How the mold can affect your house2

The existence of mold in a house is mostly caused by the too high humidity condition. It can be about the weather, the damage, and the disaster. When you have it in your house caused of the weather condition, then it will be quite difficult to control since you have to do the maintenance again and again. However, when mold is existing in your house caused by the damage of the house and disaster, then you may not need to do the maintenance periodically. What is meant by damage here is the damage that occurs in your house building that causes the leak. The leak itself is not only from the roof but also from the plumbing system. The next one is the disaster. It is something that you can’t predict. It is also things that you can’t control. But, once you experience it that causes the water to enter your house, you should make sure that you clean it really soon before the mold comes. In order to prioritize your safety, it is important to protect yourself from potential health hazards. Therefore, it is recommended to wear high-quality vinyl gloves and a mask to shield yourself from harmful chemicals, fumes emitted by cleaning products, and mold spores.

Will the Mold Cause a Health Problem?

Without any doubt, we will say ‘yes’ to the question. The mold can bring the germ that won’t be good for your health. Then, the smell is bad which will affect your respiration. Those who are really sensitive enough should watchful with the mold. If you touch it, it can cause allergens, irritants, and toxic substances. Then, what will happen to you? You can get fever symptoms like sneezing, runny nose, red eyes, and even skin rash.

How does Mold grow in Your House?

There are many kinds of mold and no one of them can grow if there is no water or moisture. So, when there is mold growing inside your house, there must be something wrong with the water leak or moisture. If it is only about the water leak, then it won’t be too difficult to deal with. But, when it is to your house moisture that is related to the soil condition where your house is built, then it can be such a big problem.

How to Deal with the Mold Problem?

Basically, to avoid mold growing inside your house is really simple. You just have to control the moisture of your house. You can do it by using some appliances like an air conditioner, heater, or by providing natural lighting and good ventilation in the house. Then, you should also find the possibilities if there is a water problem occur in the house. It can be in the plumbing system of the kitchen or bathroom. Then, it also may be caused by the roof leak damage.

After doing an effort in controlling the moisture of the house, then you should clean the mold. Remember that mold can cause a health problem. Make a balance between cleaning the mold and maintaining the moisture of the house not to let the mold annoy your life. Anyway, to give you ease in dealing with the mold, here you can check the following points.

How the mold can affect your house1

Tips for Mold Cleaning

Some of you might be confused about the effective way to clean the mold. Basically, there will be some possible ways where the common ways are by brushing the mold and spraying the liquid. Check the complete ideas below.

1 snapinsta.app_344865040_793187995703273_1471192224475252638_n_1080

Look at this one wall, it looks full of mushrooms right? Here you can clean it yourself. Using a special mushroom cleaner is a pretty easy way to do it. Then you can rub it using a sponge or brush so that the mold will lift and the walls will be clean. Cleaning Mold On Walls from @larkincleaningservices

2 snapinsta.app_306963992_197900165933183_138036887625064194_n_1080

Cleaning dining from mold is one thing that cannot be missed. Here you can use anti-mold liquid to clean your walls. Use a spray gun to make your job easier. By using this anti-fungus liquid, not only is it clean, it will also be more difficult for mold to grow in areas of the wall that have been sprayed with anti-mold liquid. Mold Clean Up from @sucasamolddetections

3 snapinsta.app_277035314_130550212859222_1426546493708489821_n_1080

Not only in the ceiling wall area is one area that is quite often moldy. You can clean it by spraying a mildew exterminator and scrubbing it clean. By doing this cleaning your house will look clean and very comfortable. Clean the mold on the ceiling from @superiorhia

Fix the Plumbing Leak

When you think that there is nothing wrong with your house but suddenly there is a mold spot exist in the house, then you should check your plumbing system. It is a big possibility that your plumbing is getting leaked. You can check any sink whether it is in the kitchen, powder room, bathroom, just anywhere. Then, you should also check the plumbing that leads to your bathroom shower. The point is that check any possible plumbing available there.

4 snapinsta.app_65128157_135911320937275_6877181807861301255_n_1080

This pipe was damaged in the form of a crack that allowed water to flow through the crack. This time you can fix it by replacing the cracked pipe with a new one. In this way, your pipes will flow water smoothly and no leaks will occur so it doesn’t result in moldy indoor areas. Pipe Cracked from @heavyhomeimprovementllc

5 snapinsta.app_46542207_2715132195379532_2002631474771916785_n_1080

Repairing pipe damage is one of the solutions to prevent mold growth in the home area. This time the pipe damage was experienced by a loose pipe connecting part. You can fix this by replacing the fittings so that water cannot flow through the gaps in the joints and cause the area of the house to become damp. PVC Leaks from @keyinspectionserviceswa

6 snapinsta.app_343428436_133995719649406_5082756908007242852_n_1080

You will never fail to make repairs to leaky pipes to maintain comfort in your home. The reason is that running water that is left will result in humidity and the room becomes moldy. This time you can repair the plumbing damage under the sink by replacing a new connection so that it will work properly again. Under sink leaks from @m.i_plumbing

Fix the Roof Leak

The roof leak is quite easy to know. It will be clearly seen from the ceiling. Sometimes it is run down or simply soak in the ceiling and wall. You should be careful with the roof leak because when you don’t fix it soon, it will be risky as your roof can collapse.

