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Living in a small apartment it means you have to deal with the limited space. The limited space force you to adjust your decorations, items and furniture that will be placed in your apartment. Everyone needs storage, but apartment living demands creative solutions. Use renter-friendly decorating hacks to maximize your space.

First, declutter and sell or donate items you no longer need. Next, create a functional entryway with a bench that doubles as storage and a wall of hooks for coats and scarves. Lastly, invest in smart apartment storage. This can include everything from a hanging spice rack to a pegboard for utensils. Here are some small apartment storage and decor ideas to maximize the space.

Multifunctional Furniture

A common small apartment problem is a lack of closet and cabinet space. But by adding a tall shelving unit, you can create more storage space that’s easily accessible. Shelves are also great for displaying decorative items like baskets and vases. In a small space, furniture that has multiple functions is essential. Purchasing a coffee table that doubles as a storage ottoman or a dresser with a built-in vanity can help you maximize your space. If you don’t have much counter space in your kitchen, use cabinet risers to hold cans and jars, plus hanging utensil holders or pegboards for extra storage. This can make your kitchen more functional and organized.


This coffee table ottoman comes with storage underneath. You can use this storage to store a variety of sofa covers and pillows that will hide the clutter in your living room. Ottoman Storage from @interior_arts_sharing


This multifunctional coffee table is equipped with a storage area at the bottom. In addition, you can pull this coffee table up to create a comfortable work table while in the living room of your apartment. Multifungtional Coffee Table from @interior_arts_sharing


The reading sofa in the corner of this apartment is complemented by a bookshelf on the side of the chair. This is a great choice for a multifunctional reading room design and perfect for your small apartment design. Reading Chair with Bookshelf from @interior_arts_sharing


You can use open shelves that can be used as a dining table as well as a storage idea. This dining table has a unique design for you to try in your apartment. When not in use, you can fold it back to save space. Shelf Dining Room from @interior_arts_sharing


This raised bed set has storage underneath. You can use this storage to store clothes and decorations while in your bedroom, so your room will feel more spacious and tidy. Raised Bed with Storage from @robberts_lockdown


Having a small apartment equipped with a sofa bed will save space as well as being a multifunctional piece of furniture. When not in use you can open this sofa to make a soft bed in your living room. This is suitable for you to apply to your small living room. Sofa Bed from @karup_design

Door Organizers

A cluttered situation is an apartment no-no. Invest in a door organizer for hats, scarves, and coats to keep these items off your floor until you need them. Many studio apartments have unused space right above the doors. Hanging a door trim shelf is a great way to store towels and other bathroom items that tend to pile up. This storage hack also makes it easy to display decor for a more visually appealing apartment.


To maximize the space that you can use behind the pantry door, you can add a hanging shelf to your door. You can use this storage to place various kinds of spices and other cooking utensils. Pantry Door Storage from @ladybird.organization


These cabinet door hacks can maximize space and can give a tidy room. On this door you can add a pocket attached to the door to store various socks easily. Door Organization Hack from @luckyandi


Adding shelves to the wardrobe doors that are used to store various kinds of clothes will create a neat and organized room. This storage hack also makes it easy to decorate for a more visually appealing apartment. Shoes Door Storage from @whitmorinc

Lofted Bed

Modern loft beds aren’t just for kids. They’re a stylish and space-saving solution that gets your mattress off the floor, leaving room beneath for a desk or seating. For a sturdier option, place plastic or wood risers underneath your bed. The raised storage compartments keep items dust-free and easy to find.


