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Ahhh…spring is so close and you can smell the spring breeze. With spring around the corner, we can finally start opening our windows and letting the fresh air into our homes. During winter you will tightly close the windows of your house to avoid cold air attacks. Well, in spring, this is the right time to open your windows wide and enjoy the fresh spring air. By opening the window it will bring freshness to your home. The fresh air of spring is something refreshing after going through the cold months.

Guides to prep your window for spring1

More than that, spring also allows you to do some treatments to your windows. You can make your window more interesting with some spring touches. Isn’t this something fun? Before we do, however, there are some things that we need to do. We have to make sure that the window is in good condition before you go any further to decorate it. Here are some guides to prep your window for spring.

Cleaning and Maintaining

Clean the Glass

Glass is a great way to add natural light into your home, but it can also be a problem area that needs regular cleaning. Dirt, fingerprints and smudges can quickly build up and make your windows look cloudy or dirty. For a simple clean, start by wiping down the outside and sill with warm water and a bit of soap. If your window has a track, check the sliding mechanism before you wash it to make sure there are no dust or debris on it that may impede movement. Use a soft cloth or sponge to wipe down the glass, and then rinse thoroughly with distilled water. Alternatively, you can fill a spray bottle with a solution of vinegar and water to help remove dirt.


One alternative to welcoming springs is cleaning the windows of the house. Maybe the windows of your house are dirty with snow or dust so you can do the cleaning once a week or once a month. Clean Windows from @allthingsmadisonal


Cleaning windows from this snow plays an important role in welcoming spring to your home. You can clean windows using soap and then wipe them, making it easier for you to care for windows. Clean Soap Windows from @spear_exterior_cleaning

Clean the Screens

Window screens keep you protected from rain, sleet and snow, while also keeping out pests such as insects. After a harsh winter, it’s important to check screens for any damaged parts as they may let bugs into your home. To clean the screens on a fixed-in window, use a lint brush to pick up debris such as dust and pet hair. Once you’ve cleaned the front of each screen, flip it over and roll the lint brush again to get any dirt that may have caked up on the screen.

For tougher dirt, use a brush with a bit of soapy water to scrub the screens. Alternatively, try pressure-washing them with a garden hose on a low pressure setting to remove the dirt and grime. Using too much water pressure can damage screens, so it’s best to avoid this when they are not detachable. Lastly, be sure to lay them out and let them dry thoroughly before putting them back in place.


Window blinds do an important job of protecting you from rain, sleep, and snow, as well as keeping out pests such as insects. Therefore, you can clean it as often as possible to prevent further damage. Clean Screen Windows from @ruth.hither.n.thither

Inspect the Frame

Window frames need to be checked for wood rot, chipping, or gaps. These problems can affect the window’s ability to perform as well as it should and cause issues in your home that require repairs or replacement. If you notice any of these problems, it’s time to call a professional for window repair or replacement. These problems can significantly affect your energy bills and lead to deterioration of your windows, which could also be a safety issue. Aside from checking your frame, make sure you also check the sash for any leaks in the seal or other problems. If the seals are cracked or leaking, it can cause condensation and damage to your window. It can also let in heat or cold that can make your energy costs more expensive.


You should check your windows for damage after a long winter. These issues can significantly affect your energy bill and cause damage to your windows, which can also be a safety issue. Therefore you should check your frame, make sure you also check the sash for leaks in the seals or other problems. Check Windows Frame from @tehroonframe

Lubricate the Hardware

Aside from glass and screens, the hardware of your window is another important part that needs to be prepared for spring. Often, the hardware of your window can become stuck and cause it to be difficult to open. To prepare the hardware of your window, you’ll want to lubricate it properly. This can help reduce friction and make your window move smoothly, which will save you a lot of frustration. You can treat it according to your window types. Like casement windows have three sets of moving parts that need to be lubricated, including locking mechanisms, operator arms and the crank enclosure. To lubricate these, you’ll need to spray some silicone-based lubricant.


Oftentimes, your windows hardware crashes and causes it to be hard to open. You can lubricate these windows, using oil or spraying a silicone based lubricant. Lubricate Windows Seal from @worcesterglazing

Window Treatment

Window decoration is a great way to spruce up your home decor this spring. With a little effort, you can easily make your home look more vibrant and beautiful.

Lighten Up Your Curtains

If you want your spring window treatment ideas to stand out, choose curtains that are vibrant and bright. This will make a big impact and instantly draw the eye to the room. You can add color to your window treatments by using bold or light shades of pink, orange, red, yellow and blue to create a lively, fun look. These colors are timeless and never go out of style so you can use them year after year.


Choose fabrics that are easy to care for, linen is a suitable material for curtains in your home, besides that you will also get maximum warmth in the room. Having a bright yellow color will also enliven spring in your home design. Yellow Linen Curtain from @attpynta


One of the advantages that you can get from using tall curtains is that they have a big impact and immediately draw attention to the room. Choosing this green color makes for a lively and stylish spring home decor. Green Curtain from @hillarysblinds


If you want a vibrant spring living room decor, try using sheer curtains that come in different colors. You can replace these curtains when spring arrives so they can enliven your home room. Colorful Linen Curtain from @hollandhaag


You can try curtain patterns in this spring living room design. Apart from patterns, you can also use different colors to create a matching look so that the room doesn’t look boring. Flower Pattern Spring Curtain from @afwigen

Go for Light Curtain Fabrics

A beautiful way to bring more natural light into a room is by using light curtain fabrics like organza, tulle, muslin or chiffon. These fabrics will allow more light to enter the home and create a comfortable, healthy atmosphere. You can also use sheers to bring a fresh, light feel to the room and make it feel more airy and breezy. Sheers are easy to hang and work great on all types of windows.


Using light curtain fabrics like the picture above brings a fresh, light feel to a room and makes it feel airier and airier. You can also choose yellow curtains that will enliven spring in your home design. Yellow Sheer Curtain from @designrepublic.milano


This white sheer curtain adds an eye-catching look to any home window this spring. Choosing this type of curtain will make the room feel more airy and airy. Combined with the white color scheme in this room it will also give the house a brighter and fresher look. White Sheer Curtain from @laas_wardrobe


In each of these windows you can add light curtains that allow light to enter the house. Sheers are easy to hang and work well on all types of windows. Sheer Curtain from @blindsunlimitedinc

Decorate the Window

Spring is a time for rejuvenation and new growth. Creating window decorations that capture the essence of spring is a great way to bring joy and happiness to your home. You can decorate your window from the inside and outside. One of the best ways to add color and fun to your windows is by placing some flower arrangemets or plants. Meanwhile, for the exterior, you can decorate the window with a window box. You can fill the box with some blooming flowers to beautify the window.


This spring-themed window redecoration will provide an interesting design for you to try in your home. Adding a sticker with this cartoon accent will give it a unique look and can be the center of attention. Sticker Spring Windows from @jennnikl


Adding these blooms in a vase to your windowsill succeeds in giving your home a more stylish look. You can choose blooming tulips that will beautify your spring window display. Add Flower Windows Spring from @javabere


On the outside of this window you can add window boxes which will make your spring garden look more stylish. Planting various kinds of colorful flowers will also brighten up the appearance of your home window. Spring Windows Box from @sash.and.stone

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