Drainage system function for your house2

The important thing that you should consider well when building a house or whatever it is, is the proper drainage system. You should note it well that you can’t only focus on the building that is decorated and designed in the best version for you but also focus on the drainage if you want to have a long live house and a comfortable one. It is true that drainage is not something that is seen but the importance of the system can’t be underestimated. So, are you interested in focusing on the drainage system for your house now? Let’s talk about it more.

Drainage system function for your house1

What is a Drainage System

The drainage system is the protection for your building so that it can be firm. It works by removing the surface water and sub-surface water from the risky area. You should be careful with the water because when the water is entering the soil under the building, there will be erosion happen and create damage to the building. Your house can collapse or the minimum risk is there will be a hole on the floor. It is built by installing some pipes and creating channels that could be in the soil or over the soil.

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The drainage system is a system that works to drain water through pipes that have been made. Using this drainage system will provide several advantages, namely avoiding flooding, keeping the building sturdy and others. Therefore drainage is one thing that is quite important and should not be left out. Surface Drainage System from @willy_fundi_bomba_mwanza

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Is that a drainage system? The drainage system is a system that is built with the aim of draining water from the surface through the channels that have been made. By using this drainage system, the soil will not erode easily and water can also be channeled to the disposal so that various bad possibilities will be avoided. That is to avoid flooding or erosion of the soil that causes landslides. Concrete drainage system access box from @elpasowater

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Speaking of drainage, this is a drainage system below the surface. It works by flowing water through pipes that have been made below the surface to the disposal. With this statement, drainage can be stated to be able to prevent flooding and also damage to the soil caused by the flow of water that does not pass through the drainage. Pipe Drainage System from @mayauyau_plumbing_service

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This is a subsurface drainage system made using pipes. This drainage system works or functions to move water from where it is not needed for disposal at a location that has been connected by a pipe. Being in landscaping it will work perfectly to drain rainwater through the system that has been made. Landscaping Drainage System from @jtplumbingtauranga

The Function of the Drainage System

As we have mentioned above that a drainage system is surely needed for a house. The function is to protect the building from the damage caused by the water. Then, it is also used to maintain the humidity and moisture from the surrounding soil. Well, everything related to the water and humidity of a house really needs to be concerned. If you don’t consider it well for maintenance, the safety of your house will be risky.

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Drainage is one of the things you have to pay attention to to keep the building strong and safe. This is because if there is no drainage, the soil will be eroded more easily and cause damage to buildings in the vicinity. Therefore, drainage is very important for building safety. Pipe Drainage from @mulderoutdoors

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One of the functions of drainage is to keep the building strong and not easily damaged by moisture. This is because drainage will work properly to drain water and will not erode the soil and cause land subsidence. This time you can build drainage around the house in both indoor and outdoor areas so that it will keep the building safe. Under Slab Drainage from @plumb.brisbane

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You will never fail to build drainage around your house. Because this drainage can protect buildings against damage due to moisture or moisture from the surrounding soil. By using drainage, water will flow smoothly through the system that has been made and will not cause the soil to erode so that it will keep the building safe. Side the house drainage from @civil._star

Types of Drainage Systems

Most of us know about the drainage system is limited by things that are installed under the soil and it won’t be seen. However, there are some types of drainage systems that you can choose and it is not only the under-the-soil drainage system. You can choose the types based on the spot installation that you want to build. Here are the types of the drainage system you can choose.

Surface Drainage System

Just like its name, the surface drainage system is installed on the surface of the soil. It is used to drain runoff water and puddles on the surface. You can have it for the spot that is commonly affected by those two water damage problems. Anyway, to make it looks a little bit aesthetic, you can install a certain design for the drainage cover that we have compiled below. The design and the holes for the water to pass from the surface are really varied. Get the ideas now!

