Real estate the meaning and the kinds2

Sometimes, we can’t differentiate between property and real estate. Although looks the same, there is a basic difference between those two. The point is on the land. When the property only deals with the building, the real estate deals with the land and the building. So, the ownership will be more beneficial where you can have all the buildings and the land. You don’t need to worry when there is a natural disaster that damages the building because at least you still have the land. If you are a customer, real estate is really beneficial and safe. You can see the references on dvc resale listings here.

Real estate the meaning and the kinds1

The Kinds of Real Estate

It is true that the real estate is about the land and the building. Anyway, you should know that there are many kinds of real estate related to building utilization and land utilization. Well, mostly it will be about the building. To make it easier, real estate is differentiated into three kinds, those are residential real estate, commercial real estate, and industrial real estate. Each of those has some kinds of utilization that will be explained and given the examples down below.


It might be the most popular and known by people. Residential real estate is used for housing. It can be a good investment for the business owner or for the buyer. Even when you want to have it for your own occupancy, buying it is still a good investment especially if you have one in a good and strategic location. Anyway, residential real estate has some different kinds of housing as follows.

Single-Family Home

It can be said that single-family home is mostly used for suburban house. It is a stand-alone house that does not adhere to another house. It has its own land and building. The use is for the family that won’t be divided into multiple units.

1 snapinsta.app_281756193_296756482667047_468775366828602891_n_1080

This is a single-family home! This family home is adjacent to other houses but still separate. Where the structure does not share walls with other residences so it will provide perfect privacy for each occupant. Look at this family home, having a white exterior will make it look neutral and still attractive. White Exterior from @haelconstruction

2 snapinsta.app_252142682_1973707256132194_8479392263885755547_n_1080

Single-family home is one type of residential that you often encounter. This type of housing is different from the usual, this single-family home is still adjacent to other houses but has a separate wall. Therefore this type of housing will have perfect privacy so that you will never fail to try it. Concrete Modern Family-Single Home from @enricosassiarchitetto

3 snapinsta.app_67322645_346147402938969_9081074483590617355_n_1080

There are many types of housing, one of which is a single-family house. This type of housing is highly recommended for families because it will provide perfect privacy. This is because this single-family house has a design that is adjacent to neighbors but not united by walls so that it has space that will maintain privacy between houses. Glass Family Single Home from @archdaily


It is the housing that stands side by side with shared walls to separate one to another house. When the single-family house is intended for the family, the townhouse is commonly used by individuals.

4 snapinsta.app_30593443_566622363720400_6416688523272781824_n_1080

This time it’s about townhouses! This is a type of housing that has several floors and shares walls with other houses. These buildings often have a modern, sleeker design, but also have fairly long lines. This type of housing is usually located in urban areas and has more residents. Two Storley Townhouse from @lekkiikoyilandlords

5 snapinsta.app_122083761_1154565908271915_414958656279409556_n_1024

Look at the picture above! This is a townhome consisting of two floors. It has one wall and shares that wall with at least one other dwelling. Usually these townhomes have a very sleek design because they are in urban areas. Townhouse from @golehomes

6 snapinsta.app_249349586_239614741403138_3349408556329438001_n_1080

Different from single-family houses, this townhouse is a housing that has several levels and is adjacent to other houses. In addition, this type of housing also shares walls with other houses so that privacy is minimal. But usually, these townhouses have a modern look and manage to steal the show. White and Beige Townhouse from @uaevillas


The owner of the apartment will use it for business. They can rent it to get the income of the building. However, you, as the owner of the apartment should maintain the facilities there such as the lift, lobby, gym, pool, garage, and more. Well, it will need more cost but when you can get the renter and make all the rooms being rented, then you can surely get the profit so much more than the spending.

