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Not all bedrooms are lucky and designed with windows. Like a bedroom in a studio apartment or house with a limited space. Windows are indeed that important in an interior design. Not only to provide ventilation but also can be a focal point in a bedroom design. In addition, a bedroom that has a window can offer a good view outside. However, if it’s not possible to install a window in your bedroom, you don’t need to worry. Fortunately, there are a few tricks to still present a comfortable bedroom even without windows. In this case, of course, requires serious thought in designing a bedroom without windows.

Before you design a bedroom without windows, there are several things you should consider. First, how do you provide enough light in your bedroom even though you don’t get natural light from sunlight. This means, your bedroom must be equipped with proper lighting. Second, think about air circulation in your bedroom if it doesn’t have a window. Even though there are no windows, try to keep your bedroom from getting damp and have good air circulation even though it doesn’t have a window. Furthermore, here are some tips to decorate a bedroom without windows.

Bedroom without window design ideas1

Lighter Colors

Bright bedroom color schemes can help a windowless room feel bigger and brighter. Opt for a white paint color or light blues and greens that mimic the appearance of natural sunlight. Use a bright accent wall to visually enlarge the space and allow you to bring in more colors and patterns for bedding, furniture and floor rugs. Limit the accent to one wall and use a neutral palette for the rest of the room to keep it feeling airy and spacious.


You can apply this brightly colored wall to a windowless bedroom. Choosing a pastel blue color on the walls and furniture with this bright yellow color will balance the look. Blue Pastel Wall Color from @alcitofonoquarantuno


Bright accent wall to visually enlarge the space . You can choose a neutral color combination of white walls and light wood floors for this windowless room that still feels airy and spacious. Natural COlor Scheme from @interiorhoch2


For bedrooms that don’t have windows, one way around this is to use a light color scheme. Choosing a white color scheme for walls and furniture will balance out the look and give your home a different décor. White Color Bedroom from @annaszczutkowska_wnetrza


The combination of black and white in this windowless bedroom gives the illusion of a spacious and airy room. White walls and black canopy balance the look of your bedroom. Blacck and White Color Bedroom from @bassmanblaine


The beige color on the walls of this windowless bedroom can brighten up the room and visually enlarge the space. This light and fitting antique furniture will also make a bedroom look perfect. Beige Color Scheme from @luxurrryshop


Mirrors are a must-have in any bedroom, especially if you don’t have windows. They help brighten the room and make it feel larger. Mirror also can create an illusion of depth. Use a mirror in a large size or wall-sized mirrors. You can also add window-like drapes to the room to enhance its appeal.


The large frameless mirror in the bedroom can give the room a bright and airy décor. This is the best way to decorate a small classic bedroom. These mirrors help brighten up a room and make it feel larger Frameless Mirror from @de_co_zy


You can use this unique room decoration idea and steal the attention of many people to give the impression that the room is wider and looks brighter. Placing a mirror on one of the bedroom walls combined with this white color scheme helps you create the illusion of a bright room. Add Mirror Bedroom from @cerminconcept


A freestanding mirror gives the illusion of a large and airy room in this windowless bedroom. Place this mirror on one of the walls to make it feel bigger. Free Standing Mirror from @cerminconcept


An antique mirror is present in this windowless bedroom decor. This mirror selection can give the illusion of a bright and spacious room. This idea is suitable for you to try bedroom decorations for a stylish look. Vintage Mirror Bedroom from @sarangshome


The golden frame round mirror hung above the faux fireplace  makes the room decoration perfect and attracts the attention of many people. This decorating idea is perfect for you to try because it will give the illusion of a spacious and bright room in your rustic bedroom. Round Mirror from @pretty_little_cottage


The image above is a brilliant way to make a room look bigger and brighter. Choose a large standing mirror and place it near this bed to make it a charming room decoration. Mirror Bedside from @kleinesfeinesreihenhaus

Custom Light Fixtures

Getting your bedroom lighting right is one of the most important things you can do for this personal space. It’s also a great opportunity to add a touch of personality to your decor scheme. And in a dark room with no windows, no natural light, this means needing proper light fixtures. Proper lighting is essential for windowless bedrooms. You must provide adequate and comfortable lighting. In this case not all general lighting works for windowless bedrooms and it is better to use zone based lighting. Some lighting ideas that you can choose from are chandeliers, spotlights, bedside lamps, decorative lighting, and wall lights.


