Transform an awkward alcove into a statement space2

Alcoves are known as tricky spaces within the home. It serves little functional purpose and is a nightmare for arranging furniture. Look at the ideas below as a transformation from awkward into a wonderful space.

Transform an awkward alcove into a statement space1

A Mini Home Office

A mini home office Transform An Awkward Alcove Into A Statement Space


For those without a spare room, an alcove office is a smart solution. You can ensure the measurements are right to fit your desk. The narrow alcoves will be best with a desk that sits flush with or protrudes slightly over your alcove. So, you will not be knocking your elbows on adjacent walls whilst typing. On the other hand, when your alcove has enough width you can go with a floor lamp for lighting without having to drill holes in the wall.

Extra Lighting

Extra lighting Transform An Awkward Alcove Into A Statement Space


Alcoves usually receive less natural light. Therefore, it is a great spot for an extra table lamp as an effective use of an alcove in a narrow hallway. So you can style the alcove with a unique floor lamp to draw the eye’s attention around your space. You can also combine it with a dimmable wall light to create additional pockets of ambient light.

A Dressing Table

A dressing table is a practical and useful alcove idea. You can just fit a floating drawer into the space instead and tuck a small stool or chair underneath. As a great addition, place a stylish mirror, modular floating shelves, or wall lighting to display your cosmetics.

A Breakfast Bar

This alcove solution can be achieved in a very affordable way with some eye-catching and pretty bar stools and a floating worktop. Besides, it is also a great place for herbs or houseplants in a sweetie jar that can look charming.

A Compact Library

For the last, a library is a traditional solution to an awkward alcove. Here you can display your favorite books, magazines, family photos, or artworks. Do not forget to put a downlight in it for a warm and welcoming space. As a result, the awkward space will become the most functional space with some advantages of life.

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