Your home is your sanctuary and whether you live alone or else are part of a hustling and bustling family unit, you should be able to be comfortable and able to relax after a long day without feeling out of place or restless.

However, as important as comfort is to a home’s atmosphere, it is also entirely possible to create attractive, stylish, and impactful living areas, as well as maintain functionality and with this in mind, here is how to do just that.

Maximize Your Cloakroom’s Potential 

First off, you may well currently view your cloakroom or downstairs lavatory as merely a place to hang coats, store shoes, and provide the convenience of using the toilet without having to climb the stairs.

Unleashing the as-of-yet untapped potential of such a space sounds tricky, especially due to the small area of the room, but, highlighting the room with bold paintwork and stylish décor can make even your smallest room shine brightly. 

Inject Prettiness into the Kitchen 

Often, when a friend nips around to your home for a quick cup of coffee or a family member visits to drop a gift off for your children, you will converse in the kitchen.

A kitchen’s job should fundamentally be functional, but there is no reason why the room cannot also be a stylish and pretty place to be. 

Just a few of the effective ways you can make your kitchen more aesthetically attractive include:

  • Patterned tiles behind the hob
  • Floating shelves on the walls
  • Warm brass hardware for cabinets and drawers
  • Statement lighting fixtures and fittings
  • Painting cabinet doors in a fresh color 

Invest in a Statement Piece 

Regardless of the size and layout of your living room, one simple yet incredibly effective addition to the space would be a beautifully designed statement piece of furniture, such as one of the stunning togo sofa chairs

Statement items of furniture, or indeed pictures and photographs on the wall, serve to draw the eye to a certain point in the room and can make as dramatic, or indeed subtle, an impact as you so desire. 

Statement pieces can be situated in any room throughout your home and can be as functional or as aesthetic as you like.

Make a Strong First Impression

When it comes to your hallway and entrance to the home, visitors will make their first appearance of your design preferences and personal style based on how both areas appear and it is for this reason that you should spend time transforming your hallway too. 

If your hallway is more of a corridor than a wider, more open space, then creating the illusion of having more room by the addition of small mirrors on the walls would be an excellent place to start. Furthermore, a colorful pink and green floor rug in either geometric patterns or else a checkerboard effect would serve to simultaneously make the area feel warmer and look more ‘put together’ too. 

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