Create the beauty of your bedroom design with the addition of an elegant gold floor lamp. Here, the beauty of the bedroom brings warmth. Modern Lighting Bedroom from @hawtinhome


This proper lighting will provide a comfortable room and the right lighting. Choosing a bedside pendant lamp will make you get comfortable lighting.Lighting Bedside from @zephyr_and_stone


Situated beside the bed, these floor lamps and table lamps are perfect for adding to the beauty of your windowless bedroom. Having this dim yellow light will work to give a room some drama. Floor Lamp and Table Lamp from @my_home_pics_x_


The wood bead pendant lamp design will add beauty to your windowless bedroom. This type of lamp will provide the right lighting and a rustic touch to the bedroom so as to present an attractive and comfortable bedroom. Wood Bead Chandelier from


The wall sconces that you apply to this bedroom provide proper lighting which is very important for windowless bedrooms. Apart from wall lamps, you can also add chandelier type lights to enhance the appearance of this bedroom. Wall Scone Light Bedroom from @covetlighting


This LED lamp mounted on the bedroom wall adds visual beauty to the room design. This type of lamp will save budget and energy so it is suitable for you to try now. This table lamp placed on the nightstand will also offer the illusion of a bright room for your entire home. LED Strip Lighting from @designo_journal


Adding lights to this windowless bedroom is one of the most important things you can do right now. The selection of chandeliers on the right and left of the bed adds an attractive and bright appearance to the room. Hanging Lamp Bedorom from @mily.domek

Avoid Bulky Furniture

You should avoid placing lots of bulky furniture pieces in the room because it can make the room feel claustrophobic. Using large furniture will cause air flow to be blocked. And this will make the air circulation in the windowless bedroom not good. Instead, try to focus on one feature of the room to give it a focal point. Use only the main bedroom furniture.


Avoid adding a lot of furniture to this bedroom design. And this will make the air circulation in the windowless bedroom not good. Simply adding a large bed and side table makes a great focal point. Minimalist Bedroom from @westcoastcala


This minimalist bedroom is furnished with just a few pieces of furniture to provide a focal point. This idea will maintain good air circulation in a windowless bedroom. Black and White Furniture from @nikishome18


This cozy bedroom is equipped with just a few pieces of furniture that will give your home a comfortable and stylish décor. Sets of soft beds and nightstands applied in this room will provide good circulation in this bedroom. Cozy Bedroom from @miiays


Avoid placing furniture in this windowless bedroom. You can simply add a study table next to the bed complete with the right lighting for a bedroom that is not crowded and stays neatly arranged. Add Desk Bedroom from @home.decorrating


In this windowless, feminine bedroom, you can complete the look with just a few pieces of furniture. You can add a desk and storage space in one corner of the wall for the perfect focal point in this bedroom. This white and pink color scheme will also create a subtle and serene feel to the room. Feminime Bedroom from @home.decorrating

Invest in an Air Conditioner and Fan

To get good air flow in your bedroom without window, you can invest in an Air Conditioner and fan. It can make your bedroom feels fresh and help to change the air in your room. It will ensure a regular flow of fresh air and it will help to maintain of humidity and reduce the risk of mold and mildew on the walls. If you on a budget, you can opt for a fan, both a ceiling fan, standing fan, and other kinds of fans.


For good air circulation in this windowless bedroom, you can add a ceiling fan. This fan can make your bedroom feel fresh and help change the air in your room. Fan Ceiling Bedroom from @livinglighting_etobicoke


A wooden fan applied to the bedroom ceiling will feel fresh and help change the air in your room. This is suitable for you to try on a windowless bedroom design. Wooden Fan Ceiling from @baileystreethome


If your budget is limited, you can choose a fan to provide air circulation in this windowless bedroom. In addition, this fan will help retain moisture and reduce the risk of mold and mildew on the walls. Add Fan Bedroom from @zebbieslighting


Adding an air conditioner to one of the bedroom walls will help keep you moist and reduce the risk of mold and mildew on the walls. You can put it on the headboard to provide good air circulation. Air Conditioner Bedroom from @ductlesscomfortpro


You can invest in an air conditioner to provide good air circulation in a windowless bedroom. This air conditioner will ensure a regular flow of fresh air and will give the bedroom a perfect look. Nook Air Conditioner from @ldcoolingsolutions

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