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Home is the comfiest place to be. But, it’s hard to be at home all the time. Especially if your home doesn’t have a good vibe. You feel uncomfortable being at home. However, if you want to try to create a positive environment in your home, it will have a positive impact on your life. Not only will you feel comfortable at home, you will be more lingering in your home all the time. And of course, your home is your destination to go home.

It is important to recover your memory about spending your time at home that refreshes all your senses. Eye-catching sights, familiar smells, clean and tidy rooms, or the touch of your bare feet on the comfortable rugs. All of that can remind you why your home is where you come home and where the people you care about are. Therefore there are several ways to create a positive vibe into your home.

Creating a home environment that feels happy, positive and full of good energy is an important design goal. Having a good vibe at home can make you feel a lot more relaxed. Getting that vibe right doesn’t have to be a challenge. It’s not as difficult as it seems. There are many ways to fill your home with good vibes, from decorating it in light colors to adding natural elements. It’s simple and can be done by anyone!

How to fill your home with good vibes1

Decorate in Light Colors

When you’re looking to fill your home with good vibes, one easy way is to decorate in light colors. These shades can have a positive effect on your mood and are great for spaces that need a touch of calming energy such as bedrooms and bathrooms. They are also a good choice for a calming space and can help your eye focus on the rest of the room. They also allow you to change up your style over time without having to repaint the entire space.


The white nuance that dominates the bathroom decor is enhanced by the use of stylish tiles that have a geometric pattern with a touch of pastel colors like gray. The use of tiles on the floor to the walls can be done for a new look that looks more elegant, modern and certainly will never go out of style. Floating vanity is the best choice when you have a bathroom decoration with limited space. White Bathroom with Stylish Tile from


The combination of white and several pastel colors in this bedroom makes an attractive appearance and certainly will never fail to decorate a room in any style. It’s not enough to get here, you can also combine it with the use of the right lighting, the pastel colors used are suitable for instantly presenting a feminine theme. Combination of White and Pastel Scheme Color from @nav_rasa


This headboard design with splashes of pastel green is applied to a bedroom decor dominated by white. This color looks very serene, calm and inviting. The wooden headboard used adds to the texture of the room. You can use two to three lighting to enhance this room so that you can use the atmosphere in the room to feel darker at night. Statement Headboard Color from @taylorwimpey


Black and white is a blend that you can apply simultaneously to a modern style dining room decoration. This color is able to present a monochromatic theme. For the distribution of colors you can apply it to the interior used. For example, when you use a white dining table, solid black dining chairs are an option that blends in perfectly. Monochromatic Dining Room Decor from @interior.bytilda


Look at this modern living room decoration, doesn’t it look neutral and makes it easier for you to combine it with the interior around it? For example, now you can mix the use of furniture with a combination of white and gray. This gray chair with white sofa is perfected by the presence of wood accents on the floor area and side table. White and Gray Combined from @thelocalproject

Open the Windows

Nothing brightens up a gloomy day and infuses a home with good vibes like plenty of light and fresh air. The most obvious way to accomplish this is by opening your windows on a regular basis. Besides giving you the much needed vitamin D, it also has the potential to save on your energy bills by lowering your air conditioner usage. Moreover, open windows have the power to disperse the humidity in your home and lower your household’s overall temperature. Using your windows to ventilate your home is one of the smarter things you can do for yourself and your loved ones. It’s the best way to get that elusive oxygen boost, which has been proven to have some pretty major health benefits for the right people.


To replace the air in the room, you can open the window in the morning as wide as possible. Open the window as well as the curtain you are using. Just open all the windows in your house to get a fair amount of fresh air and oxygen. Besides that, this fresh air also maximizes your health while indoors, this activity can be done easily. Changing the Air in the Room from @cafe_1976


An easy way to get enough sunlight indoors with lots of it is to open the windows as wide as possible. Take advantage of the empty windowsill area to display several pots of green plants using terracotta pots of the same size. Windows with the main ingredient of transparent glass make it easier for you to carry out routine maintenance. Sunlight Supply from @gamla_kafehuset


There are activities that you have to do in the morning. One of them is to open a glass window as wide as possible, you can get many benefits. For example, entering a sufficient amount of sunlight and changing the air circulation in the room so that the room in your house feels fresher and healthier, of course. In addition, sunlight that enters the room is also able to help the growth of indoor green plants. Open a Window Every Morning from

Bring in nature

If you want to fill your home with good vibes, one of the best ways is to incorporate natural elements into your decor. Not only will it make your space look more beautiful, but it also has numerous benefits for your health. The natural elements in your home can help reduce your stress levels, improve your health and even boost your mood. It’s a simple way to make your house feel like your sanctuary from the world.

