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I think it’s almost impossible and rare for someone to have a house in a perfectly clean state all the time. Even if cleaned every day, there are always areas that are still dirty. So, what would you do if you suddenly had guests? While you have not done deep cleaning of your home. But you don’t want your guests to see the mess in your home. You want your home to look clean and tidy. What should you do to deal with this situation?

You can’t tell them not to come. Fortunately, there are ways to fake a clean house like you can control everything. It’s like, how do you give the impression that the house is really clean, without having to do it all? Most importantly and the good news is that these methods do not require much time and effort. But it is very effective to trick your eyes or your guests. So, follow these quick ways below to fake a clean house. You can try these ideas next time to create the illusion that your whole house is clean and tidy when you only have a limited amount of time.

Quick ways to fake a clean home1

Determine the Room that The Guest Need to See

First, when guests visit your home, they will not see your entire home. Usually, they will only be in one place, such as the living room or family room. So, to speed up cleaning, you have to decide where your guests will be. For example, if you want to impress your guests with your living room appearance, you can concentrate to clean it. After all, there’s no point in wasting time cleaning areas your guests won’t be using or barely seeing. This opportunity allows you to hide clutter in other rooms by closing unnecessary room doors.


Make family room decorations always neat, clean and organized. Why ? Because this room will be one of the main rooms that are often visited by guests or your family who visit the house, so you can hide the mess in other rooms such as the kitchen and bedroom. Add a console table as an area to put some of the ornaments you have. The coffee table section can also be used to place some of your favorite books in a neat vertical arrangement. Keep the Family Room Tidy from @honeycollinsinteriors

Make Sure The Room is Clean

After deciding which room you want to use, make sure you clean it up. For example, if you use your living room or family room, you can clean them by doing some ways. Such as, arrange the throw pillows, rearrange the furniture, clean up the coffee table, and more things. By ensuring the area is clean it can be the important key to impress your guests even if it’s just one or several areas. This already gives the impression that your house is clean looks like.


Does your house have a room with large and wide glass windows? If you have it, you can use it as a modern living room decoration with a white tone. Arrange the layout of the living room furniture in this room only so you can enjoy the beautiful outdoor views. Use a minimalist furniture style so you don’t use up too much room. Arrange Furniture Layout from @clarehollandinteriorcreations


If your sofa is perfected with a large number of throw pillows, try to keep it neat after use. This is one quick way you can do to fake the cleanliness of your home. Tidying up throw pillows only takes a few minutes and doesn’t take much effort either. Tidy Up Throw Pillows from @athomewithfran


Try to keep your coffee table clean and tidy. This coffee table will be one of the main pieces of furniture in your living room decor. Also choose and use a coffee table with a unique design so that it can be used as the main focal point in this room, look at the table leg with this round shape. Doesn’t it look interesting ? . Avoid the Coffee Table Clutter from @druxiidesigns

Hide the Clutter

This is the advantage of having multi-functional furniture as storage as well. You can immediately hide the clutter in your home by storing it on a storage bench, coffee table with storage, or something else. Clean up your kids toys immediately into toys storage or save your small items into your organizer. This is a quick way to create a clean impression in your home.


There’s no need to worry when you have an entryway decoration with limited space, because this room can be supported by the use of multifunctional furniture. The design of a wooden bench with a storage cabinet underneath can be used optimally to hide the mess that occurs, store all small items or shoes in this cabinet bench and don’t scatter it on the floor. Multifunctional Entryway Bench from @serene.at.serenia


Choose and use a bench with additional storage underneath, just put this bench in your bedroom. You can use this cloth bench as an additional area for storing some of the clothes you have in a neat arrangement. Use the KonMari method to make it easier for you to find the clothes you need again. Clothes Storage Bench from @plantyfulhome


The console table design that is placed in this entryway decoration is the right furniture idea because the bottom and surface can be used to place several wicker baskets that can be used as additional storage. This console table is able to minimize the mess that will occur so it is suitable for decorating rooms that can be fake cleaned. Dual Function Console Table from @juleshomecollections


A quick way you can do to fake a clean house is to use multifunctional furniture. For example, you can use a coffee table design that can be perfected with additional storage underneath. Woven baskets are additional storage that can be moved easily as needed. This is a practical idea that you can do in a short amount of time. Storage Coffee Table from @juleshomecollections

Wipe Everything

In your daily house cleaning activities, maybe you forget to wipe down everything in your house, like table surfaces, vases, console tables, windows and others. Now, you can wipe anything, so that no dust is left behind. When what your guests see is clean and shiny, it will impress them and feel comfortable in your home. Even though the house cleaning you did was fake. But, sssttt… they wouldn’t know.


