Storage hack ideas for a small bedroom2

There’s no doubt that a small bedroom needs smart storage solutions to keep it organized and free of clutter. If you live in a tiny bedroom, storage hacks can be the key to keeping your room organized and clutter-free.

Whether you have a small closet or a lot of free space, there are many ways to maximize your space. The key is to focus on storing only items that you use in the bedroom and moving out-of-season clothes to under-bed storage or an attic. Fortunately, there are other clever ways to stash stuff without wasting space! Take a look at these ideas below.

Storage hack ideas for a small bedroom1

Wall-Mounted Cubbies

If you’ve ever lived in a small bedroom, you know how hard it can be to keep your space organized. Sweaters litter chairs, boots tangle into each other, knick-knacks run into the desk and everything just looks cluttered. If you’re looking for a smart and efficient storage solution, cubbies could be the perfect answer. You can mount the cubbies to the walls to make the most of your bedroom space and safe the floor.


Take advantage of the bedroom wall to install a cubbies storage that can be made from natural wood. Do the painting on the cubbies with a choice of white to make it look more elegant, modern and up to date. Not only cubbies, but you can also use several other open storages that you can use to the fullest, open closets are an addition that you can use. Floating Cubbies Storage from @manhattancomfort

Storage Beds

Storage beds can add an extra layer of style and function to any bedroom. You can find them in a wide range of styles and sizes, so you can get the one that best suits your needs. They’re also a great way to maximize space, so if you have a small bedroom that needs a little extra room to breathe, a storage bed might be right up your alley. A storage bed will give you a lot more room to store items without cluttering up your bedroom. It will keep your belongings neat and tidy, so you can find them faster when you need them.


The bed frame design with extra storage underneath can be used to store some of the clean blanket collections you have. When you are going to use it, you can pull it outward, this storage has a low enough reach that it can be used for decorating children’s bedrooms too. In this way, your blanket will be protected from dust that will stick to it. Multifunction Bed Frame Design from @roomandboard


Look at the design of the bed which is equipped with storage underneath, doesn’t it look attractive and ready to be used as a multifunctional furniture idea? Yes, you can use it to store some pillows and blankets so that the surface of your mattress doesn’t look messy. Lift the mattress upwards to store or retrieve items needed. Underneath Bedding Storage from @time4sleepuk

Hanging Organizers

If you have a small bedroom, maximizing its storage space is crucial. A hanging closet organizer is a great way to keep items organized and easily accessible. A closet organizer works wonders for storing shoes, jackets and accessories, but it can also be used as a catch-all storage spot for things you want to keep out of sight but don’t need to access often.

When it comes to storing your belongings, removing unnecessary items is the key to a clutter-free bedroom. Go through your clothes and remove anything that you don’t wear on a regular basis, including items that aren’t matching to your current style or that you’re just not fond of.


Standing shelves that are perfected with hanging closets are storage areas that you can use to store blankets, clean towels and clothes that you have with limited hangers. Just put it right next to your bed to make it easier when you are going to take your sleeping equipment. Repaint it with white so that it has a color harmony with the wall paint. Standing Closet Organizer from @grannysays.home


The organizer rack, which is equipped with wheels, is an open storage that you can apply to your bedroom decor. You can complete it with a hanging closet and several clothes hangers made of sturdy wood and iron. Move this portable closet when needed because it is not too big and lighter. Potable Closet Organizer from @songmics

Wooden Shelves

Wooden shelves are a great way to add extra storage to your room. You can use them for decorative items like books and vases, or to store other essentials. Shelves are also a great way to add height and style to your bedroom. You can paint them to match the rest of the room’s color scheme, or use them to display a mix of books, art and house plants.


If you have a wooden plank that is not used, then change it and convert it into a floating shelf design that can be applied to small bedroom areas. The existence of this shelf can be used to apply several painting frames, green plants and some small ornaments so that the wall area looks more stylish and not too plain. Single Wooden Shelves from @inside_number56


Wooden shelves that are installed in a zig zag manner in the wall area are a smart idea that you can use to enhance bedroom decor to the fullest. Repaint these wooden shelves with white color so they have a color harmony with the wall paint used. The iron supports on the shelves are sturdy enough to be used all year round. You can put indoor green plants to add natural color to the room. Zig Zag Display Wooden Shelves from @cherribeehouse


If the corner wall of your bedroom is usually not used, now you can turn it into an open storage that can be used entirely to put some ornaments to be used as room decoration. Just arrange and install this storage openly to make it easier for you to reach some of the books placed on the top shelf. Vertical Bedroom Shelves from @ziethingcabinets


Look at a wooden shelf that is installed on a wall area with a fairly low height, isn’t it interesting enough to be converted as a DIY nightstand decoration in your bedroom? No need to repaint for a natural look and blends well with hardwood floors and a wicker basket underneath. You can put your glasses in this nightstand area or a mini table lamp. DIY Shelf for Nightstand Design from @kreisdesign

Under-Bed Storage

If you have a limited amount of storage space in your bedroom, under-bed storage may be an ideal solution. It can free up valuable closet space and help eliminate clutter and out-of-season items from clogging drawers. For extra storage, consider storing seasonal shoes in covered fabric bins or baskets that you can tuck under the bed and out of sight. Woven baskets are also a good choice for storing fabrics and linens that could be snagged on the floor. For the most durable under-bed storage solution, choose a plastic container with a lid that can keep out dust and protect delicate items. These bins often come with wheels for easy movement.