You can do this by placing a natural wooden table and chairs in your living room or bringing nature indoors with a jute rug. Another way to bring in nature is by displaying nature art on your walls. Find canvases of paintings, photos or other prints featuring landscapes, flowers, wildlife and herbs that you love. Moreover, add items that mimic textures found in nature like stone, antlers, branches/stumps and driftwood. This will make your home feel like a real retreat away from the stress of the everyday world.


The interior design which is dominated by wood can be applied to the dining room decoration section. This wood material can be applied to the design of the dining table and floor. It’s not enough to get here, you can also enhance the appearance of the dining table with several placemats made of woven rattan which are quite large in size. The dining chair that is painted white is a smart idea that you can do. Wooden Interior for Open Space from @stowidokow.home


Decorating a bedroom that is dominated by an interior made of natural materials is a smart idea that you can get to get a look that can bring natural nuances. The wood grain floors, woven rugs and wooden beds repainted in white look more elegant and modern. Green plants that are placed at several different points are a natural decoration that can be found in the surrounding garden area. Natural Vibes Bedroom from @mieszkanienapierwszym


Cover the living room floor with a jute rug with a neutral beige color choice. After that you can combine it with several sitting areas that are soft and comfortable to use all day long. The use of this rug is able to present a natural feel and can be applied easily so it doesn’t require a professional to install it. Jute Rug Design from @qratededition


Stone is also one of the materials that you can use to instantly bring natural nuances into the room. Now you can apply it to the use of the floor and can enhance it with a choice of furniture made of wood that has been re-polished so that it looks more shiny when exposed to reflected light or sunlight around it. Stone Floor Ideas from @qratededition

Invest in a Good Air Purifier

An air purifier can help clear your home of harmful pollutants and germs. These can range from dust and pollen to pet dander, smoke and even bacteria. An effective air purifier should be able to remove a high proportion of these pollutants, which means they should have a high clean air delivery rate, or CADR, and should include a true HEPA filter.


To improve the health of the air in your home, the use of an air purifier is highly recommended to try. This tool is able to work to catch the fine hairs produced from your pet. Not only that, but its existence is able to eliminate bad odors, reduce the appearance of mold and trap smoke so that it can improve the quality of your sleep. High Quality Air Purifier from @dayetteofficial

Get Organized

Organizing your home is a great way to fill it with good vibes. Not only will it make your house feel more cozy and peaceful, but it can also reduce stress. Getting organized isn’t as hard as it might seem. All it takes is a little effort and patience! Start by identifying items that aren’t used or don’t belong in their current location. Whether it’s your closet, the kitchen, or your desk at work, starting small and doing one area at a time will make the process much more manageable. Clear them out and put them in a box or bin where they can be disposed of or donated. It’s also a great way to make organizational habits a regular part of your life!


The closet is one of the rooms used to store clothes, shoes, jackets and jewelery so that it can be organized as best as possible to get neat and orderly results. In this closet area you can add a kitchen island as additional storage that you can fully use. Its appearance, which looks modern and luxurious, is ready to be used as a focal point. Modern Organized Closet from @covethouse_


Do not store too many clothes in the closet to avoid the mess that will occur. From now on, you can sort clothes that are worn out or torn for disposal. But while your clothes are still usable, you can donate them to people in need. This way the appearance of the closet will be tidier and avoid clutter. Sorting Clothes from @beeorganizedri


Not only closets, but you can also do maintenance and organize parts of the kitchen island so that it has a neater and more orderly appearance. What you can do now is add a few storage boxes with transparent plastic material so as to maximize your storage by finding the products you need in a more efficient time. Wicker baskets can also be added when needed. Organized Kitchen Pantry from @lemonaidsolutions


You can use this part of the kitchen cabinet which is perfected with the pull out drawer as much as possible so that it has a neat appearance and attracts attention. For example, you can use a drawer as a storage area for several spoons and forks so that they will be well organized. Push these drawers back when finished for a wider and more open kitchen décor. Organized Pull-Out Drawer from @lemonaidsolutions


Don’t let your desk area look cluttered, now you can add a few baskets and small buckets for additional organization and storage that you can add labels to make it easier for you to put important stationery or letters. This desk surface with a splash of deep black color adds a dramatic impression that will never fail. Organized Desk from @natalierhaeplanninganddesign

Add Scents

Adding calming scents can create a coziness in your home. The right fragrance can evoke feelings of relaxation, energy, or focus. Choosing the right aroma can make a big difference when it comes to decorating your home. You can consider adding aromatic candles to create good vibes and atmosphere in your home. Candles can be used to fill the air with a relaxing scent, such as lavender or sandalwood, to help bring a sense of peace and serenity. Candles can also be used to set the mood for a romantic evening. You can get creative and make scented candles using candle wax at the comfort of your home. By adding a few scented candles to your home, you can create a calming and tranquil atmosphere that is perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation.