7 snapinsta.app_96082797_2113116738835200_2314205584523159205_n_1080

This is an apartment ! A dwelling is one of the residential buildings in a house with its own entrance, bathroom, and kitchen. Usually, these apartments have several floors and are usually occupied by many families. Being in an urban area makes most apartments a luxurious appearance. Modern Apartment from @my_project07

8 snapinsta.app_64320858_490559138412877_5813005374659796225_n_1080

Not much different from other types of housing. This apartment is also a residence that is almost the same as a townhouse. But the apartment is in one building which has a separate door, bathroom and kitchen. Therefore, this apartment is maintained privacy. Apartment Façade from @archi3dv


Just like its name, commercial real estate is used for commercial purposes. It is related to business and how to get profit from that. It is not only about you have a building and use it as an occupancy but more on the use of the building itself. For example, the building for the office, hotel, restaurant, and more. Here we will give you the detail below.


For a building with some floors, it can be functioned not only for one company. There can be some companies that shares the building and floors. Here, the owner of the building can consider on the design of the building to reach the company target.

9 snapinsta.app_338718582_556366616600914_3659379211844319582_n_1080

This office has a large size and height! Inside there are several spaces to separate several fields in it. It has an exterior made using glass, allowing it to provide sunlight and make the area inside healthier. These offices are usually located in urban areas. Glass Office Exterior from @thisisamangupta

10 snapinsta.app_331991652_1313070189425514_7063641897788392804_n_1080

Talking about commercial real estate, office is one of them. Look at this office building! Having several floors will provide ample space and allow all employees in it to work more productively. Wall glass and perfect lighting will make this office look luxurious. Office Exterior from @ravisittol

11 snapinsta.app_70477764_2132051080234458_1147311400995627613_n_1080

The office is one of the commercial buildings that you often encounter in urban and densely populated areas. Look at this one office! having a high size and lots of space in it will make all employees more comfortable and also more productive. The outer glass wall will make this office building look more classy. Glass Office Façade from @dream_dimitriroussel


Shop and Retail

Having a business that deals with shops and retail can be a good opportunity. It can’t be doubted that nowadays, people love to do shopping, and looks like prestige is everything. Commercial real estate that deals with shops and retail can be a good investment for you.

12 snapinsta.app_337564158_752877682907356_4103565160250428832_n_1080

Apart from offices, shops are one of the commercial types that you often find in urban areas. This shop has a fairly large design with lots of windows so that it will provide perfect lighting. In addition, this store will also be a perfect public center in urban areas. Shop Exterior from @monsieuradrien


As one of the commercial real estate, hotels can be profitable. However, we advise you to be total if you want to have a hotel business. Build a great one and be ready to get a high profit!

13 snapinsta.app_331854082_1278706856328794_4516842049345881343_n_1080

The hotel is one of the inns that are in one high-rise building. But it has a separate door and bathroom so it still has privacy between other residents. These hotels are usually located in urban areas so they are in great demand. Tall Hotel Building from @cao_tehran

14 snapinsta.app_228863554_573248990526208_7589309880724746002_n_1080

Look at this hotel! Having a size that is high enough to make it look very luxurious. This hotel is also one of the types of housing that is rented out and has access to its own door and bathroom so it has perfect privacy. The hotel is one of the commercial real estate. Hotel Exterior from



Industrial real estate is also something that is related to business but it is quite different. It is a kind of business that provides properties for non-public commercial use. It can be said as a behind-the-scenes place for a product. Although it is a non-public use, the type is really varied as we will mention below.


The manufacturing facility of real estate provides some varied products that you use in daily life. It can be a simple manual assembly line to heavy-duty metal works.

15 snapinsta.app_45304143_362276631214078_6382320729243715899_n_1080

Look at the picture above! This is one of the manufacture building interiors. Having a large size will make it have enough space to carry out production. In addition, this room is also equipped with sophisticated tools so that it will support your work. Manufacture from @stageoneltd

16 snapinsta.app_26863655_166699167286708_7818604086781018112_n_1080

Manufacturing is the creation or production of goods with the help of equipment, labor, machinery, equipment and processing to make an item. Pay attention to the picture above! This is one of the displays of the production room which is equipped with various tools and equipment. This production room is equipped with various kinds of perfect security. Factory from @stageoneltd

Distribution Warehouse

For the distribution warehouse, there won’t be many details that are needed. However, you should be able to provide the wide space building. Although it doesn’t seem familiar and prestige just like if you have a hotel, the distribution warehouse can also be profitable.

