Kitchen decoration remodel adding kitchen cabinet hardware2

Doing a kitchen remodel project can be done in some ways. It could be easy and complicated. It could be expensive and on budget. The choice will be based on your need and capability. However, if you want the simple one but can still create such a big impact on your kitchen look, then we recommend you deal with the kitchen cabinet hardware. Not only simple but by simply adding the touch of kitchen hardware to your kitchen cabinet, you can have the on-budget project for sure. The additional hardware to the cabinet will be only in some small pieces but trust me that it is able to give a different appearance to your whole kitchen impression.

Kitchen decoration remodel adding kitchen cabinet hardware1

The hardware of the kitchen cabinet will be varied which is seen on the kinds of the types of the hardware itself and the materials. For example, you can have cabinet knobs, pulls, or hinges. Of course, since you want to have it for your kitchen remodel, then you should install the unique one so that you can get the impression you need to get a better kitchen decoration. You may deal with the design with the indentation and the curve or you may deal with the material that could stand out such as in gold colors, rose gold colors, silver colors, and other stand-out materials. Check the ideas below.

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Look at this white kitchen cabinet! The owner added black hardware so it will present a monochromatic look. This hardware is made using metal material so that it is stronger, durable and can function properly. Having a beautiful and attractive design will make this kitchen cabinet hardware successful in stealing attention. Black Cabinet Hardware from @ninafindshomes4you

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You can never fail to add hardware to your kitchen cabinet. The reason is that adding this hardware will make your kitchen cabinet easier to access and also make your kitchen cabinet look prettier. Having a long size with a color that matches the color of the cabinet will make it look perfect and match. Metal Cabinet Hardware from @designerdoorware

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Add hardware to your kitchen cabinet to get multiple benefits at the same time. By adding a handle, it will be easier for you to open and close it, besides that adding hardware to the kitchen cabinet will give a dancing visual appearance. Choose a handle that has a silver color theme so it looks simpler but still perfect. Silver Handles from @homedecorbyth

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Cup handle is one of the right choices to complement your kitchen cabinet decoration. Cup pull handles are stable and built for heavy cupboards and drawers. This time you can use a cup handle which is made using black metal so that it will make it look more attractive and successfully present a vintage look. Cup Handles from @the.cabininthewoods

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Adding hardware to a kitchen cabinet makeover is a perfect idea and one that will never fail. This time you can use a handle made of metal so it will be stronger and look attractive. Use handles with different designs on the cabinets and kitchen island so that it will make your kitchen look extraordinary. Metal Handles from @saltdesigncabinetry

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Look at these kitchen cabinets! Looks amazing right? It is equipped with hardware that has a gold color theme so that it will look more luxurious and attract attention. You can use this hardware to accentuate the look of your cabinets and they are also easier to pull out. Therefore you can never fail to add hardware to your kitchen cabinet makeover ideas. Gold Kitchen Cabinet Hardware from @frenchcountrypassion

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Speaking of kitchen makeovers, adding hardware to kitchen cabinets is a perfect idea and will never fail. Here you can use a handle made of aluminum and painted black so it will look like metal. Mounted on a white kitchen cabinet, it looks beautiful with a monochromatic look. Aluminum Kitchen Cabinet Hardware from @tiny_homey

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For a kitchen cabinet makeover, here you can add a handle so that it will give an advantage to the tone. Besides making your kitchen cabinet look more prominent, by adding this handle, it will make it easier for you to pull and close the kitchen cabinet. Therefore, adding a handle is an easy way to make over the kitchen in your home. Black Metal Kitchen Cabinet Hardware from @dcora1953

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There are many ways you can make your kitchen makeover, one of which is adding hardware to the kitchen cabinet. Here you can use a handle that is made using aluminum so it will look more elegant. It has a design that is quite long but still fits the size of the cabinet and drawers making it look perfect. Long Aluminum Handles from @modeartdekorasyon

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Make your kitchen cabinet look prettier than usual. An easy way is to add handles to the cabinets and drawers in your kitchen. Polished satin brass hardware will make it look very beautiful and attractive. The gold and brown combination that was presented succeeded in stealing the attention of everyone who saw it. Satin Brass Hardware from @sarah.durnez

