How to save energy in your home during spring2

The weather is getting warm, the flowers are blooming, the trees are growing new leaves, the birds are singing and these are signs that spring has come. Replacing the winter that may almost freeze and make your home look pale. And when spring comes, you can do some activities. Such as cleaning and gardening and it is also the right time to re-evaluate the energy use in your home and prepare for the warmer months.

With spring cleaning and gardening activities underway, now is the time to make energy-saving changes before summer energy use rises. Here are some simple tips to help save energy in your home and ultimately save your money this spring.

How to save energy in your home during spring1

Turn down the thermostat

Spring temperatures can have you blasting the AC to stay comfortable, but wasting energy does not make sense. By following these simple steps, you can save energy and money and maintain a comfortable home environment throughout the spring.

Turning down your thermostat is a key step to reduce electricity use in your home. It is recommended that you set your thermostat to 78 degrees during the day and lower it when you are away or asleep at night. This is the ideal milk for conserving energy but still comforting in warm weather.


One way you can do to keep the temperature comfortable when you’re in the room is to use a smart thermostat that can be applied to an empty wall. But it’s a good idea to lower the temperature when you’re not in the house to save and minimize the use of electrical energy which can reduce electricity bills at the end of the month. Use a Thermostat from @davidbulava

Cook Outside

Cooking with an oven or stove, you can end up heating up your kitchen and other rooms in the house. This raises your electricity usage, forcing the air conditioning to work harder to cool your home. Cooking outdoors or using a smaller cooking appliance like a slow cooker will help lower your energy use.


When you move the kitchen decor outdoors, this will reduce the excessive use of air conditioning to make the room feel cooler all day long. The smoke generated from the stove, cooking or oven will make the room feel hotter. Outdoor kitchen decoration in the backyard area is a smart idea that will throw smoke directly outside the room through the use of a cooker hood that is applied right above the stove. Minimizing AC Use from @front2back_custom


To reduce the use of electrical energy in kitchen decoration, you can just place it outdoors. In this way, you no longer need a cooker hood which will suck in smoke, because when you are outdoors the smoke will disappear by itself without the need for air conditioning as well. Outdoor cooking can be done when spring arrives so that it gets enough sunlight and there is no snow or fallen leaves that make the kitchen area dirty. No Cooker Hood Required from @casa.coops


When spring arrives, you can do outdoor cooking activities. This is the perfect season to move freely in outdoor areas. Just use a slow cooker with a small size to minimize the use of electrical energy in your home. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also prepare several sitting areas to relax while enjoying the food and drinks that are served. Simply Using a Slow Cooker from @houseofedencourt

Open the Windows

Longer spring days allow you to open windows for natural ventilation during the day. This allows colder air to enter the home and lowers your energy bill. Keeping your windows open in the spring helps manage both moisture and temperature while saving you on heating costs. In fact, if your home is well insulated and you lower the thermostat just four degrees during the day, you could save up to 15 percent on your heating bill.


When you need maximum warmth indoors, opening windows during the day will reduce heating costs by allowing more sunlight to enter the room. This warmth can be obtained naturally because it does not use machines or tools that require electrical energy. This is the best way you can do it in spring with mild sun that doesn’t cause the room to be too humid. Saving Heating Costs from @connor_asturias


Adjust opening the windows of the house with the needs of room temperature. Currently, you can only open it during the day to let a gentle breeze into the room, so you don’t need an air conditioner to cool the room all day long. That way, you also don’t need a machine or room heater either because you can enter sunlight into the room to the maximum. Open Window During Daylight from @a.start.of .something


Opening a window allows you to cool and warm a room naturally without the need for cooling and heating. This is the best and ideal tactic to do in spring. Apart from that opening a window can also regulate humidity and room temperature, you can do this easily and practically. Adjusting Humidity and Room Temperature from @provencallife

Dry the laundry outside

Since the weather is getting warm, it is a great time to take out the items you want to dry. Including drying your clothes in the spring. Hanging your laundry outdoors to dry is another great way to save energy in the spring. This reduces humidity, keeps your home cooler and cuts down on your electricity use by avoiding unnecessary running of the dryer.


