How to transform an alcove into a wonderful space2

Alcoves can feel like an awkward design feature, but they can be turned into some of the most stylish parts of a room. Alcoves can seem like a design head-scratcher at first, but with the right ideas they can be transformed into some of the most wonderful spaces in your home. Awkward alcoves can seem to be the biggest headache when it comes to styling – but these game-changing ideas will instantly transform them into beautiful features. Whether they are an extra recess next to a fireplace or a space in the bedroom, there is always something you can do to turn them into a focal point.

With your creativity, you can turn it into functional space, from multi-functioning WFH spaces to cozy reading nooks. But before you use your alcove for something, you need to upgrade your alcove to make it more attractive and complete the rest of your home decor.

How to transform an alcove into a wonderful space1

Paint it

Alcoves can feel like an awkward design feature, but they can be turned into some of the most stylish parts of a room. Paint your walls, shelves, and cabinets one colour to enhance the sense of a clean line between the wall and the shelving, as seen here in this living room idea. A neutral shade like plaster pink works well and is a warm alternative to white shelving.


You can get a cool look from this alcove decoration by changing or changing the paint color. What you can try to apply right now is the use of dark paint like navy blue to cover all the walls to the alcove open storage. This one-tone navy blue color is perfected by the presence of a carved faux fireplace design which is repainted in plain white so that it can look contrasting but very eye-catching to those who see it. Dark Color Wall Alcove from @lifeatthegrove_


On the alcove of the wall so that it doesn’t look dark, you should use a light-colored wall paint, light blue is a color that you can try to apply to this alcove wall. To make it look the same, you can use this light blue paint on all parts of the room’s walls, this will affect the appearance of a neat and comfortable room. Use floating shelves to fill in the recesses of the wall so they don’t look empty. Light Blue Wall Paint from @lifes_illusions_kellie


You can get a modern look by applying a monochromatic style to the wall niche in your home. Yes, you can use black paint on the walls combined with brightly colored wall decor, that way you can easily bring a monochromatic look into the room. To give another color using green plants is the right step, place green plants in pots right in front of the alcove wall. Monochromatic Paint Color from @myvictorianhouselove


Sage green is one of the color choices that can be applied to your alcove pallet walls. This color is one of the pastel color tones that will never fail. So that this alcove area can work more optimally, you can add a sitting area and a large mirror to be installed on one of the empty pallet wall parts. Additional wooden hooks are also the best accents that can be used to the fullest. Sage Green Wooden Pallet Alcove from @olivine_secondbuild


You can choose one of the pastel colors to apply to the alcove walls in your home. Pastel blue is the right color choice that you can apply. Don’t forget to complement it with some decorations or ornaments such as paintings and indoor green plants with several mini vases. Candles can be placed in this area and can also be turned on according to the needs of the room. Pastel Wall Paint from @our_beachside_edwardian

Invest in some shelving

Using shelving to fill an alcove is a classic way of making a practical space more stylish.Fill them with books, plants, ornaments, vases or other decorative items and you’ve got a nice feature piece for the room. Vary the heights of your items to keep the eye moving around and a mix of shapes adds interest too. Choose a simple, bright white finish for your shelving to create a modern look and help the space feel bigger. Painting the walls, shelves and cabinets the same colour also gives a seamless finish. If you’re storing larger items in your alcove, ask a carpenter to install bespoke shelving to fit the space. These flat-fronted cupboards look crisp and modern, and make the most of a small alcove space.


The alcove part which is used as a bookshelf decoration will work well because of the wooden shelves that are installed vertically. The choice of wooden shelves is very appropriate because they have materials that are quite sturdy and are not easily porous when used throughout the year. It’s not enough to get here, you don’t need to paint this part of the bookshelves so that it has a contrasting color with the wall paint used, isn’t this a smart idea to make efficient use of the alcove area. Alcoves Bookshelves from @krisnilssoncraft


The three small floating shelves with a vertical layout have splashes of gold in color which look shiny when exposed to the reflection of the surrounding lights or sunlight. This shelf design can be made of iron so that it is also more sturdy. Once installed properly, you can use it as an area to display some of the selected ornaments that you have to make as a new focal point in your alcove decoration. Floating Shelves for Ornament Display from @at.home.with .missp_x


Take advantage of the small alcove in your home as a reading nook decoration with the addition of a chair complete with a side table. Not only focusing on furniture, but you can also install floating shelves in the alcove wall area with natural wood materials without repainting. You can do the installation of these floating shelves yourself to save more on your spending budget. Natural Wooden Shelves from @outsidetheboxts


Usually next to the TV installation there is a small alcove which is usually used as a storage decoration, either closed or open. Therefore you can install and use built-in shelves and closed mini cabinets that look elegant. For the shelf area, you can use it as an area to put some of the selected ornaments that you have to display so that they can become room decorations. Built-in Vertical Shelves from @elliegeorgiahome


So that the alcove area can be used as the focal point of the room, you can use it as an area to display some of the beautiful ornaments you have. One of the beautiful ornaments that you can use is green plants and some ceramic ornaments with various sizes, shapes and different colors. Just install open shelves that can be finished with a plain white repaint so it looks elegant. Focus Point Alcove Shelves from @topologyinteriors

Install Wallpaper

Older properties can come with all sorts of quirky shapes and sizes in their alcoves. If you have an oddly shaped alcove try using wallpaper to camouflage it. A patterned paper like this retro print works well in the space and distracts the eye from the different depths of the wall. It will add statement to your alcove. Wallpaper is another fantastic way of turning an alcove into a standout feature in a room. This works especially well for symmetrical alcoves as it creates a focal point that draws the eye and stops the shelving and walls from looking broken up.