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This white kitchen cabinet is equipped with a silver handle that looks shiny so it will make it look prettier and stand out. Having a design that matches the design of the kitchen cabinet, will present a look that manages to steal the show. Not only that, by adding this handle, your kitchen cabinet will be easier to access. Silver Kitchen Cabinet Handles from @galahardwareworld

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Add shiny hardware to gray kitchen cabinets to make it stand out. The cup handle will be the perfect pull for your kitchen cabinet. Because it has a simple design but still functional. Therefore you can apply this cup handle in your kitchen cabinet and. Silver Cup Handles from @bellatucker

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If you are doing a kitchen makeover, you can add handles to the kitchen cabinet to make it look more beautiful. The edge handle is the right choice! This edge handle is a hollow bar that sits on the edge of a drawer. Because it protrudes slightly, it makes the cabinet appear as if it were without handles, giving it a sleek look, ideal for contemporary and modern kitchens. Edge Handles from @sammmachado

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This kitchen cabinet is equipped with a brass edge handle. It has a sleek design and a gold finish that will make it look more luxurious and perfect for modern kitchen decor. By using this handle, it will make it easier for you to open and close your kitchen cabinet. Brass Edge Handles from @opusluxurycabinets

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This is the corner kitchen cabinet! The owner uses a handle made of brass which is polished black so it looks like metal. This time the owner uses two types of handles in one kitchen cabinet so that it will present an attractive appearance. In addition, using this handle will also make it easier for you to pull and push the cabinet. Round Brass Knob from @pamela_dostilio

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This kitchen cabinet is equipped with nickel hardware so it will make it look attractive. The nickel handle looks attractive with a polished finish so it will present a shiny appearance and is almost the same as chrome. This nickel handle has the advantage of being rust resistant therefore it will never fail to be chosen. Nickel Handles from @noble_elements

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Unique and interesting! This kitchen cabinet is equipped with a handle that has a curvature design so it looks very attractive and manages to steal attention. Made using metal material, making it strong enough and suitable for kitchen cabinet makeovers. It has a large enough cavity, making this handle very easy to pull. Curvature Handles from @fermliving

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Looks more prominent! This kitchen cabinet uses a brass handle so it looks more prominent. It has a round shape and not too big a size, making the handle look simple but functional. While the appearance of polished brass will present a shiny appearance and give a luxurious impression. Brass Kitchen Cabinet Knob from @sdslondon

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Using a stainless steel bar handle for a kitchen cabinet makeover idea is an interesting idea that you can try now. It looks simple but functional ! They come with a rectangular design that is easy to grip and pull. The bar handle works flawlessly and manages to bring a classic look to your kitchen. Stainless steel bar handles from @decorbyrs

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It’s time to bring a change in your kitchen! An easy way is to add hardware to your kitchen cabinet. This time you can use a handle made of brass so it looks more luxurious with a gold color theme. Choosing to use a round knob design will make it look simple but still functional. Round Brass Handle from @miandgei

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Look at these kitchen cabinets! Equipped with hardware makes it look prettier. The owner uses a handle that is made using wood so that it will present a perfect natural touch. Having an attractive design makes it look prettier and still functional. Wooden Handles from @sc.carpentry


One interesting idea for a kitchen cabinet makeover idea is to add hardware to the kitchen cabinet. This time you can use the Contemporary silver handle like the picture above! It will give an attractive appearance to your kitchen cabinets that will make it look extraordinary. Contemporary Silver Handle from @galahardwareworld

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This kitchen cabinet looks prettier equipped with chrome hardware. With a glossy surface, chrome will give your kitchen a classic and conventional look. This chrome handle is made using metal which is coated with thin chromium so that it presents a shiny and beautiful look. Chrome Handles from @goldwyncaroline

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This satin brass handle has a shiny gold appearance that will bring a luxurious impression to your kitchen. Attached to a dark nuanced kitchen cabinet will make this satin brass handle look more prominent. By using this handle, it will be easier for you to access drawers and kitchen cabinets, therefore you will never fail to use it. Satin Brass handle from @couple_abode

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