23 ideas to makeover your deck this spring2

Spring is the time of year when we tend to spend more time outdoors, so why not make your deck more inviting? Refreshing your deck is an easy way to transform your outdoor space into a place to entertain, relax and enjoy the spring weather. However, if it’s looking a bit tired and worn, it is a great time to update and makeover your deck. With these spring deck update ideas, you’ll have your patio looking like new in no time! But, first start by cleaning the area off from debris and dirt. You can use a high-pressure cleaner or even power wash it with a hose. And after you’re done with all that, here are some ideas to help you makeover your deck this spring.

23 ideas to makeover your deck this spring1

Paint the Deck

When the weather is mild and it’s time to refresh your deck, a new coat of paint is a great way to add color. It also makes the deck more durable against the elements, extending its lifespan. Before painting, you should clean the surface and remove all debris. This includes chairs, tables and plant pots. And make sure your deck is dry and that the weather is warm and sunny. The sun’s rays will help the paint and stain to dry quickly. Once the deck is clean, you can apply a first coat of paint using a brush or roller. You can apply a second coat if you want to give it a smoother finish. Drying is crucial for paint to stick.


After a long winter, welcome your spring by repainting your deck area, one part of the deck that you need to repaint is the fence. So that your spring looks clean and bright, try applying white as a layer for your deck fence, yes, white is a neutral color that you can apply to all elements in your home and make it easier for you to combine it with other furniture around it. White Paint Deck Fence from @kehoekustom


To make your deck look more attractive when spring arrives and also comfortable to use, repaint all parts of the deck by applying soft color gradations. The combination of white and gray is a combination that you can try, you can apply white to the fence or vertical sections and gray to the floor or horizontal sections, so that the appearance of your deck in spring will be more comfortable to look at. White and Gray Color Deck from @gcgcon


Give your backyard deck a different color to give it a different look, the most striking and all-weather color is black. Black is a neutral color that you can apply in all circumstances, black will never go out of style so it will greatly save on budget expenses for renovations, so that the black color on the deck can last a long time try to do the painting process twice and the results will be maximized. Black Matte Small Deck from @j4owe6


Create a deck atmosphere in spring that is clean and also comfortable to be used as a place to gather with family or relatives. The easy thing you can do is to change the color of most of the deck areas with bright white, fences, floors and walls are mandatory areas that you have to cover with this white color. So that it doesn’t look monotonous with white domination, you can also add wooden accents to the furniture. Dominant White Paint Deck from @our.sweet.retreat


Bring a warm atmosphere to your deck when spring arrives with easy and inexpensive steps such as repainting the floor of the deck with wood color. Not only that, you have to choose paint with a glossy surface finish, this aims to make it easier for you to maintain in the future. The appearance of a wood-colored and shiny deck floor can not only give a warm impression, but of course it will also give a luxurious and elegant impression. Paint with Wood Color from @recreate.painting.decorating


Adding plants to your deck can be a simple, yet effective way to refresh and makeover your space. Plants come in a wide variety of colors and grow in many different shapes and sizes, so they can add visual interest to your outdoor space while creating a soothing atmosphere.

Make sure to choose a theme that complements the rest of the backyard planting. If you have a contemporary design, go with foliage and sculptural flowering plants; if you have a cottage-style backyard, stick to florals with similar color palettes and textures. For a living privacy screen, use three head-high planters filled with arborvitae to line an edge of your deck. These trellis-like plantings also put lush greenery within reach of guests.


Refresh the atmosphere of the deck when spring arrives by adding green plants in empty areas. If you only have narrow land for planting, try planting trellis vines. Choose plants with the type of vines so that you can use them to create a vertical garden, the green color can make your view cooler. You can place these trellis vines at a corner of the deck so they won’t interfere with your activities while on the deck. Trellis Vines from @ambersvictorygarden


To incorporate natural nuances into the deck area, just take several types of green plants in the garden area. You can install and apply it right on a long dining table using a vase. So that these green plants can still grow and develop properly, fill the vase with clean water to be used as a planting medium to replace soil. Outdoor Plants Centerpiece from @theinteriorslady


You can fill several containers of different sizes with various types of flowers with different color choices. Look at these flower plants that are blooming simultaneously, aren’t they ready to be used as decorations to welcome spring this year? Just place the container flowers on the side of the deck so they don’t interfere with your space. Statament Container Flower Plants from @homeby_lauren


Don’t let your spring deck decorations look plain and boring. Currently you can use several tropical plants to be placed at several different points. The dominant gray deck makes the greenery around it look bolder and ready to be used as a new focal point. Perform routine maintenance so that these plants can develop properly and optimally. Tropical Plants Decoration from @classy___homes


These different types of flowers have splashes of color too. Just put it on the side of the deck so it doesn’t interfere with your space. At this time you can use a pot with a size that can be adjusted to the size of the plant you are using. Try to put this plant in a fairly shady area so that this deck flower doesn’t wilt easily throughout the day. Blooming Flower Plants from @mg_decks

Comfortable Seating

Whether you’re planning a large or small deck refresh, incorporating seating is an essential element that can really make your deck work for you. It’s also a great place to add your personal style and flair to the space. The seating you choose for your deck should be comfortable, versatile and practical. It should also complement the look of your house and the rest of the garden.

When it comes to adding seating, consider a variety of options that will fit your needs and the style of your deck. From a curved bench to a built-in end table, you can find a variety of seating designs that will suit your needs and your aesthetic. You can also add an outdoor swing to your deck for added comfort. Whether you build it yourself or hire a woodworker, a swing can add a cozy touch to your deck.


