The difference between power washing and jet washing2

Cleaning the dirt by using pressurized water is really effective. Many people use it for many dirt types. It won’t need any power and effort to clean the stuff which is really helpful. What you need to do is prepare the tool and the electricity. Anyway, not all people know that there are two different kinds of pressurized water that can be used to clean dirt, those are power washing and jet washing. You should know the difference between those two so that you can take the right tool for your cleaning. Here are the explanations.

The difference between power washing and jet washing1

Power Washing

Basically, the difference between power washing and jet washing is about the temperature. The power washing is the unheated power wash. However, although it is not being heated it can still clean the dirt effectively. The power washing works well to clean the material like wood, composite, PVC, vinyl, and aluminum.

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Power washing is a tool that uses a high pressure stream of water to remove dirt and material from the outer surface. This time you can use this power wash to clean outdoor wood floor areas. By using this power washer, all dirt such as mold, dust and others will be blown away and the wood floor will look clean again. Wooden Floor Washing from @kittyhawkpowerwash

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The combination of the high pressure and temperature of the water in the power wash makes it even better at removing anything that is actually adhering to the material from the surface. You can use this power wash to clean vinyl, wood or PVC surfaces. This time you can use this power wash to clean the moss on your vinyl walls and the results will look very clean. White Vinyl Power Washing from @allprowindowcleaningca

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Talking about power washing, this is a tool that has a certain water pressure and functions to clean a floor, wall or other surface. Look at the picture above! A plot of pallet wood floor filled with dirt can be cleaned by power washing. Therefore you will never fail to use power washing to clean the surface of the wooden floor. Wooden Pallet Power Washing from @painter_and_decoratorus

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When your wood floor is dirty, power washing is the right tool to clean it. This power wash has a jet of  water to clean the dirt on the surface of the wooden floor. Here you only need to aim the power washing at the floor and the dirt will be lifted and cleaned again. Wooden Deck Cleaning from @garnettsgardens

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Pay attention to the picture above! This piece of wood flooring is cleaned using a power wash so it looks clean in an easy way. The reason is, this power wash has a volume of water jets so it quickly throws dirt on the floor without having to damage the surface. Because of this, this power wash is perfect for wood and vinyl surfaces. Outdoor Wooden Deck Cleaner from @hvpowerwashing

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You will never fail to use this power washing to clean areas of walls made using wood. The reason is it won’t damage the surface but can still clean the wall surface cleanly. This tool works by spraying water to blow away mold, dust and also moss attached to the surface of the floor or wall. Wooden Wall Cleaning from @handy_hq

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To clean PVC, power washing is one of the right tools. This power washing will work by spraying water without having to damage the surface being cleaned. In this way your work will be completed faster and get maximum results. Therefore you will never fail to use power washing to clean easily damaged parts such as wood, vinyl and PVC. PVC Power Washing from @coulsoniceblast

Jet Washing

Jet washing is the heated water that commonly use to remove tough grime. It has a really high pressure that will be really effective to clean the dirt. Let’s say that you can clean the salt, grease, and mildew. Jet washing can work well to clean hard surfaces such as cement or concrete. Take a look at the following ideas.

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Jet washing is one of the tools that are suitable for cleaning stronger surfaces such as concrete and pavers. This time you can use it to clean the outdoor floor area which is made using concrete material. This jet washing will work by spraying water under strong pressure so that it will blow away stubborn dirt on the surface of the concrete floor. Outdoor Concrete Floor from @globopainting

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Talking about cleaning tools, Jet washing is one tool that has a very high water perfection. Thus, making this tool particularly suitable for cleaning tough surfaces. This time you can use jet washing to clean the concrete pathway. And the result is that your pathway will look clean and protected from various kinds of dirt. Concrete Garden Path Jet Washing from @extremecleanersinc

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In addition to concrete surfaces, this jet washing is also suitable for cleaning pavers because it has a strong surface. The jet washer will work in the same way as the power wash, it’s just that the water pressure that is sprayed is different. By using this jet Washing, your paver floor will be clean in an easy and fast way. Paver Floor Jet Washing from @daddycleaningservices

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Jet wash is also known as power washer or pressure washing. This is a technical washing method using a powerful jet of water to effectively remove dirt. This tool is perfect for cleaning tough surfaces like stone and concrete floors. By using a jet of high pressure water, this tool can clean all kinds of dirt. Stone Floor Jet Washing from

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Unlike power washing, jet washing is only suitable for cleaning strong parts such as stone, concrete and pavers. This is because jet washing has a high jet of water and will cause damage to vinyl and wood surfaces. Therefore, jet washing is not recommended for cleaning light surfaces. Concrete Floor Washing from @pressurekleenco

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To clean the outside floor, jet washing is the right tool. He will clean the surface of the floor by spraying high pressure water. This jet washing is able to clean all types of dirt that sticks to the outdoor floor so it is very effective and efficient. Floor Jet Washing from @cuparnow

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Instead of using a brush and garden hose with less water pressure, jet washing is more effective for cleaning tough floor surfaces. Here you only need to direct the jet washing at the dirty floor area so that the high pressure water will work perfectly to clean the dirty floor surface. In this way, work will be easier and faster to complete. Paver Floor Cleaning from @loganrosephotography

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This tool is perfect for cleaning hard surfaces like paving blocks. It’s jet wash! A tool that has a jet of high pressure water and works effectively to clean floors in outdoor areas. This jet washing will work more effectively to clean strong surfaces than power washing. Paving Block Cleaner from @romora.hydrojetwash

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