Elevate your ceiling look with coffered ceiling ideas2

How much do you think about the ceiling of your house? Have you maximized your ceiling work? If not, you may want to reconsider. The ceiling can be a focal point in a home interior if it is done properly. If you know, there are many ways to update the ceiling of the house. However, maybe you should try a coffered ceiling idea. This a is a classy way to create a chic and elegant space. Coffered ceilings are an elegant design feature that works well in many types of homes. They can add texture and visual interest and also make the room feel bigger.

Elevate your ceiling look with coffered ceiling ideas1

All about coffered ceilings

The coffered ceiling is having a bit of a renaissance as the latest ‘it’ architectural feature for both new and old homes. A beautiful way to take a room to the next level, this architectural detail is both modern and traditional, depending on the finish selections used, and can be used to demarcate zones in an open floor plan home. This overhead architectural features consisting of rectangular, square, or octagonal grids. This raised panels in grid panels can add dimension to the room.

Coffered ceiling made from wood beams. Another variation of a coffered ceiling is to use faux beams instead of natural wood. This can be a more cost-effective alternative for homeowners who want to create a custom look without the expense of installing real wood beams. Faux beams are also available in a wide range of colors, from neutrals to bold shades. They can be painted to match the walls or to complement other ceiling treatments such as beadboard, shiplap and decorative low ceiling tiles.

Whether using real or faux beams, a coffered ceiling can be customized to suit any home and interior decorating style. The amount of detail involved can be varied, from simple lines and shapes to elaborate wooden beams with carved details and curved accents. The choice of a style should be made based on the size and layout of the room and the personal preference of the homeowner.

Where is it applied

A coffered ceiling is an excellent option for a dining room, living room or family room. It can be used in any type of home and can add a sense of drama, luxury to a space, and add dimension to the home. The best rooms for a coffered ceiling are those that have high ceilings, around nine feet or more. This is because the beams and recessed portion of the ceiling take up overhead space. It is therefore not recommended for rooms with lower ceilings, as they can close in the space and feel claustrophobic.

Although a coffered ceiling is expensive to install, it can be a beautiful feature in any room of the house. It can increase the resale value of a home and provide a unique look that is sure to impress guests and friends. There are some ways that you can do with the coffered ceiling. You can decorate your coffered ceiling with medallions, moldings, lighting, and paint or stain colors. A dark coffered ceiling is an option that looks great in the right room. Here are some to style a coffered ceiling no matter what type of your home.


This coffered ceiling has a geometric pattern that will add beauty to your ceiling. This can increase the resale value of the home and give it a unique look that is sure to impress guests and friends. Geometric Coffered Ceiling from @greatlakeswoodworking


The grid pattern on the ceiling is able to provide a different home design. This grid pattern will add a unique design and will catch the eye of many people. Painting this white color will also produce a perfect contrast to your living room. Small Grid Coffered Ceiling from @foamcoremouldings


To impress guests and friends, you can decorate your ceiling with a coffered ceiling. Opting for this big square pattern looks great in this living room. Complete the look with a recessed ceiling for the perfect lighting. Large Grid Coffered Ceiling from @creativedesigncontractors


Coffered ceilings are a beautiful feature in any room in the home. You can choose a high coffered ceiling which will give the illusion of a wide and tall room. Having this grid pattern will also produce a beautiful design and a stylish home appearance. High Coffered Ceiling from @freshstartcorp


Wood beams applied to the coffered ceiling give a natural touch and give your entire home a rustic style. You can apply this ceiling to your home kitchen for a unique and different design. Wooden Beam Coffered Ceiling from @sld_thestudio


The ceiling that you can apply to your home is a coffered ceiling. You can choose a wooden ceiling which will give a rustic impression and a natural look. Plus, this unique look will impress guests and friends. Wooden Pallet Coffered Ceiling from @luxremodels


Navy painting on this coffered ceiling will add a dramatic impression to your home. Combined with the white color on the walls this will succeed in making your room more attractive and the perfect contrast. These pendant and recessed lamps will also make for the perfect lighting. Navy Paint Coffered Ceiling from @medomakconstruction


The white color on the coffered ceiling also manages to give the impression of a clean and airy room. This blue wallpaper will also make a charming home design and the perfect contrast. This white ceiling color will give the impression of a high room. White Paint Coffered Ceiling from @safavieh


With this coffered ceiling medallion it looks artistic and creates a different look. With this distinctive carving, it succeeds in making your home look more beautiful and stylish. Having this brown color will have a neutral look and perfect design. Medallions Coffered Ceiling from @tuckerandmarks


These coffered ceiling moldings add to a great home look. This design will look good and appropriate because the unique design can be the center of attention of many people. This lantern pendant light will provide dramatic lighting and bright room décor. Moldings Coffered Ceiling from @carolinareclaimed


Chandeliers that are placed on the coffered ceiling succeed in giving the impression of a bright room and giving a different home design. You can choose a chandelier that will add light to the look of the house and the illusion of a good room. Add Lighting from @the_fox_group_


Using this coffered ceiling in the kitchen will add a great look. You can apply it right above the kitchen island to create a nice room look. Coffered Ceiling from @builtforone

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