Don’t let your countertop look dirty and stained. Now you can spray it with cleaning fluid and wipe it using a clean dry cloth as well so that it is more optimal and comfortable to use. Make no mistake, the kitchen decor might also be visited by your guests to just wash their hands or enjoy some of the food that you provide. Wipe Countertop from @essential_green_clean


Windows are one of the important home accents. Therefore you can do regular cleaning by wiping it with a microfiber cloth to minimize scratches. Use cleaning fluids especially for glass windows, usually having a fairly low pH. This window can be seen from outside and inside the room. Cleaning Windows Ideas from @ty_capel_bethel


You can take good care of these three glass vases which are painted and have interesting patterns by wiping them regularly. Just place this vase on the console table in the entryway area so that several people who visit your home can see it. Wiping this vase can be done easily and can be done every day according to the free time you have. Its existence is ready to add color to the room. Wipe Flower Vases from @cc_tomoy

Do a Quick Vaccum

For a quick clean, also do a quick vacuum. You can vacuum any areas that look a bit dirty. Like, rugs, sofas, or your floor. Vacuum will make sure the dust doesn’t spread everywhere.


When guests or your family suddenly come to your house, you can prepare the house clean and free of dust. The thing you can do is buy a robotic vacuum so that it minimizes your energy usage, because this tool will run on its own with free direction evenly throughout your home. Cas back when the vacuum of this robot is already running more slowly. Robot Vacuum Cleaner from @wohnklamotte


This sophisticated vacuum cleaner design is a cleaning tool that can be used more easily and practically. Now you can have it at a pretty expensive price but of course it works well. This vacuum cleaner can be aimed at dirty and dusty floors and or rugs, just do it for a few minutes in the room you are going to visit, for example in the living room or family room. Use a Advanced Vacuum Cleaner from @simplicityvacuums


The carpet that covers the living room floor can be vacuumed to the maximum so that it is free from dust, dirt and food crumbs. This vacuum cleaner can be used easily. Vacuuming carpet floors is one of the ways you can fake a clean house in a faster way, this activity will save you more time when you sweep and mop the floor with manual cleaning tools such as a broom or mop. Vacuum Floor Carpet from @neatnealon

Make Your House Smell Good

Make your house smell good can be a simple way to make your house feels fresh. The fresh and smell good will impress your guests. In this case, you can add scented candles, diffuser, or air freshener. It can trick people into assuming that your house is clean and fresh.


Prepare air freshener according to your taste. This will make the room feel more relaxed and smell better, of course, just buy it at the store or you can also get it online with quite a variety of price options. Just spray it in the room that your guests will visit so you avoid the smell and excess humidity in the room. Prepare Air Freshener from @the_tagg_home_and_cleaning


To welcome your guests with joy, you can add a diffuser with only one scent. This will make the room feel more fragrant throughout the day. Just put it in a room that will be visited. These diffusers can be found around your home easily and of course at quite affordable prices. Use Diffusers from @malanteandco


Aromatherapy candles are a smart idea that you can use to make a room smell better than before. This is one of the ways you can welcome guests or your family who come to your house. Choose and use aromatherapy candles according to the scent you like so that it can make your relaxation area more relaxed throughout the day when used for conversation. Choose Aromatherapy Candle Scent from @amanda.santiagodias

Add Fresh Things

On the other hand, you can also add a fresh thing to your home. For example, some fruits or flower arrangements are a good idea to freshen up your home. You can place them on the coffee table or console table. By adding a fresh thing it gives the impression that is the finishing touch you have cleaned.


