18 different types of flooring and its application2

If you ask about the major part of your home interior, then it will be the floor. This is the aspect of a home decoration that can affect the feel of your home space. So, when it comes to the floor, you should take a little extra time to find the perfect floor type for your home. It won’t be only about the design of the floor to beautify the interior, but also about the function based on your home condition and the needs you have for comfortability reasons.

18 different types of flooring and its application1

Parquet Floor

This kind of flooring is an aesthetic one since it has the mosaic nuance that makes the parquet looks pretty and really interesting. The parquet is the pressed flooring that forms pieces or boards that are ready to attach to the concrete floor. It is made of solid wood such as teak wood which is quite expensive. For a lower price, you can use the processed parquet which will be more efficient for the installation.

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We use parquet-type flooring to complement your home decor. Wood parquet has a variety of fiber patterns so there are many choices available that can be adapted to the interior at home. In addition, this parquet floor has varied floor patterns and can be adjusted to your liking. Therefore you will never fail to use wood parquet floors for your interior decoration. Chevron Parquet Floor from @marauccibrunoparquet

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Look at this one floor! Made with pressed wood pieces will present a beautiful mosaic feel. This type of floor is called a parquet floor. Using this type of flooring will give an elegant and warm feel to your home. Now you can coat it with varnish to make it look shiny and more beautiful than the others. Wooden Parquet Floor from @marauccibrunoparquet

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Using a parquet-type floor will change the appearance of the room to be more elegant and provide a warm atmosphere when combined with the appropriate interior. The wood grain pattern on the parquet also creates a natural impression which makes the residential atmosphere calmer and more relaxed. Parquet Floor from @gjsflooring

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is really interesting. It has varied designs like wood or stone that can be seen as real. Also, laminate flooring is easy to install and cheaper so this kind of flooring is quite popular these days. Another advantage of using laminate flooring is that it is durable and resistant to water and moisture so you don’t need to worry when there is spilled water.

For businesses or commercial spaces seeking professional floor installation, materials, and solutions, commercial flooring options are available to cater to their specific needs. These flooring options are designed to withstand higher foot traffic, increase wear and tear, and provide easy maintenance. The choice of commercial flooring will depend on factors like aesthetics, durability, and budget, ensuring a perfect fit for various business environments.

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Instead of using wooden floors, this house uses laminate flooring which will give it a real wood look. This type of floor is very easy to maintain and is water resistant. However, this type of floor only has a strength below the hardwood floor, so it scratches easily. Dark Laminate Floor from @_originalsrenovations_

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This laminate floor has a wood-like appearance but is still cheap, so it is in the interest of many people. In addition, this type of floor is also quite easy to install and very easy to maintain. Not inferior to wooden floors, this laminate floor will also present a luxurious appearance and give a warm feel to your home. Laminate Floor from @redesignfloors

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You will never fail to use laminate floors in your home. This floor will give off a natural look and a warm feel because it has a wood-like appearance. The advantage of using this type of flooring is that it is easy to install, easy to maintain, and inexpensive but looks elegant and luxurious like a wooden floor. Therefore this floor is the right alternative to replace wood floors. Grey Laminate Floor from @redesignfloors

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring comes in varied designs. It has similar layer construction to the laminate flooring. However, vinyl is softer and has the ability to dampen the sound. It makes the vinyl flooring to be suitable for you who have a noisy home environment (in case you have kids).

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This vinyl floor is perfect for those of you who have children. This is because vinyl flooring has a soft texture, soundproof, and sturdy against scratches from the furniture. Because it has fine fibers, this type of floor is very easy to clean. Therefore, you can never fail to use vinyl flooring to complement your interior. Brown Vinyl Floor from @lima_floornigeria

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Using vinyl flooring for interior design in your home is the right idea. The reason is, this floor is known to be durable and long-lasting but still at an affordable cost so it will be the right choice. In addition, this floor also has many choices of motifs that you can match with the interior design of your home. For example, you can see the image above. Warm Vinyl Floor from @floordecorghana


Look at this white vinyl floor! It looks beautiful and looks like real wood. This type of floor is perfect for those of you who have children because it has a softer texture than laminate flooring and has soundproof properties. Besides that, this floor is quite cheap and easy to install, but this floor is still comfortable to walk on and still looks elegant. White Vinyl Floor from @burloak_basements

Linoleum Flooring

Just like vinyl, linoleum flooring is soft and able to dampen the sound. It is made of renewable materials like linseed oil, resin, and sawdust. Well, linoleum flooring is durable enough but doesn’t suit wet or moist environments.

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This linoleum floor has a soft nature so you will never use it for your home decorating ideas. Currently, you can use this linoleum floor in the dining room area because it is not damp and wet. This time, the linoleum floor that is being used as a red and white color theme so that it will present a more festive look in your home. Red and White Linoleum Flooring from @realestateartdesign

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You will never fail to use linoleum floors for your home decorating ideas. Applying this flooring in the living room area is a perfect idea as it is a dry and non-humid environment. This type of floor is the same as the vinyl type, therefore it has many choices of motifs that can be adjusted to your interior design. Linoleum Flooring from @handprintedwallpaper

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Look at this dining room floor! The owner uses linoleum floors to make them look more attractive. This floor has a sleek and beautiful appearance. This time the owner used white and green linoleum to make it look fresher. The advantages of this floor have a choice of many motifs. Green and White Linoleum Flooring from @jdossickdesigns

Stone Flooring

The stone flooring is an interesting one as it has its own aesthetic look. But, it may only suit certain spots such as the kitchen, bathroom, or hallway. If you want to install stone flooring, it is better for you to install underfloor heating which will be important in a cold climate.

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Look at this kitchen! The owner chose a floor made using stone so that it would present an aesthetic appearance. This wood floor is very strong and durable, thus reducing the annual renovation costs in your home. Not only that, this stone floor will also present an elegant impression in your home. Stone Kitchen Floor from @devolkitchens

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You can never fail to use stone floors to complete the interior design in this house. Because this floor has strong and durable properties. Here you can apply this stone floor in the hallway area so that it will present a natural look and manage to catch the attention of everyone who sees it. Stone Hallway Floor from @_stoneleigh


There are many floors that you can use for kitchen decorating ideas, one of which is a stone floor. This stone floor has a natural appearance that will present an elegant impression in your kitchen. This time the owner chose to use a beige stone floor so that it looks simple. Stone Bathroom Floor from @floorsofstone

Textile Flooring

Textile flooring was popular a long time ago, but these days, this kind of flooring has its popularity again. This kind of flooring is soft, warm, and absorbs sound well. However, it may be hard to clean and attract dust and mites.

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This living room uses a textile floor so that it will provide perfect comfort for its residents. This is because this type of textile floor has a soft texture and can muffle the sound. This time the owner chose to use a geometric patterned textile floor so that it looks very attractive and managed to catch the eye. Geometric Pattern from @casamettadesign

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You will never fail to use textile flooring for interior decorating ideas in your living room. Besides having many motifs, this type of floor also has a very smooth texture and manages to provide comfort for every foot that steps on it. The floral patterned textile floor is the choice for this living room decoration idea so it will present a feminine look. Flower Pattern Floor from @egecarpets

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Talking about textile floors, this type of floor is perfect for use in dry areas such as foyers. This time we are using a maroon textile floor to complement our foyer so that it will present a more elegant appearance. The advantage of this type of floor is that it has a very soft texture but is difficult to clean from dust. Maroon textile Floor from @egecarpets

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