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When decorating a bedroom, there are many things that you can do. One of them is by creating an area rug. Area rugs are a great way to improve bedroom decorations. These affordable accents can help you tie together your room’s colors and patterns. They’re also a great way to add texture and comfort. Rugs come in a variety of sizes and shapes, so you can find the right one to fit your space. However, you also have to pay attention to how the area rug is positioned in your bedroom. Placement of different rugs will also give a different effect to your bedroom. This is of course determined according to the layout and size of your bedroom.

When it comes to bedroom rug placement ideas, you have a few options. You can place a full-size rug underneath the bed and all of your nightstands, or you can opt for a smaller accent rug that’s only under the nightstands. Regardless of your choice, we recommend keeping no more than two feet between the rug and your bedroom furniture. This ensures that the rug looks sleek and unifies the overall design of your room. Using bedroom rug placement ideas is important, but it’s even more crucial to choose the right size for your room. A too-small rug will not work well and will throw off the balance of the space. Here are some ideas to copy.

Bedroom improvement bedroom rug placement ideas1

Under the Bed

If you’re thinking about buying a new rug for your bedroom, you may have questions about what size to buy and where to place it. This can be a confusing process! If your room is large enough, it’s best to place a large area rug horizontally under the bed. This will help your space look pulled together and can be a great way to maximize noise absorption.

However, it’s important to make sure the rug isn’t too big or it will cover too much of your furniture. The ideal size rug for under the bed is a few feet longer than the footboard of your bed. You can also place the rug at an oblique angle under one corner of your bed. This can be an especially nice layout if you want to add a pop of color or pattern to your bedroom.


An easy way that you can do to make bedroom decorations look more elegant is to add a rug with any design and pattern that can be adjusted to the style or theme of the room. For example, you can choose and use a rug with a choice of black and white that has a simple pattern. Apply right under the bed to make it a warmer, softer and not cold footwear. Black and White Rug Under Bed from @luluandgeorgia


Cover your bedroom floor with a furry rug for a warmer foot surface. This rug material is easy to maintain, because you only need to clean it using a vacuum cleaner regularly. It’s not enough to stop here, also apply this rug right under your bed with a choice of plain white so that it can blend with other interiors that are used and the use of white paint on the walls. Furry Rug Material from @luluandgeorgia


Besides being able to be used as a more comfortable footwear, the existence and use of a rug under the bed can also add color and pattern to the room. Currently, you can choose a rug design with a floral pattern and of course with a splash of neutral color so as not to present a tacky touch of bold color. White and gray are a mix of colors that work well together and can be combined with other interiors around them. Floral Rug Design from @the_seasoned_home


Try to choose a rug with a size that is wide and large enough so that it can be applied right under the bed. This ensures that the first steps of your feet are warm after waking up. If the interior around it uses a neutral color tone, then for the rug design you can also use a matching color so as not to spoil the calm color tone of the room. Large Rug Under Bed from @passive_build


A rug that is placed right under the bed makes the room look more elegant and different. This rug layout is one of the favorites that is often used in a bedroom decoration. Try to choose a rug with a choice of neutral colors such as white or beige which have a color harmony with the use of bedding so that it can blend in a room perfectly. Neutral Color Rug Under Bed from @luluandgeorgia

Under the Nightstands

One of my favorite ways to decorate a bedroom is to add a rug under the nightstands. This allows me to place a lamp and flowers on the nightstand while keeping all of the clutter off the floor. When it comes to deciding where to place your rug, you should choose a rug that is wide enough to cover the entire distance between the foot of your bed and the wall behind your nightstands. You can also go for a rug that is long enough to accommodate your nightstands, the bench at the foot end of the bed, and other furniture in your bedroom.


This large rug design covers the nightstand area, you can choose it so that the surface of your feet is also more comfortable when you get out of bed. Choose and use a rug with a touch of vintage style which of course has a splash of old tone color that looks simple but still visually catches attention. Black beds and plain white nightstands are a combination of furniture that can be used in one room. Vintage Rug Material from @lvwise


Rug is one of the most important bedroom accessories. Therefore you can choose it with the right size and the right layout too. For example, when you have it with a size that is large enough, you can put it right under the bed which includes the nightstand area as well so as to provide maximum comfort. Light gray is the right color choice that looks very neutral. Light Gray Color Rug from @countrycarpet


When you have a modern style bedroom decor, it’s a good idea to complete the look with a rug that can be applied right under the nightstand. Not only nightstands, but you can also put a stand vase as a natural decoration that can make the room look fresher and provide natural air. Velvet rug is a material choice that is suitable and low maintenance too. Velvet Rug Material from @phoebeshomestyling

At the Foot of the Bed

If you on a budget, you can choose a small rug then place it at the foot of your bed. Rugs at the foot of your bed can make the bedroom feel cozier and cosy. They can also keep you warm and comfortable while you sleep. You can choose from a variety of placement ideas for your rug at the foot of your bed. You will need it there if you have a seating area at the end of your bed. Since the rug used is small, to make the most of it, go for a bold pattern to catch the eye and make a statement to your bedroom.