Take advantage of the bottom of the bed to store boxes that can be used for additional storage in your bedroom. Use a box with wheels so that it can be pulled more easily, you can use it to store some of the equipment you have so that the bedroom decoration doesn’t look messy and all items can be well organized. Portable Storage Box Under Bed Frame from @roomandboard


If your bed has an empty space at the bottom then there’s nothing wrong with using it as an area to put some wicker baskets. When you’re going to use it, you can pull this basket outward and put it back in when you’re done using it. Four to three rattan wicker baskets are enough to use and can be a considerable amount of additional storage. Add Wicker Basket from @home_idea._

Bedframes with Drawers

Bedframes with drawers are a great way to maximize space and store extra bedding or other belongings. But, before you buy one, it’s important to consider how much storage you need. If you need a lot of space for clothing and other items, pick a storage bed that has a large footboard drawer or cubbies on the sides. These nooks can be used for storing seasonal decor, shoes, and more.


The enhanced bed frame design with storage drawers underneath is a piece of furniture that is highly recommended for decorating bedrooms with limited space. Use walnut wood as the main ingredient to make it more sturdy to use and of course not easily porous when used all year round. Finish the outer surface of this wood by re-varnishing it for a more glossy look. Wooden Bed Frame with Drawer Storage from @sierralivingconcepts


Look at the design of the bed which is equipped with storage drawers underneath, doesn’t it look smarter and minimalist? Yes, you can use this pull-out drawer as a storage area for pillows and some of your book collections so that they are easy to reach when you are going to read them. Repaint it white for a modern and elegant look that can be achieved at the same time. Pull-Out Drawer Storage from @furnituresourcephils


You can use some of the built-in storage drawers under the bed to store blankets, throw pillows or other bedroom supplies so that the room looks less cluttered. Repaint this section of storage drawer in pastel sage green for an impressive look that’s also muted. Drawer Underneath Bedframe from @bobedredk

Opt for a Headboard with Storage

To add extra storage in your small bedroom but doesn’t take up too much space, you can opt for a headboard with storage. This headboard idea is possible for you to storage your stuff. Such as books, decorative items, and more.


A headboard design made of wood that has an empty surface on top is an open storage idea that you can use to place some of the ornaments or decorations you have. Decorations that you can place include painting frames, flower vases and mini ornaments that you have. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also use the main material of wood in the headboard design so that it has a surface that is not easily porous and is also able to present a natural feel. High Headboard Storage from @bythereseknutsenno


Look at the headboard of the child’s bedroom which is equipped with this magazine storage, doesn’t it look more attractive and cute? In this way, your children can store all their favorite magazines properly and of course in a neat arrangement. Built-in vertical shelves that are applied symmetrically on both sides of the bed are additional open storage that you can use to the fullest. Headboard Magazine Storage from @kidscornerdecor


No need to worry when you have a bedroom decor with limited space. Because you can handle it with the use of smart furniture. For example, you can choose and use a Murphy bed design so that the headboard used can be used as an open storage area. Repaint it with your preferred color of sage green to make it look more inviting and less shabby. Built-in Headboard Storage from

Trundle Beds

Instead of buying a traditional twin or full-sized bed, consider a trundle bed that features drawers for storage underneath. This storage solution makes the most of under-bed spaces that would otherwise go unused and allows you to save up on closet space, too. A trundle bed is a space-saving option for rooms with limited floor space. You can find trundle beds in a variety of styles and materials.


Twin trundle beds that are used in one room will use less floor because they have a minimalist size. Adjust the use of trundle beds to your needs, if you have more family members then in one bedroom you can use twin trundle beds with the same size and color. Twin Trundle Beds from @mydreamhome_usplus6


The trundle beds design which is equipped with storage at the bottom is a furniture idea that you can use to decorate a bedroom with limited space. You can use it to place and store some of the items and equipment that you have so as to minimize the mess that will occur, this selection of furniture is perfect for decorating small bedrooms. Trundle Bed with Underneath Storage from @interiorsstorageanddeclutter

Storage Bench

A storage bench is a great way to add style, sophistication and extra storage to a small bedroom. It can be used as an extra seating and can also be used to store blankets, pillows or even shoes. A storage bench can make a space feel more organised and cozy, but it’s important to choose the right size. You should consider how the storage bench will look in the space and whether it will blend in with other furniture.


This bedroom decoration which is perfected with a sitting area is highly recommended for a relaxing area in the room. Of course, you can choose a bench design that is equipped with storage underneath. Raise the surface of the bench before use for storage and cover it again to hide the mess. The linen bench has a more comfortable surface to use all day long. Multifunction Bench from @interiorsstorageanddeclutter


When you have a bench with built-in storage underneath you can use it as an area to store some clean clothes or blankets. Just fold clothes with the KonMari method so that this storage can be used more and maximally. This bench look that looks modern is suitable for use in bedroom decorations with limited space. Clothes Storage Bench from @plantyfulhome

Utilize the Space behind The Door

When you’re working with a small bedroom, making the most of every inch of your space is very important. Don’t forget the space behind your bedroom door. You can install vertical storage or pegboard to the door. It can be used to store your items, such as shoes, bags, and more. It keeps open spaces clear while making the room look bigger. It’s also a stylish choice that will make your small bedroom look more sophisticated.


A DIY ladder that is hung right behind this door makes your door design function better and optimally. This ladder can be made of wood and sturdy rope. Hang some blankets that you have so they don’t look messy on the bed. Installing this DIY ladder is quite easy, you just need to add a nail as an area to hang it. Over Door Hanging Ladder from @futoncompany


Who would have thought that part of the bedroom door could be used as an open storage idea? What you can do now is to attach several wooden hooks at the same height so that you can use them to hang some of your baby’s clothes. This wooden hook is sturdy enough to use throughout the spring. It doesn’t need to be repainted so that it has a contrasting color with the wooden door that has been painted with a choice of plain white. Hanging Wooden Hook from @thehomemama

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