Swing is one of the sitting areas that can be used for decorating your spring deck, just hang it right in the corner of the deck along with a layer of throw pillows that have a beautiful blooming flower pattern. This macrame swing is an additional sitting area that will save floor area so it is suitable for decorating decks with limited space. Macrame Swing Ideas from @bridgewaydesigns


These two chairs combined with a rug make the deck area seem more comfortable and warm. It’s not enough to get here, you can also cover the seat with a seat cushion of a dark color choice so it doesn’t get dirty easily when used for quite a long time. Choose and use rugs with selected materials that are not too thick so that they are easy to wash again and dry easily. Outdoor Chairs with Rug from @mylittlesecrets_ca


Not only using sofas and chairs, but you can also use a swing as a comfortable sitting area. Hang this bed swing using the ropes on all four sides to make it more sturdy when used. This will be a sitting area that can be used to lie down as well. String light accents are an outdoor lighting idea that will never fail. Bed Swing Ideas from @docereinodemariaantonieta


Teak wood which is used as the main material of outdoor furniture is the best choice that you can use right now. Re-polish this furniture so that it doesn’t become porous when used for a long time. Not only outdoor chairs and coffee tables, but you can also cover the floor with a rug that has splashes of plain white. Teak Wood Furniture from @vmpcontracting


Of course, the deck requires a comfortable sitting area. A sectional sofa made of woven rattan is covered with seat cushions so that it has a softer surface. Furthermore, this throw pillow with a choice of bold colors is ready to be used as a room statement. Try to put the sofa in an area exposed to sunlight so that it can be used as a sunbathing area. Wicker Rattan Sofa from @littleredchipmunkcabin


Try to choose outdoor furniture with the right materials. Now you can choose furniture made of rattan which has a surface that is sturdy and smooth enough to make it comfortable to relax all day long. The use of this rattan chair can be enhanced with seat cushions and throw blankets so that it is warmer too, this material needs to be re-varnished so that it is not easily porous and more resistant to water. DIY Rattan Seating Deck from @beesnburlap

Add Pillows

Pillows are a simple way to add color and comfort to your deck. They can be used to create seating, as a decoration, or as a focal point in an otherwise neutral space. The most important thing to consider when choosing pillows is the fill material. This will affect how supportive they are, how long they last and how comfortable they are.

Mix up the colors and patterns, using one cohesive color palette for a bold look or different shades for subtle sophistication. A variety of shapes, sizes, and textures also adds interest to your couch pillows. For pillows, quality is everything. You can find pillows made from premium materials, like down, that have a more luxurious feel than the ones you may be used to.


When spring arrives, it’s time for you to do outdoor activities. For example, when you have a deck in your backyard, you can use it to relax with additional throw pillows which will make the floor surface feel warmer, softer and more comfortable to use for yoga too. Because it will be used in spring, try to choose pillows with bright colors like yellow. Just use more than one throw pillow. Relaxing Floor Pillow from @80smodern


Pillows are one of the accessories that can add color to an outdoor deck instantly. Now you can choose it with a variety of different colors and patterns to be applied simultaneously to the part of the outdoor sofa that is used. When you choose a sofa seat cushion with a dark color, this will be a great background to display the presence of your throw pillows so that they are more bold. Mix Patterned Throw Pillow from @sherricalnanhome


If you want a neutral and not overdone look, then you can maximize the plain white sofa area with some patterned throw pillows but still have a splash of neutral color. Its existence can be enhanced with chairs and coffee tables made of rattan. It’s not enough to stop here, wash the throw pillows or pillowcases so that the surface remains clean and of course free from adhering dust. Neutral Color and Pattern Pillow from @arielokin

Install Lighting

A deck is a great place to enjoy time with friends and family during the warmer weather. However, it can be hard to make your deck a comfortable space without making some changes. In addition to add colorful accents, lighting also an important thing for your deck. Lighting can also help you extend your outdoor enjoyment time after dark. Edison lamps, tiki torches and string lights are all great choices for ambiance and can be layered together to create a unique lighting mood.


Lighting is the main accent that must be owned indoors and outdoors. To maximize the use of the deck at night, you can use the right lighting. For example, installing and using tiki torches in each corner of the fence with a size that is large enough so that it will produce brighter lighting as well. Lighting these tiki torches will give a dramatic, romantic and warm feel. Tiki Torches from @mymountainretreat


There are many advantages that you can get from using string lights in outdoor areas. One of them is easy installation and does not require a lot of outlay. Just install this outdoor lamp along the fence that is used so that it can be used as the main lighting at night. This string light does not need a cable because it is equipped with a cable and several small light bulbs with quite a lot of them, when buying this outdoor lighting you can adjust it to the size of your fence. String Light Fences from @yardzen


The string light bulb that is installed in the outdoor deck area is the main lighting at night, you can install it right above the furniture you are using so it will work well. Just install according to the area of your deck. The lighting that is produced has a splash of orange color so that it adds a warm atmosphere even though it is outdoors, try to welcome spring this year. Bulb String Light Ceiling from @ourbarnesyard


If your deck decoration is perfected with a pergola, then you can use a hanging lantern as an outdoor lighting idea. These lights will spread the light evenly to every corner of the deck. It’s not enough to stop here, but you can also combine it with the use of string light bulbs which can be purchased online at a fairly cheap and affordable price. Hanging Paper Lantern from @ambientadesigns

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