You can choose a medium-sized rug to place right at the foot of the bed to add texture to the room instantly. The choice of a rug with a geometric design under the foot of the bed can also add cohesive visual interest to your bedroom decor. This is an elegant choice, although it does not cover all the floor areas of the bedroom as a whole. Geometric Foot of the Bed Rug Design from @hunkerhome


While placing an all-encompassing bedroom area rug is an elegant entry option, it’s not the only way to add interest to a bedroom. You can also choose a medium-sized rug that only takes up half of the space under your bed. Velvet is a choice of material that is quite elegant and suitable for decorating modern bedrooms with a touch of elegant style. Elegant Rug Design from @bobedredk


Rugs can bring color, style, and texture, but they can also bring lots of pattern to your bedroom. Look for a patterned rug for a bold statement in the bedroom. Mural wall decoration and the use of interiors with a variety of different colors make your bedroom decoration look more stylish, cool and fun. You can apply them simultaneously with the right layout. Bold Pattern and Color Rug from @hunkerhome


The choice of terrazzo patterned rug placed right under the foot of this bed has splashes of color that will never fail. At this time you can use a runner rug so that you have a rug that is long enough to cover the wooden floor in your bedroom area. Besides being able to be used as footwear, it can also add color to the room instantly, you can use it right now. Terrazzo Pattern Rug from @adikrinsky


Look at this rug design that has a bohemian pattern, isn’t it ready to be used as a focal point in your bedroom decor? Yes, you can use it with a choice of earth colors which give a warm impression and are suitable for a touch of vintage style. Just apply a rug on the floor area according to the needs of the room, placement under the foot of the bed is one of the favorite layouts that is often used. Bohemian Style Rug from

At the Side of the Bed

Bedroom rug placement ideas aren’t always obvious. For example, placing a medium-sized rug next to the bed can make the room feel wider and more sophisticated. If you have a large bedroom, this is one of the best ways to fill up floor space while making it feel cozy and comfortable. Plus, rugs can keep your feet warm as you walk around the bedroom or cover up cold floors. Another way to add a cozy touch to a bedroom is with a runner and place it next to the bed. This is especially great for bedrooms that have a rectangular shape since it can cover a larger portion of frequently-walked floor space.


Placement of rugs is easy if you know the size and layout of the room, and of course there are many choices to suit your space and style. If you are trying to place a small rectangular rug, place it by the bed to serve as the first mat you get out of bed on. Vintage or shabby chic patterns can be adapted to the theme of the room. Shabby Chic Side Rug from @riponhouse1887


A rug is a great addition to even the smallest bedroom. A rug adds another layer of style, and is a soft place for your feet to land on chilly mornings. Apply a small rug right next to your bed with a choice of colors that harmonize with the color scheme of the room, a boho pattern with splashes of black and white is the best choice. Small Side Rug Ideas from @hunkerhome


The design of a runner rug that is quite small can be placed right next to your bed, try to choose it in earth tones so that it has color harmony with the use of the surrounding interior. Add tassels on the side of this runner rug to add texture to the room instantly, you can choose it with an abstract pattern or according to your preferences. Earth Tone Color Side Rug Ideas from @ltk.home


A small rug placed on the side of this bed is identical in use and will increase the symmetry in your bedroom when applied to both sides of the bed with the same size, material design. Now you can use faux fur material so that it has a softer surface and is easier to clean using a vacuum cleaner. Choose white to have color harmony with the bed and other interiors that are used around it. Faux Fur Side Rug Material from @house_of_holcroft


Even though it has a small size, the use of this colorful side rug is ready to be used as the focal point of the room. This rug design has splashes of yellow, blue and pink which are dominated by a touch of bright colors so that it has a touch of pastel colors. The pattern used is also very eye-catching, you can combine it with a white bed complete with storage underneath. Colorful Side Rug Design from @hilaryscolourfulhome

Layer Rugs

Another great way to add interest to your bedroom is with a combination of a large area rug and a smaller, accent-colored rug. You can choose to put one of each on either side of your bed, or you can choose a color on the opposite end of the spectrum (red/white, blue/orange). Remember that you should always space your area rugs no more than 12″ to 18″ from the edge of the room. This will ensure that they don’t tangle or become tripped over.


A simple plain gray rug will work well and can be the main backdrop for a bedroom floor area, if you are going to combine it with patterned layers of rug then go for it. Choose one with a subtle, barely-there pattern to ensure the rug doesn’t look too boring. The color tone used is quite neutral to make it easier for you to combine it with other interiors around it. Contrast Layered Rug from @stomababehome


If you are going to use more than one rug design in this bedroom decor, then you should choose and use patterned and plain rugs. Vintage pattern rugs and plain rugs make a mix that can never fail. Both of them have a splash of neutral color which will make it easier for you to combine it with other interiors around them. Vintage Look Layed Rug Bedroom from @hunkerhome


Layer rugs that are applied simultaneously in bedroom decorations should try to choose and use them with two different materials. This is done so that the surface of your feet is more textured. Furry rugs with wool rugs will work well together to produce a soft, fluffy and warm surface of course. Just choose one rug with a small size so it can look contrasting. Furry and Patterned Layer Rug from @hunkerhome


If you are going to use two layers of rugs in your bedroom decor then try to use patterned and plain ones. When the bottom layer of the rug is dominated by plain and neutral colors, it is better for the top rug to use a vintage pattern that is dominated by a touch of vintage patterns. The two will work well together to create a more stylish room theme with softer feet. Plain and Patterned Rug Bedroom from @momlifestylex3


Check out the use of faded patterns in this rug design as in this bedroom decor, yes their use is quite popular and never fails because the subdued colors go anywhere, and the subtle patterns bring a touch of style. And for good reason, you can layer it with a plain rug dominated by dark gray and of course with a choice of soft materials like velvet.. Velvet and Fadded Rug Bedroom from @hunkerhome

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