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Look at the picture above! This is a drainage that is located above the ground level. It works by draining water that pools on the surface. By using this drain, you will avoid stagnant water and flooding. Therefore you will never fail to use this drainage system. Surface Drainage System from @psbjmagazine

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Talking about drainage systems, surface drainage systems are one type of drainage that you can use in your home. This time you can use this one draining system for the bathroom area. This drainage system will work to remove the mass of water by diverting the bathroom water so that it will not cause waterlogging. Indoor Surface Drainage System from @viega_uk

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This is a surface drainage system made using metal materials. This surface drainage system works by regularly removing excess water from the ground surface through the channels that have been made. These surface drains are usually in outdoor areas and can prevent flooding. Outdoor Metal Drainage System from @d1system

Subsurface Drainage System

It is the kind of drainage system with underground pipe media that is built for some purposes. The first and main function of it is that you can make the pipes not be seen on the surface so that you can keep everything neat, clean, and aesthetic. Then you can also get an efficient space as you can use the surface for some other purposes such as to put some greeneries, for your patio spot, etc.


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There are several types of drainage systems that are commonly encountered, one of which is a subsurface drainage system. As the name suggests, this drainage system is below ground level and will work to drain water through pipes that have been buried underground. This time we are using subsurface drainage which is made using pipes and concrete boxes so that it will work optimally. Pipe Drainage System from @cincydrainage

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This is a subsurface drainage system! This time it was made using brass pipe material so that it is stronger and durable. This subsurface drainage system works by removing water that has infiltrated into the ground in excess of the amount that can be held by capillary force against gravity. This type of drain is quite widely used by the general public. Brass Pipe Drainage System from @selfbuild_loughdooview21

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This subsurface drainage system is one of the waterways that is located below the ground surface. Look at the picture above! This is the creation of an underground drainage system made using pipes and cinder blocks so that it looks more orderly. This drainage system will work to drain water through pipelines that have been made underground. So that it can control surface water, drainage can improve muddy areas, puddles or floods. In ground drainage system from @bdaplumbingstorm

Drainage Maintenance

Just like everything related to your house decoration and maintenance, the drainage also needs to be maintained well. It is beneficial to make the drainage system works well before it is damaged. When it is too late and your drainage system is already damaged, you will need more effort and money to make it works well again. There are some things that you should do in doing the maintenance for your drainage system that you can see down below.

Clean the Drainage from the Clog

The most common problem for a drainage system is a clog. It will bring a big problem if you don’t deal with this well. So, we recommend you check on it regularly to make sure that there is no clog in the drainage system. You can do it yourself for sure. But if you think that it is too exhausting and the spot might be dirty, then you can ask a professional to help you.

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Simple but perfect! Cleaning drainage from blockages is one of the simple ideas for caring for your drainage. This drain is clogged with various types of dirt and soil which can block the drainage in your home. This time you can clean it by removing soil and other dirt that clogs the drainage so that it can function properly again. Clean the clogged soil from @true_south_landscapingllc

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Not only dirt and soil, but small animals such as hedgehogs can also get trapped in the drainage and cause a blockage in the drain. To fix this, you can clean and remove objects or dirt that is clogging your drainage so that it will run smoothly and work properly. Clean the clogging animals from @isurv.ie

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One of the problems that is often experienced by drainage is a blockage in the drainage system. Therefore you can clean it regularly as an effort to maintain this drainage. Discard and clean all kinds of clogging objects such as plastic and other debris. This way, your drainage will stay clean and function perfectly. Clean the dirt that clogs from @bndrains

Clean the Drainage Sediment

The sediment on the drainage system is created from the stack of dirt on the channel. It happens when you don’t do the cleaning periodically or when you let the dirt be there over and over again. Sometimes, we can’t avoid the sediment not being there as we can’t do the drainage checking often. What you can do here is to minimize the sediment and not be too hard so that it is still possible to be cleaned.

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One of the right ways to treat drainage in your home is to clean the sediment. Look at the picture above! A drain that is clogged and causes water to stagnate. Therefore you have to clean it so that precipitation does not occur which causes scale and is more difficult to clean. Clean the Drainage Sediment from @ctstormwater

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Look at this drain! looks dirty and full of soil. Therefore you have to do maintenance by cleaning it regularly. The reason is if this is left alone, it will cause scale and make your drain clogged and also difficult to clean. Therefore, you will never fail to clean up drainage. Drainage Cleaning from the Sediment from @pvnovarese

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Sediment cleaning is one of the steps you have to do for drainage treatment ideas. This time you can clean this clogged water using some special tools. The reason is if this is allowed to settle for too long, it will cause your drain to become crusty and more difficult to clean and result in the drainage not being able to function properly. Sediment Cleaning from @greenmandan

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