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Are you thinking of moving to FloMo? This city that derives its name from a prominent 12-acre mound that towers 50 feet above the surrounding countryside is known for being a family-oriented community with high quality of living, low crime rate and plenty of recreation opportunities.

In 2020 the population of Flower Mound, TX grew by a 3% increase, from 76,555 to 78,854. Now that you have decided to relocate to the Mound, you will have to look for Flower Mound movers from moving companies to help you in the moving process.

Why is Hiring Hourly Movers a Safer Option? Which is the Better Option, Flat-rate Pricing or Hourly Rate Pricing?

Some say that hiring hourly movers in Flower Mound is safer than hiring flat-rate movers. If you avail of flat-rate pricing, you can pay the fees upfront and it would be easier to project how much the entire process of relocation would cost you. However, you have to remember that relocation is affected by several factors, and you may need to avail of optional services while in the middle of a move or while some of your belongings are in transit.

While searching for professional movers to engage, be clear and ask what moving companies can offer. Clarify whether the flat-rate price is inclusive of packing supplies and truck rental. More often than not, the service charge does not include fuel prices.

Hourly Rate Movers Pros

If you have a really tight budget, you can still hire professional movers. To closely monitor your expenses, opt for local movers who charge on an hourly rate. This will also give you flexibility in case you need to avail of additional services like furniture repair, carpet cleaning, furniture assembly and basic handyman services.

Ask the moving company to give you a written quote or at least a written list of all the fees you need to anticipate and service inclusions. Hire professional movers only if you can spare a reasonable amount to outsource assistance and if you cannot expect friends and family members to help you. If you are moving to another state or another country, consider hiring local movers in advance.

What is the Major Advantage of Hiring a Moving Company Instead of Moving Yourself?

In hiring professional movers, you are enlisting someone who has experience and sometimes, training to do the moving process for you. While there is nothing stopping you from doing a DIY move, consider this option when you have to move on a tight schedule.

Why Do People Hire Movers?

Hiring Professional Movers Can Lessen Moving-related Stress

Relocation, especially if it will involve a long-distance move, can be an overwhelming experience. If you are juggling a lot of responsibilities already, like most people are, you can protect your mental health and energy by hiring professionals. Less stress is a non-negotiable factor.

Aside from packing your stuff and the belongings of your kids and other family members, you also need to look for a new house which should be near or accessible from your office. In Flower Mound, there are ranch-style homes for sale, large mansions with plenty of space as well as condominiums and apartments for rent. Due to the large surge of people moving to the area, the housing market may have become more competitive. Avoid the busy season which is usually during school opening. If you have kids, you also need to look for a new school and help them adjust to an environment that is strange to them.

Save Money, Avoid Surprise Costs and Expensive Trial and Error Situations

Since relocation will involve a lot of things to do, it is easy to rack up costs you did not anticipate. This may be due to lack of necessary equipment or readily available advanced technology and know-how. Imagine needing a mini forklift to move a large item to your new house. Will you spend a lot for something you are most likely never to use ever again?

Surprise costs can also be due to lack of available manpower. If you need someone who can lift the washing machine to your new apartment on the seventh floor and your building does not have an elevator, you need to look for help at the last minute. There is of course no guarantee that you will find one.

Professional Movers Can Make the Entire Move Efficient

Leave it to the pro movers who by now have a tried and tested system for relocation. Organization and logistics are important if you want a successful moving process. By hiring a professional moving company, you will not need to start from scratch. They have templates and inventory systems for tracking all your belongings. They have technical know-how on which insurance will be best for securing your valuables. This is especially important for out-of-state moving.

Even if you are doing a local move, if you have a lot of boxes of belongings and furniture, you will benefit by hiring movers. You can downsize and declutter and not bring everything you own to your new home. However, sometimes this will not be enough, and you will find that a lot of your belongings have sentimental value.

Beat the Deadline and Get to Your New Location Just in Time for Your First Day on the Job

Time is gold. It can even be more important than money. If you are doing a last-minute move or if you have a business that needs to reopen soon, you must strictly follow a schedule or else you might lose clients.

Hiring movers who can easily identify the steps for the entire process with clarity and execute the necessary actions with precision. This way you can focus on so many other things that need your precious time. You can prepare for socialization with your new neighbors. You can do advanced study to be competent in your new job.

Free Up Time for Those Who Matter Most

The number of things you need to do for your relocation will eat up time for your family. This can affect relationships and lead to what could otherwise be avoidable conflict. If you need assistance for long distance moves, chances are, you will be away from family members for a considerable amount of time. Choose to spend the remaining time you have in your current city with family and friends. Be aware that when times get hectic, emotions run wild. If you hire professionals to take care of the tedious and seemingly endless errands, you can explore your new destination with your loved ones at the earliest possible time. You can relax in your new home while hiring movers to take care of loading and unloading of the heavy boxes you will bring.