Because this laundry room decoration is outside the room, you don’t need to dry your clothes more optimally. Just dry it right under the sun so that the clothes can dry naturally. This is the best way you can do to reduce the use of electrical energy when spring arrives, the presence of green plants and artificial grass can instantly add color to the area around it. Reducing Drying of Clothes from @syahirah_syiera


Take advantage of your balcony as an outdoor laundry room decoration. Now you can use it as well as an area for drying clothes that come out of the washing machine. This laundry room area gets enough sunlight so it doesn’t need more dryers which can cause it to use up more electrical energy. Balcony Laundry Room from @rumah_nz

Use ceiling fans

As you start working on your annual spring cleaning to-do list, add energy efficiency tasks that will help keep your home cool and your electric bill low. In this case, you can use a ceiling fan. Make sure your fans are in the right direction. Remembering to reverse the direction of your ceiling fan when the seasons change is simple, just like changing the direction of your clocks with daylight savings time. The counterclockwise rotation of your fans pushes cool air down and enables you to raise the thermostat without wasting energy.


Cooling your home with a ceiling fan allows you to turn up the thermostat four degrees. This can help lower your electricity bill without sacrificing overall convenience. The use of these ceiling fans will be more efficient than using air conditioners, you can apply them in decorating the living room which will be frequently visited by some friends or family members. Use Ceiling Fans from @elledecorindia


Besides being able to be used as air conditioners, ceiling fans that are equipped with lights are also additional accessories that will work very well. You can use a fan or just the lights as needed. Adjust the temperature of this ceiling fan in a fairly easy way and you just need to pull the attached string. Multifunction Ceiling Fans from @coastalhomeconstruction

Bring in sunlight

To save energy in your home, during daylight hours, instead of turning on the lamps, switch off the lights and use windows and skylights to let sunlight into your home. It will brighten up your home and save your bill for sure during the spring.


Bring sunlight into the room by using large, wide and open glass windows. This will help the room look brighter throughout the day and of course reduce the humidity in the room, thereby minimizing the occurrence of moldy and porous furniture. Do regular cleaning in this glass window area to allow maximum sunlight into the room. Put in More Sunlight from @luxuriousspaces


There are many advantages that can be obtained when you put more sunlight into the room. One of them is to reduce the use of electrical energy during the day because you have enough lighting so you don’t need lights anymore. This method can be started by using a glass window or transparent glass wall that is large enough and open. Reduce Light Usage from @hayleymarie_loves


This transparent glass wall design has a minimalist look that can be applied right next to the use of floating wooden stairs. The use of this glass wall can let more sunlight into the room so that it makes it bright even though there are no lights. That way you will save more electrical energy every month. Use a Minimalist Glass Wall Design from @papazianphoto

Clean Your Air Filters

Don’t forget to clean your air filters. One way to do this is by washing or replacing your air filters regularly. Dirty air filters can make your HVAC system work harder, which uses more energy.


One of the main functions of an air filter is to filter out all the dirt so it doesn’t get into the rooms of your house which will cause the air to become unhealthy. Replace this air filter regularly so that it works properly and doesn’t work harder so it doesn’t use more electrical energy. You can put it in any room of the house, in the bedroom or living room being the best choice you can make. Use Air Filters from @design_at_nineteen


Remember to check your air filter in early spring or replace it if necessary. A clean filter will maximize your system’s output and minimize the use of electrical energy which will work harder. This air filter can be placed right in the living room area because this room will often be visited by several of your family members or friends, by using this tool you don’t need to worry anymore because the air in the room will be healthier and free of impurities. Air Filters in the Living Room from @rabbitair

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