The loft bed is a stylish and space-saving solution for your small apartment. At the bottom of this bed you can use a soft sitting area. Storage under the stairs will also enhance the appearance of your apartment. Loft Bed from @s3xytana


Using a minimalist loft bed in this small apartment will leave room underneath for a table or chair. Using the ladder that comes with this storage will also tidy up your apartment and keep things dust-free and easy to find. Minimalist Loft Bed from @declan.and.leah.interiors


A loft bed that leaves room underneath for a desk or work area. Using this metal material will last longer and look stronger. Loft Bed Apartment from @cassandraallen83

Entryway Storage

The entryway is an area that often ends up a mess, filled with coats, shoes and other accessories. Turn it into a functional drop spot with smart furniture pieces. Decorate the entryway with a wall mount that holds a coat rack and storage baskets for hats, scarves, and bags. Use a command hook on the door for keys, bags, and other items. Try a slim-profile shoe storage cabinet for a built-in look, or hang a decorative ledge that holds books and frames without blocking the walking path. Go vertical with your storage, too, by hanging a small shelving system on the back of a door.


Don’t let your entryway look cluttered and boring. You can add a large storage basket that you can use to store various decorations and shoes when you are in this entryway. This storage will also function to tidy up the appearance of your apartment entrance. Wire Basket Storage from @jcexp_realty


Try an open cabinet at the entrance to your apartment to spice up the look. Added a rattan basket that you can use to store various ornaments while on the go and can be found easily. Apart from that, you can also add a hook to easily hang your coat in this entryway. Open Cabinet Entryway from @kinsmangroup


This entryway wall can be an interesting storage area for you to try. You can use it to store coats and hats easily. In addition, it will produce a stylish and neat apartment entryway decoration Hook Storage Entryway from @bobvila

Removable Decals

If you don’t have the space for a full gallery wall, create a statement piece with a removable decal. You can use an online design process to bring any image, text or graphic to life, including shapes and sizes for a seamless look on any surface.


You can replace your wall gallery with removable stickers. This is suitable for you to try because it will create an attractive appearance and make the walls of your apartment more attractive. Opting for this tropical pattern will also make the look perfect. Add Decals from


To liven up the wall of the study in a small apartment. You can use floral motifs that have pastel colors so that it will make your room look fresher. These stickers are easy to remove and certainly have a more affordable price. Flower Decals from @roommatesdecor


Beautify your bedroom by adding a sticker above the headboard with a pink floral pattern that will bring your bedroom walls to life. This sticker can be removed if you get bored with the same pattern. Flower Decals Headboard from @bethschneiderdesigns


While comfy couches might get all the love when it comes to cozying up a room, pouf ottomans are also worth considering. They’re cute, versatile, and inexpensive. These patterned poufs bring a splash of color that coordinates with other accents like pillows, rugs, and artwork. Poufs are a great small apartment item that can serve as an extra seat or coffee table in your small apartment.


You can try adding poufs between the sofas in the living room of this apartment because it provides extra seating for your guests. Choosing a pouf in this hemp material will provide color and create the perfect contrast for this living room. Jute Poufs from @estudio.puerrosalvajehome


Poufs can be a great addition that doubles as an extra chair or coffee table in your small apartment. Choosing this shade of pink will liven up the look of an otherwise pale living room and can be the perfect centerpiece. Add Pink Poufs from @ninadraddydesign


A pouf is a great little apartment item that can serve as an extra chair or coffee table in your small apartment. You can add four poufs that are placed in the living room of your apartment to add to the comfort of this living room. Add Poufs from @miko_designs

Accessories as Decor

When decorating a small apartment, it’s always best to choose items that serve multiple purposes. For example, wall dividers function as room decor and divide a space at the same time while adding texture and dimension to your room.


Room dividers equipped with storage shelves will give a neat and clutter-free look. This is the right choice for your small apartment design. Dividers Storage from @babyandbreakfast


The partition that is applied to the living room of this tiny apartment will give a unique look and steal the eye. Apart from that, this partition also functions as a storage area for books or as a display for your indoor plant collection so that this room looks interesting for you to try. Cube Dividers Storage from @jess_eclecticcreative


Looks unique and will steal the eye instead of a room divider like the picture above? Using the partitions from the floating shelves, you can also use them to store various collections of books and ornaments. In addition, this type of insulation adds to the aesthetic appearance of your apartment. Hanging Shelves Dividers from @blindfoxart

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