Free Up Time to Focus on Your New Job

Do not sacrifice your job security and work performance just to save on costs. Whether you are a high ranking executive or a junior employee in your company, you cannot afford to appear to slack off and fail in your deliverables. Even if you manage to work longer hours to make up for time lost to packing, unpacking, and transporting furniture to your new destination, the anxiety of how a dip in your performance may affect your chances at a future promotion is often not worth it.

Avail of Moving Services for Loading Assistance and Heavy Lifting

Not everyone is used to heavy lifting and strenuous physical labor. Rather than being at risk of a serious injury in the process of loading heavy lifting and unloading bulky items and moving heavy items, hire a professional mover. They can take care of this, so you need not risk life or limb. When you are already tired from all the preparation and related tasks, you must make advance arrangements so you can avoid the worst-case scenario.

If You Have a Lot of Expensive Things to Transport, You Need Someone to Be on Top of Your Tracking and Inventory

Belongings especially appliances and equipment with small parts can be quite hard to pack. If you have expensive furniture and breakable items, a professional mover who can bubble wrap and shrink wrap these items is necessary.

Most professional moving companies offer packing services which already include furniture pads. They can properly pack your fragile items so these will survive in one piece while in transit.

Benefit From Experience, Training and Investments in Equipment That Moving Companies Already Made

Unlike professional moving companies who not only invest in relevant training and equipment for their movers, but you also don’t have the full capacity and know how to carry out the tasks essential for your relocation. This is true even for experienced movers. Seek professional help even weeks or months before moving day.

Navigating unfamiliar roads and getting lost in the process is not only time-consuming. It can also be dangerous especially if your moving day for long distance moves falls in the winter. By hiring a moving company, you will no longer need to worry about this concern.

Hiring full-service movers can make transporting large items less intimidating. Depending on the moving company you hire, you may even ask them for customizable services and reasonably priced add-on service packages. You might need storage warehouses for equipment you do not need to bring at present but cannot discard. They can provide you with storage solutions for seasonal clothes or even for bulky home appliances you can do without in the summer. They can hire additional laborers to help you with plumbing or roof repair in your new home.

Are You Supposed to Help Hired Movers?

Helping is always welcome. You can assist movers while taking care not to create unnecessary distraction and disruption. Keeping in mind that there may be times when you need to avoid movement around them to avoid breakages. Remember this especially when you have a small space. If you hire two movers to help you pack all your belongings in your one-bedroom apartment, there will not be enough space to maneuver and move around.

Moving fragile items need utmost care not only during the packing process but also on moving day in loading and unloading the boxes into moving trucks. Wrapping the items properly can often be enough to ensure they arrive in one piece. By asking for professional help, you can minimize the risks involved in transit. In renting a truck, ask the moving company if it has liability coverage and how it handles breakable items.

Decide Early if You Need Additional Assistance or if You Will Avail of Optional Services

Do you need a full-service mover who can also offer unpacking services? Can you find a large truck to rent on your own? Do you need someone to deep clean and do some home repairs on your three-bedroom home rental so you can get your security deposit back? Address these questions early on especially if you will go through long distance moving. It will make more sense to look for hiring full-service movers and providers who can help you while staying within your budget than doing a DIY move only to find out you forgot to pack something or rent a truck. When you hire a professional, you can relax and focus on other things.

What Do Most Movers Charge Per Hour? Will It Be More Expensive to Hire Professional Movers?

There are several factors that can affect the service fee and result in an additional cost. Professionals handle a lot of challenges that may suddenly appear while you are packing ranging from which packing supplies you should use to keep your belongings safe to how to transport your heirloom piano to your new digs.

Ask for free moving quotes to help you evaluate your options objectively. You can find a moving company that charges a base rate of $120 for a mover and you can also find one that charges a higher fee for hiring professional movers only. Research available rates online and connect with the moving company you have chosen to get more sense of how much you need to prepare.

Things to Consider if You Think Hiring Hourly Movers is a Safer Option

A moving customer has a lot on his mind and a lot of errands to complete before and after the move. This is true even for local moves in the same city or the same state. Due to the prevalence of theft and fraud in today’s world, making the mistake of engaging moving services or packing services without checking the company background can change one’s life in an instant and rarely for the better. Protect your peace of mind. Research thoroughly before agreeing to work with a moving company. It is important to engage experienced professionals especially if you have a lot of valuable items and fragile items that require special care and specific proper way of handling. Managing risks and finding a professional moving company that you can trust is quite challenging. While it is impossible to trust movers fully, being anxious the whole time can be stressful.


Hiring professional moving companies are meant to ease up the burden that comes with relocation. By opting for movers who get paid by the hour, you can choose when you need assistance the most and when you can do without. This freedom and flexibility are what makes this option enticing. In the end, it really depends on the moving company you will hire and if you need full value protection for your expensive belongings.

Look at a few quotes before zeroing in on who to hire for moving labor. Determine how many hours you need to complete the move and evaluate if the hourly rate will eventually add up to a total cost which is lower than the full-rate price. Otherwise, you might be surprised to find out later on that the costs are the same or the hourly rate turned out to be more expensive.

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