Don’t let your coffee table decor look plain and boring. Now you can decorate it with a vase filled with blooming hydrangea flowers. Choose and use flowers with only one color tone. This flower vase is a natural decoration that can be easily obtained in the backyard garden without having to buy it. These hydrangea vases will welcome your guests with joy. Hydrangea Vase Decoration from @my.green.sofa


If you are decorating a coffee table then a vase of blooming flowers is a clever idea that you can try right now. Choose and use blooming flowers with a choice of red so they look bolder and can be used as the focal point of the room. Just use a vase with textured glass material and try to use it with a material that is thick enough so that it doesn’t break easily when used for a long time. Statement Flower Vase Ideas from @altforliving


Make your console table decoration more stylish with a vase filled with blooms that can instantly signify a spring theme. Repaint this part of the console table with solid black paint to make the existence of a flower vase look more statement. The painting of this console table looks shiny because it uses semi-gloss paint which doesn’t fade easily either. Spring Vibes Console Table from @my.millennium.maison


The blooming flower arrangement that is applied on the console table is a smart idea that you can do to welcome your guests with joy. Use a large enough vase so that it can be used as the focal point of the room. Green plants are also an added decoration that can be easily found in the backyard garden. Blooming Flowers Vase from @jessandkarlhome

Open the Windows

Give the fresh air to your home by opening the window. An easy way to give a fresh feel is to let the fresh air in by opening your window. A fresh and clean impression will immediately be felt in your home.


During the day you can open the window to get fresh air because of the incoming breeze. Apart from making the room feel fresher, open glass windows can also allow more sunlight into the room. After that you can close the window in the late afternoon to prevent insects from entering the room. Open Window During Daylight from @provencallife


To enter more sunlight into the room, you can open the glass windows wider during the day. You can open it according to the lighting needs in the room only. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also decorate the windowsill with a vase of blooming flowers that you have in the backyard garden. Put in the Sunlight from @eleni.se

Clean Up the Bins

Don’t forget to make sure that the bins are clean. Don’t let trash pile up in the bins. This will cause an unpleasant odor and dirty impression on your home. At least before your guests arrive, your bin is clean.


Bins hidden in cabinets are the best idea you can do to hide the mess that might occur. Cover the bins with plastic to make it easier for you to dispose of trash regularly. Separate organic and an-organic waste so that the decomposition doesn’t smell too bad, do this bins kitchen idea easily and practically. Hidden Kitchen Bins from @limakitchens


Take out the trash every day so as not to cause the room to smell bad. It’s a good idea to line this trash can with plastic so that it’s easier for you to dispose of it and of course it doesn’t cause the bins to get dirty easily because the trash can be rotten and runny. Usually these bins are in the kitchen decoration that your guests might visit. Take Out Trash Every Day from @kellymariekitcheninteriors

Clean Your Bathroom

Do a quick clean to your bathroom by wiping down your bathroom surfaces, sinks and toilets. Don’t forget to replace dirty towels with new ones. Also make sure you have put new toilet paper and fresh soap. This quick replacement will make a huge difference to the look of your current fake cleaning.


Soap is one of the tools that you can use and can be prepared right on the countertop of the cabinet you are using. Use premium soap with a fragrance that is not too flashy so that it is suitable for use by anyone. The soap dispenser makes it easy for you to get the liquid soap used and minimize spills. Don’t Leave the Soap Dispenser Empty from @stylingmyinterior


Prepare toilet paper in your bathroom decor so guests or family can use it without having to look for it. Just put it right next to the bathtub using a basket that is large enough so that it can hold quite a lot of tissue. Use a basket with handles on both sides so you can easily lift it to any room. Refill Toilet Paper from @home_with_juanitavanniekerk


Prepare clean towels in your bathroom decoration for guests who come to the house to just wipe their wet hands after washing their hands. Just stack these towels neatly and place them in a clearly visible area to make it easier for guests to find these towels. Soft towels are the right choice. Wash towels every three to seven days to avoid germs. Wash Dirty Towel from @athomewithzoe_xox

Wash Your Dishes

For your kitchen, dishes left in the sink will give your home a bad impression. Make sure that you have cleaned the dirty dishes in your sink. The absence of dirty dishes left in your kitchen will make you more confident in welcoming your guests.


Don’t delay washing dirty dishes that give the impression of being unclean or dirty. You can wash it regularly or after every meal. Washing dishes is one of the easiest activities to do yourself, just use dishwashing foam and cleaning liquid for a shiny and clean surface of dishes and other kitchen utensils. Wash Dirty Dishes from @fatbikeamerica


Try to keep your kitchen sink section clean and avoid piles of dirty kitchen utensils and equipment. You can carry out routine maintenance so that the stainless steel sink remains clean and avoids stains that cause porous and rusty. Rub it using a brush that is soft enough so it doesn’t scratch it easily. Clean Kitchen Sink from @cargner

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