7 snapinsta.app_337879829_225491953365038_4689807942795140489_n_1280

Repairing a damaged roof is one way to deal with mold in your home. This time you can install a waterproofing layer before installing the roof. This will prevent water from seeping into the house and will not cause leaks. So that your house will stay clean, not damp and most likely the fungus will not breed. Fix the terracotta roof leak from @bgcroofingllc

8 snapinsta.app_316474315_887384859094818_3141242845055756666_n_1080

A cracked roof will cause leaks and flow into the indoor area, causing moisture and mold to develop. To overcome this, you can patch the cracked roof if possible. But if that’s not possible, you can make repairs by replacing the cracked roof. The second way is more effective and efficient. Fix the Cracked Roof from

9 snapinsta.app_128890531_691357498472042_5377762718026191962_n_1080

A damaged roof is one of the factors that causes mold growth in the indoor area. This time you can make repairs to the damaged roof in the form of a sliding roof and cavities through which water can pass. You don’t have to replace it with a new one, you just need to fix the layout of the roof so that it doesn’t have any holes for rain and snow to pass through. Roof Leak from @seabreezeroofing

Clean the Puddle

If there is a puddle in the house even when only in a small spot, just please don’t wait too long to clean it. If you don’t do it soon, the leak will cause mold really soon. When the mold is already grown, you will get double things to do which are remove the mold and clean the puddle.

16 snapinsta.app_322252179_892849048556122_8574553568749182471_n_1080

Floors that are flooded with water will make the room area damp and moldy. Therefore you have to clean this puddle to overcome the fungus. Use a vacuum to suck up water so it will dry and make the room clean and not damp. This method is very effective and efficient to try. Indoor Puddle from @gleamers_carpet_cleaning_uk

17 snapinsta.app_332687679_1127024847973228_7530415036932063146_n_1080

Look at this floor! These floors are waterlogged and can cause dampness in indoor areas. Now it’s time for you to clean this floor. Use a special tool to clean this floor from puddles so that it will make your work easier and make your next life more comfortable. Floor Puddle from @acc_cleaning_and_restoration

18 snapinsta.app_228540650_883782088911850_5000299745202051094_n_1080

If your floor is flooded, quickly clean up the puddle. Because a flooded floor will cause damp and moldy walls. Here you can open all the doors and direct the water to the outdoor area. Besides that, you can also use a vacuum to suck up water so it’s easier. House puddle from @firstrestorationservices

Scrub the Mold

If you find mold grows in the bathroom or on the ceramic surface, you can simply scrub it. It is known that the mold that grows on the ceramic material surface will be easier to clean than the one that grows on the wall. However, if you let it for a long time and do not scrub it soon, the mold might be more difficult to clean.

14 snapinsta.app_294045033_610840967078341_1109985319383224090_n_1080

Scrubbing the mold is a very simple way to deal with mold on the wall area. At this time you can use cleaning products and a brush to scrub the mold against the wall. This way your walls will be protected from mold and clean again. Therefore, this method will never fail to do. Scrub the Mold from @ecomaxbrushes

Paint the Mold Surface

For the mold that grows in the wall, after you clean it, we recommend you repaint the wall. It is because the color of the wall might not be the same as before after you clean the mold. Here, if the problem of the mold is caused by uncontrolled moisture by the nature factor, we recommend you use the waterproof paint type.

19 snapinsta.app_11259643_1000645936614927_2145458170_n_1080

After overcoming the problem that causes mold growth and cleaning the mold, the next step is to paint the entire wall surface. This method is quite easy to do but manages to make your wall look even better. Not only that, most likely the mold will not be able to reproduce in the wall area. Red paint the mold surface from @layogichina

20 snapinsta.app_96259077_114845483313018_487457770545435102_n_1080

The next step to dealing with mold in your home is painting the wall surface. This time you can use a roll to paint the walls so it’s easier and get maximum results. By painting this wall, it will make the mold marks invisible and your wall stays healthy. Paint the mold surface from @ozanaydemir

21 snapinsta.app_80697431_2692842754144873_2958374742943905698_n_1080

Painting is the last step for dealing with dining that has been cleaned from the mold. Here you can use certain paint to coat your walls. This way your walls will look clean and protected from mold. Therefore, you should not miss this step. Pint the Wall from @anna.yufkina

Ask for Professional Help

After all, doing the cleaning of the mold by yourself is quite exhausting although it will let you save the budget. In this case, if the mold is in a wide range in the house, to get a really clean house, we recommend you ask for professional help. However, don’t forget to deal with the cause of the mold after the cleaning not to let the mold grow again.

15 snapinsta.app_341774708_145902758239725_5218206105166217318_n_1080

The last solution to dealing with mold in your home is to ask for professional help. This way your walls will be mold free without any effort. Therefore this one solution is quite easy and will never fail for you to try. Scrub mold on the wall from @puroclean


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