accentuate your design, especially when it’s paired with black. You can also find a variety of lights that boast a sculptural, globe-style design with gleaming brass finishes.


This modern mid-century style sticks to your home office. For an authentic mid-century look, you’ll want to keep your furniture neutral in color. In addition, a mid-century style wooden accent table complemented by several green plants in pots adds a fresh and natural impression to the entire room. Mid-Century Home Office from @oh_so_retro_vintage


You can choose warm caramel colored furniture to add an element of warmth to this home office. A set of wood and glass desks with a unique table shape adds to the aesthetics of this rhome office. This white color scheme will also help you give this room a clean and bright impression. Mid Century Modern Office Space from @thinkcurated


Adding a dark wood desk in a mid-century style will complement your home office decor. Adding a light fixture with this sculptural globe design and gleaming brass finish adds a touch of elegance to your home. Dark Wood Desk from @homewithkelsey

Industrial Style

Industrial home office design is an uncluttered and utilitarian look that can be used with a variety of different decor styles. You can create this look with a neutral color palette and minimal furniture and accessories. A combination of raw wood elements and industrial-style metal can bring a textural feel to your office. Infuse extra textures into your design with wood, brick and steel surfaces for an eclectic feel that will add character to any space. Open shelves and desks are a popular industrial-style solution for home offices. These pieces can be made from piping and wooden planks to give them an authentic industrial touch. They are great for storing books and papers and come in various sizes to suit any space.


This industrial style has a touch of wood and pipes in the furniture. These wooden pipes and shelves will complete the look. The brick walls coupled with some framed wall art add to the aesthetic look of this home. Wood and Metal Accent from @studioadd_ec


Metal accents on this work chair give it an authentic industrial touch. This white floating desk will also offer a sleek, industrial home office design. They are great for storing books and papers and come in a variety of sizes to fit any space. Metal Chair Office from @decotrends


The combination of industrial-style raw wood and metal elements can bring a textural feel to your office. Open shelving and desks are a popular industrial style solution for home offices. Industrial Home Office from @t.akustik


This wood desk complete with hairpin legs lends an industrial touch to the entire home office. This table is also equipped with shelves that you can use to store various collections of books and green plants in pots. Wood Desk Industrial Home Office from @brittany_highlandhomesdfw

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