How to style beds without headboards2

A room will be look more attractive, if in its interior design, there is something that becomes the focal point. It comes in any form, the same goes for the appearance of bedroom look. Usually, in a bedroom decoration, the bed is the focal point of the room that will determine the overall appearance of the bedroom. And a bed with a headboard will be the choice for most people. Because a headboard is a stylish addition that will complement the beauty of a bedroom.

While headboards are a stylish addition to a bedroom, there are many design options for beds without them. Not having a headboard is great for bedrooms with limited wall space and can also be a cost-effective option. But it doesn’t meant, you can’t have an attractive bedroom look even though without headboards. Whether you love a minimal look, are on a budget, or simply don’t need a headboard anymore, there are many ways to dress up your bed without one. Here, we have some ideas to style your beds without headboards. Let’s check it out!

How to style beds without headboards1

Install a Shelf

Try a simple shelf above the bed to showcase favorite items like plants and art. A simple shelf positioned above your bed is an attractive and convenient way to add storage and visual intrigue to the space.


If your bed design doesn’t have a headboard, then it’s a good idea to use the wall to install a wooden storage shelf. Before installing it, do the painting according to the color of the wall so that it blends more perfectly. Install this floating shelf with a sufficient height and use it as an area to place some of the painting frames you have for display. Repaint Single Shelf from @fernsandfurniture


Besides being able to add texture to the room, plywood hexagon shelves can also be used as the focal point of the room because it has a cool shape and is different from the others. These unique shelves will replace the existence of floating shelves so that the walls can function and continue to work properly. Orange room lighting makes this bedroom look more inviting. Plywood Hexagon Shelves from @interior_boho


One of the easiest ways to decorate a bed without a headboard is to paint an accent wall behind the bed. You can create a fun and bright look that draws the eye and gives the room a focal point.


Turn on the walls of your bedroom with a color block painting that has a contrasting color combination. This is suitable for decorating a bed without a headboard. Black and white is a color combination that will never fail and is certainly able to bring an instant monochromatic atmosphere, try to use a bed with matching colors to make it more harmonious. Color Block Wall Design from @vala_decor


Or you can also paint the wall without a headboard with neutral colored paint like white or silver. This painting is done so that it has a contrasting color with the design of the bed that is used. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also use the right lighting to make the room look bright all day long. White Paint Wall Ideas from @vala_decor

Geometric Shapes

The headboard isn’t necessarily a must-have for every bed. Whether you prefer a clean, simple look or are looking for ways to add more style to your bedroom, there are plenty of creative ways to dress up your bed without a headboard. You can also add interest to the space by painting geometric shapes on the wall behind the bed. This idea can be particularly effective in bedrooms with modern or minimalist decor themes.


If your bed doesn’t have a headboard, the right step for you to take is to decorate the wall behind the bed so it doesn’t look empty. Using wallpaper with a simple motif is enough to fill in the blanks on the wall, not only that using embossed wallpaper can also create texture on the wall behind the bed. Geometric Pattern Wall Design from @bestinteriordesignblog


Install the built-in triangle storage on the wall behind the bed. This storage area does not interfere with your activities in the bed area because of its position embedded in the wall. Besides that, the built-in triangle can also be a solution for your bed that doesn’t have a headboard. This built-in triangle wall can also be used as storage so that the bed looks neater and more comfortable to use. Built-in Triangle Wall Design from @vala_decor

Use Patterned Wallpaper

A piece of textured wallpaper or a patterned grasscloth wallcovering is another way to create an accent wall that replaces a headboard.


