How to make your apartment studio proper enough to live in2

In this modern era, there are more people who live in an apartment. Especially for those who live alone, they will choose to live in an apartment than a house. It is because the apartment is way more efficient and simpler to maintain. Of all of the apartment types, the studio apartment is the one that many people choose to live in. It is such a simple one where there is only one room space that looks like it is only intended for a bedroom only. In fact, with the space available, you can use the studio apartment for many room utilizations. Let’s say that you can use the room for a bed, living room sofa, table and chairs for the dining room, and even for the kitchen.

How to make your apartment studio proper enough to live in1

Now, the question is about how you can make your limited space serviced apartments in West London to be proper enough to live in. In this case, the point is about how the room can cover all your needs for occupancy. You can do this by having a good arrangement in the room. Then, you should do some tricks such as using a certain room separator that won’t let the room be seen as narrow but still can create a proper border for each room. By looking at the following ideas we have provided below, you will know well about how you can decorate your studio apartment to make it proper and cozy enough to live in.

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Look at the decoration of this one-studio apartment! Using a metal room divider to separate the bedroom and living room will make it look more organized. Not only that, this room divider made using metal can also be used as a TV stand so it is more multifunctional. As a result, you don’t need a lot of furniture to complete this studio apartment. Industrial Apartment Studio from @interior_arsitek_kontraktor

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Do you live in a studio apartment? If so, you can try the following decoration ideas. Having a room divider there is a perfect idea that will make your studio apartment more organized. The glass room divider is the right choice, because it won’t make your studio apartment look cramped. Glass Divider from

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This is a very interesting studio apartment decoration idea. The reason is that it is equipped with a floor to ceiling room divider which has a very beautiful and transparent design. Apart from being a barrier, this room divider can also beautify the decoration of your studio apartment so that it looks perfect. Transparent divider from @home_in_my_fokus

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Do you live in a studio apartment? If so, combining the living room and bedroom is the perfect idea. The reason will make it easier for you to access one room with another room. However, you need enough room dividers in this studio apartment because room dividers can make your studio apartment look more organized and will also present an attractive visual appearance. Metal Room Divider from @my_personal_designer

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Make your studio apartment more proper now. Using a bunk bed is a perfect idea and will never fail. The reason is that this bunk bed is very space saving but can still function properly and still provide comfort for the occupants. For security purposes you can add a railing at the top so it will be more perfect. Use bunk bed from @satriandhika14

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There are many ways you can try to make your studio apartment more appropriate for a place to live, one of which is using a glass window. By using a large glass window this will allow direct sunlight to enter so that it can maintain humidity and provide natural lighting during the day. Not only that, using a large glass window will give the impression of a wider space. Large Glass Window from @alanoud.interiordesign

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Combining the living room and bedroom is the right idea for those of you living in a studio apartment. By combining the two, it will be more space saving and also easier to access. This time you can leave the room divider and leave the bedroom and living room open so that it looks wider and air circulation is smoother. There are no room dividers from @alanoud.interiordesign

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Studio apartment is a place to live that only has a little space, so you can make it more proper. Combining several areas into one is the right way. But for neatness purposes, you can use a glass room divider so it will look more organized but still not look cramped. White Themed from @apartmenttherapy

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Using one room for several spots such as the living room, bedroom and home office is one of the right ways for a studio apartment decoration idea. In this way, it will be easier for you to access one and only room. In addition, it is more space saving because it does not require walls and doors as barriers. Multi-functional Room from @vivianrinconesrealtor

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If you live in a studio apartment, using one space for the living room and bedroom is the perfect idea. You can use a short room divider so that it will make your studio apartment more organized and won’t look cramped. In this way, it will make it very proper for a place to live. Short Room Divider from @elizabeth_guerrera_de_dios

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Perfect ! This studio apartment combines a living room and bedroom which are only separated by a room divider so it will look more organized. This time the owner uses a frosted glass divider so that it will provide double benefits. Apart from being a room divider that provides perfect privacy, it won’t make the room cramped. Frosted Glass Divider from @gimme.decor

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Take a look at this studio apartment decoration! Having a simple design and only using a few main pieces of furniture will make it very comfortable and not look cramped. As a barrier, the owner uses a low room divider so it won’t make the room narrow but still looks orderly. White shades will make this studio apartment even more perfect. Simple Design from @interiordecoranddesign

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It’s time to make your studio apartment more proper for a place to live. Using a Murph bed is a perfect idea, because you can fold it up when you’re not using it and it can be used for something else. A bathroom that uses a glass room divider will function well but will not give the impression of a cramped and full space. Murphy Bed from @arsitag

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Using a white theme is a simple way to make your room not look cramped. Make sure the existing furniture is only furniture that is really functional so it won’t interfere with the space in your studio apartment. This half room divider will make your studio apartment more organized and tidier. All of White from @ruken_alasalah

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Choosing an open space design is the perfect idea to make your studio apartment more proper. The reason is without using a room divider, the room looks wider and also makes air circulation smoother. Apart from that, you can also more easily access one area from another, such as the living room and bedroom. Open Space from @ruken_alasalah

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