To make the room feel more relaxed, you can add an aromatherapy candle that is easy to use. To produce a fragrant aroma, you can melt it in a container that is equipped with a candle underneath as a burner. Isn’t it unique and interesting to try, have it at a very affordable price. Melt Aromatherapy Wax from @candelinas_wax_melts


Choose and use scented candles with the preferred scent that you like the most, after that you can burn it to get a scent that can make the room feel more relaxed throughout the day. Place it right on the table or in a room that is often used to relax on weekends. The smell of roses is the best seller scented candles that you can try right now. Scented Candles dari @explorewithjojo


You can maximize the comfort of your home by adding one essential reed diffuser oil aroma. Not only for relieving stress, essential reed diffuser has the benefit of increasing concentration and memory. Get it online at a fairly affordable price and of course it doesn’t require a lot of outlay. Essential Oil Reed Diffuser from @firsthomevibes2020

Add plants

Plants are a great way to bring natural vibes as well as positive vibes into your home. Not only do they look lovely, but they also have many health benefits to offer! Plants will release oxygen into the air and absorb carbon dioxide, so they help purify your living space. Not only that, but they’re a great way to improve your mood and reduce stress levels. Studies have shown that people who live in homes with greenery are happier than those without it.


So that the existence of indoor plants in the house can look more statement, you can place the pots on several wooden stands that have various sizes and different heights. Just place this planter stand in a room on the floor not too far away. Then you can paint a transparent color on the stand used so that it has a cleaner and shiny surface. Use Stand Planters from @tropifolia


Take advantage of the kitchen windowsill area to hang a few potted indoor plants that you can apply easily. Just hang this plant pot at different heights so that it attracts more attention. Use indoor plants with a variety of different types to make it look more colorful and ready to be used as the focal point of the room. Natural Windowsill Decoration from @xinyi_plants_world


Tropical plants that are placed at several points on the floor area are natural decorations that you can get from the backyard garden. This plant will refresh the room to the maximum and of course it doesn’t require a lot of expenses. Just use a pot with a size that can be adjusted to the size of your indoor plants. End this room with a tropical themed wallpaper so it can be used as the focal point of the room. Tropical Plants Decoration from @lialovisolo


Green plants that are placed close together in the reading nook area will accompany your days with joy. One of the benefits that you can get from using indoor plants is to make the oxygen and air in the room fresher. Do enough water sprinkling and try to get sunlight into the room to help the growth of these indoor plants. Natural Nuances of Reading Nook from @lialovisolo


Several types of green plants that are placed in the corners of this room are ready to be used as the focal point of the room. Besides that, the placement of green plants also takes advantage of areas that are still empty and certainly doesn’t reduce your space for movement when you are indoors. Do regular watering to get fresh and more well-maintained plants. Statement Corner Plants Decoration from @nrrrrrr34

Create a Coziness

To get a positive vibe in your home, you have to pay attention to the comfort in your home. You can provide this by entering the elements that support to create it. One way is to add some throw pillows and blankets. Covering your floor with a rug also will bring comfort to your room. By adding these elements also serves to add color and texture to your home.


The three throw pillows that are placed on this leather sofa have an interesting pattern with the main material being knitted so that they can add maximum warmth and comfort when you are in this living room decoration. The treatment that can be done for this knitted throw pillow is to clean it using a hand vacuum cleaner without a cord so that it is more effective and efficient when used. Knitted Throw Pillows from @aboundlifestyle


When you are in the living room decoration, you can feel maximum comfort by adding a throw blanket on the top surface of the sofa you are using. This blanket has a color harmony with the sofa so that it can work well and optimally. The main furry material used in this throw blanket is able to warm your body in winter. Furry Throw Blanket from @diariesofmyhome


A rug made of faux fur makes the floor area feel warmer and softer. Just choose and use rugs with a choice of plain white colors and of course those that have geometric patterns with a touch of black and white. Perform routine maintenance by using a vacuum cleaner to get rid of germs and also your pet’s hair. Modern Style Faux Fur Rug from @elledecorationfr


When decorating your living room you have a sofa with a plain white color, then add some colorful throw pillows which are dominated by green. This throw pillow can add color to the room and can also add comfort because it makes the sofa surface feel warmer, softer and softer. Throw blankets can be added, just choose and use blankets with a choice of patterns and bold colors. Colorful Throw Pillows from @amycwhyte

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