17 snapinsta.app_69880198_2495906213822891_1993877640727327009_n_1080

A distribution warehouse is a building that contains various kinds of goods and is used as a room to distribute goods. Usually in this room there is a tool that is used to transport goods so that it is easier. And what is certain is that this room has a size that is quite large and has adequate space for movement. Distribution Warehouse from @lostartpress

18 snapinsta.app_119595077_261159278323849_5519069612357471458_n_1080

Talking about the distribution room, this is a room that is used to prepare the distribution of goods. This room has a large enough area so that it can be accessed easily. In addition, this room is also equipped with transport equipment so that it will make your work more effective and efficient. Distribution Warehouse Interior from

Storage Warehouse

The storage warehouse is like the distribution warehouse. It doesn’t need a prestige building but more the function. For the storage warehouse, the building should be proper and there is no damage occur that will risk the things stored there.

19 snapinsta.app_208333822_2926321930943363_1783382749897544765_n_1080

This storage warehouse has a very large room and has perfect lighting. This room serves to store various kinds of goods that have been produced so that it will make it look neat and orderly. You usually find this kind of room in factory areas. Storage Warehouse from @logistics_manager

20 snapinsta.app_325606499_1809368749437161_4868918767840403143_n_1080

Talking about various types of industrial real estate, Storage Warehouse is one of them. This room has a very large size and there are several large shelves in there. Shelves will function to store various items so that it will make it look neater and orderly. Storage Warehouse Interior from @bridgerhowes

Truck Terminal

For the truck terminal, you won’t need a building for the truck as long as you have the land. However, there should also be a building even only a small one for the office and some facilities needed.

21 snapinsta.app_13721298_628746080637228_546852065_n_1080

Truck Terminal is one type of industrial real estate that you often encounter. This time there is no special building on this truck terminal, only a very large piece of land. This area will be a gathering place for trucks after operations, and will make them look tidier and more organized. Truck Terminal from @moshobaba

22 snapinsta.app_244980205_1083445722462170_817928907234907236_n_1080

Look at the picture above! This is a terminal truck located in an outdoor area. This terminal truck is one type of industrial real estate that you often encounter. Having a large enough size, this terminal truck can accommodate more trucks and make it look organized. Outdoor Truck Terminal from @kabirjhangiani

Flex Space

If you want to control the factory and work there at once, the flex space is the right choice. It is a building that has an office and a factory space in one building. It is such an effective one to have for business so that you can make sure that everything works well.

19 snapinsta.app_338937322_928084608609030_364288971938483847_n_1080

Flex space is a room that consists of an office area and also a factory area. By having this flex space, it will make it easier for superiors to control all activities in the factory area. You often encounter this flex space in factory areas and can function properly. Factory with office space from @choquer.creative

Car Dealership

To attract the customer, the car dealership is designed as interactive as possible. It can’t be doubted that the car refers to something prestige. The one who has the money that will come there. So, if you want to have the car dealership as your real estate business, make sure that you consider on the design well.

25 snapinsta.app_24177513_900588570099065_1855194029537361920_n_1080

Talking about various kinds of industrial real estate, car dealership is one of them. Car dealership is a building that is used to display various kinds of cars that will be sold as well. These buildings usually have a simple design and are quite large in size. Car Dealership from @pcs_ltd

26 snapinsta.app_333737967_1618773888564585_5563011042162187530_n_1080

This is a building called a car dealership. It has a minimalist design and looks modern. Usually on the front using a glass wall or rolling door. In addition, this dealership also has a large enough yard that can be used as a display area for cars that will be sold. Elite Car Dealership from @elitecarsofcheshire


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