Don’t let your bedroom wall decor look plain and boring. Now you can apply a wallpaper with a tropical theme which is dominated by a blend of green and white. A pattern of greenery and coconut trees might be a perfect match. Don’t forget to combine it with bedding earth tone color as a blend of suitable color tones. Tropical Wallpaper Ideas from @annet_weelink_design


Textured walls in the bed area without a headboard can be perfected by using wallpaper that has a pattern of green plants and towering trees so that it can add color to the room instantly. The dominance of green will look bolder and suitable to be combined with plain white wall paint. Sunlight that enters the room through the glass window makes the room not too humid. Arched Shaped Wallpaper from @estudiocasesnavarro


This patterned wallpaper design with splashes of neutral color can be combined with patterned pink bedding and throw pillows. The application of this wallpaper can be done easily without professionals so that it saves more on the spending budget. Use only polka dot patterns that match any style room theme including modern, contemporary or classic themes. Neutral Patterned Wallpaper from @thebungalowproject_ict

Add a Large Piece of Art

Hanging a large piece of art or vintage item above your bed is another popular option. Lean it against the wall or group several smaller pieces together to create a headboard-like focal point for your bedroom. Alternatively, hang them centered above the bed for a stylish headboard alternative.


To add artistic value to your bedroom decoration, hang a canvas painting with a floral pattern. You can use quite a variety of paints so that they can be used as the focal point of the room. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also get this canvas painting easily or you can paint it yourself so that it displays your own artwork. Canvas Flower Painting from @oh.eight.oh.nine


Adjust the theme of your painting or artwork with the theme or style of the bedroom you are using. Now you can use modern artwork that can be designed vertically by using abstract patterns that have a mix of neutral colors such as gray and white. Just install and hang this artwork on the wall without a headboard. The use of tufted beds has a softer surface and is more comfortable to use throughout the day. Vertical Abstract Painting from @vala_decor

Drape a Bright Fabric

You can also hang a pretty quilt or wall tapestry over your bed for a pop of color and texture. You can drape the throw blanket diagonally over your bed for a relaxed look or straight across the bed for a more structured approach.


Do you have a painting with cloth material? If you have it, you can install and hang it right above the bed without a headboard. This artwork has a lovely floral pattern with splashes of green and brown that blend together perfectly. The existence of green plants with a size large enough to add color to your bedroom instantly. DIY Fabric Wall Decor from @the_nestlenook

Place the Bed Near the Window

If you are lucky enough to have wide windows in your bedroom, you can just place your bed near the window. It will give an illusion that the windows perfectly framing your bed as if it had a headboard. This will create a focal point in your bedroom without requiring too much effort.


The use of large and wide glass windows has many benefits for decorating your bedroom. One of them can be used as a headboard design that can enter more sunlight into the room. Try to use transparent glass material to allow you to see the outdoor scenery freely while lying down. Single Window Headboard from @dwra.lazaridou


Do you have glass windows in your bedroom decor? If so, then you can use it as a headboard decoration that can be opened or closed according to the needs of the room. During the day maybe you can open a glass window to let in sunlight or a gentle breeze which makes the room feel cooler throughout the day and is used as a resting area. Open Window Headboard from @architeckure


Take advantage of your bedroom wall as a glass window design that can be used as a headboard decoration. Just open this glass window when you need a lot of sunlight that can enter the room more optimally. Repaint the window frames in white so they look more elegant and of course have color harmony with the bedding you use too. White Frame Window Headboard from @architeckure

Pile up the Pillows

For an alternative beds without headboards, it’s as simple as piling up your pillows. Use large pillows then stack them together at the end of your bed against the wall. This pile of pillows will create the illusion that your bed is using a headboard.


Who would have thought that a throw pillow could be used as a headboard? Yes, you can arrange them neatly vertically and of course with the right color selection too. Pillows in orange, green and white will work well together and are ready to add color to a room instantly. Green plants that are placed in the corners of the room are additional natural decorations that can be easily found in your backyard garden. Colorful Throw Pillows from @dwra.lazaridou


Create a luxurious and elegant impression in the bedroom by using leather pillowcases. Yes, this leather pillowcase will be more harmonious if you also apply the same color to the bedroom. Arrange them together on the side of the bed against the wall, stack them sequentially from large to small so that they form a gradation of size and form like a headboard. Leather Pillowcase from @vala_decor


Align the color of the bed area with the atmosphere of the bedroom, if you have a dark bedroom color it would be nice if you also use pillows with dark colors too. To make it look tidier, you should arrange pillows on one side so that it looks like a headboard. Feel free to layer this dark pillow in several layers to make the bed look neat and comfortable. Dark Color Pillow from @vala_decor

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