Don’t let this alcove wall look plain and boring, now you can install a wallpaper with interesting patterns and colors. If the use of wallpaper is less lively then you can combine it with block wall paint with a choice of contrasting colors. The wallpaper pattern that you can use right now is small floral wallpaper with neutral color choices such as a combination of white and black. Small Floral Wallpaper Pattern from @the_bees_edwardian


There’s no need to worry about decorating a small alcove in your home, because now you can still make it look attractive by installing a wallpaper. This abstract wallpaper with lavender color has color harmony with the use of chairs around it so that it looks more unified. Just turn on the alcove decoration with a vase of orange tulips that are blooming beautifully. Abstrak Alcove Wallpaper from @studiodean_


Wallpaper with a tropical pattern is not always dominated by green. Now you can try using it with a choice of brown colors so that it looks warmer and more inviting. Also combine it with a mirror frame that has a splash of gold so it looks more shiny and ready to be used as a touch of classic style. That way, the appearance of the alcove area will be more pleasant and no longer monotonous or boring. Tropical Themed Wallpaper from @james_coviello


Look at the use of wallpaper with this 3D pattern, isn’t it very interesting? Yes, you can use it in alcove decorations along with bookshelves that look elegant. The use of this 3D wallpaper looks visually more textured, you can choose it with a splash of earth tones such as beige, black, brown and redwood so that they work well together in a wallpaper pattern. 3D Patterned Wallpaper from @hejustudio


Arched alcove with a terrazzo wallpaper appearance has a splash of neutral color, which is dominated by a plain white background. Installation of this wallpaper can be done easily without the need for professionals. This terrazzo wallpaper has a modern and up-to-date look. Just get wallpapers at low prices online so it’s more practical. Terrazzo Wallpaper Design from @little_savage_life

Picture Ledges

If you have an alcove that doesn’t quite fit a piece of furniture then framing it with a picture wall is a smart solution. The framed pictures inject personality into the room and can be easily switched up when you want to change things up – or even for special occasions. You can also use the wall space in an alcove to display a collection of smaller items like ornaments or pictures. Try choosing a similar colour to the walls for a seamless look, or use contrasting colours for a bolder look.


Don’t let this part of the alcove wall look boring, now you can try hanging some painting frames and some family photos that you have. This idea will mix a personal touch and artwork that will work well and efficiently together. Just hang it at a distance that is not too far away so that it can be used as the focal point of the room. Painting Frames and Family Photos from @lifes_colourful_path


Take a look at a face painting that is dominated by a mix of black and white, isn’t it ready to be used as the main decoration in the alcove area? Yes, you can choose and use it in a size that is large enough so that you can decorate the empty wall to the maximum. This painting is a work of art that you can use to show off to guests or family who come to your house. B/W Face Painting from @edwardianbythewoods


The three picture frames that are hung on this wall are the main decorations that you can try on alcove decorations. Try to choose three frames with the same size, color and shape so that they can be used as a new focal point. Black and white painting is a choice that will never fail and will never go out of style. Adjust the theme of the painting to your liking or with the theme that is applied. Hang the Frame Artwork from @ourhouseindublin


You don’t need to always use large-sized paintings, now you can also use them in medium or small sizes so that they are in harmony with the size of the alcove area. Other decorations that you can use are some ornaments that can be placed on the surface of the dresser which is used as a closed storage area so that it can hide the mess that occurs. Small Hanging Artwork from @jemmiju

Add Lighting

Alcove usually gets little light in your home either naturally or from lighting fixtures. To enhance the look of your alcove, you can add lights to the area. You can use table lamps or floor lamps to enhance the lighting and look of your alcove. You can also combine it with wall lights to create additional ambient light.


Industrial touch can be obtained easily when you use the right lighting. Currently you can use Edison bulb lighting in alcove decorations which are used as small dining rooms complete with dining tables and chairs. Just use this Edison bulb lighting into two parts with different cable heights so that it is more unique and textured. Edison Bulb Lighting from @aweeflat


A modern look can be obtained by using the right lighting. Now you can try LED lighting to be installed vertically on the shelves alcove. This LED has orange lighting which is able to make the room feel warmer and more inviting, in this way the corner alcove area can work well when the atmosphere of the room is getting dark at night. Modern LED Lighting from


If you need lighting in the alcove area then a wall sconces lighting is an option that will not fail. Just apply it to the wall with a sufficient height so that it can illuminate the area around it more effectively and efficiently. This lamp is also for installation because it does not require too much cable. Classic Wall Sconces Lighting from @inspiring_on_the_inside


When decorating a smaller alcove, you may think less is more. However, in terms of lighting your small alcove living room the more the better. Two different lights combined will work well at night, just combine string lights with table lamps to brighten up a room while creating a mood and adding practical and task lighting to where you need it. Dual Lighting Combination from @greenbank_interiors


Placing task lighting in a small alcove decor will brighten up the room while adding visual interest. Choose and use task lighting with this beautiful textured surface so that it will encourage parts of the furniture to be seen more clearly at night. This task lighting design has extra lighting that can be used as reliable additional lighting, adjust the use of the lampshade with the use of the color tone of the room around it. Task Lighting Ideas from @mybrightonhome

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