Decorate well your lodge before you rent it!2

Having a lodge can be such an advantage. It will be great to spend your time there during your weekend or holiday. Or, you can even rent it. This one is a great idea so that you can get an income from the property you have. However, if you want to rent it. You should make sure that you prepare the lodge well so that it is ready enough to be rented. Don’t make your tenant to be disappointed with your lodge. When you can make one tenant satisfied, then there will be more tenants to come and rent your lodge just because of one person’s review. So, what should you do to make your lodge ready enough to rent? Here are some points to consider.

  1. Do the cleaning: Here, you should clean not only the furniture and any interior stuff but also other facilities. For example, you should clean the filter of the ventilation, air conditioner, heater, etc.
  2. Do the declutter: Make sure to let go of the unused stuff and left the functional ones. Especially when the stuff will only make the room looks crowded. Also, don’t forget to organize everything so that it looks neat and clean.
  3. Complete the facilities: To add comfort, you should complete the facilities at the lodge. It is related to seasonal needs during cold weather and hot weather.
  4. Making sure everything works well: In this case, you should check everything works well from the lamp, the shower, the faucet, and other simple things that you may not consider.

Decorate well your lodge before you rent it!1

Now, please take a look at the ideas below to make your lodge ready to rent!

1 snapinsta.app_334516382_5989584224456865_7991518729122283357_n_1080

Walls are one of the things you should pay attention to before renting out your lodge. This time you can add wallpaper to the wall so that it will present a more attractive appearance. This method is quite easy but it succeeds in making your lodge bedroom more beautiful and attracting the attention of customers. Adding Wallpaper from @owlethideaway

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Simple but perfect for lodge decoration ideas before renting out. You can arrange flowers into a ceramic vase and place them on the table so that they will present a beautiful appearance. This idea is quite easy and cheap but it succeeds in making your lodge decoration more beautiful and attractive. Therefore, it will never fail to try. Adding Flower Arrangement from @seatoskyeofficial

3 snapinsta.app_327344007_857112882245717_7035646958666427737_n_1080

Fireplace is one of the furniture that you can present in your hotel. This time you can build a fireplace in the living room area of your hotel. In this way, your lodge will feel more comfortable and get warm in a simple but still perfect way. Adding Fireplace from @quietudehome

4 snapinsta.app_269393863_208955601425578_8491141590383641072_n_1080

Home accessories is one of the things that really influences the decoration of the lodge. This time you can use furry blankets, furry bedding and furry pillows to complete this lodge bedroom. In this way, it will increase the comfort of the lodge so that it will never fail to be tried. Cozy Home Accessories from @lorecranch

5 snapinsta.app_131432433_890189511726685_2429273890445418217_n_1080

Make the lodge decoration more perfect before renting it out. This time you can add a reading nook to your lodge as an additional facility so that it will be a plus. Arrange the books on the shelves neatly and equip them with comfortable chairs so they can catch the eye. Adding Reading Nook from @safari_haven

6 snapinsta.app_312108894_824939078847365_1883804596471394391_n_1080

Doing hotel decoration before renting is one step that should not be missed. Here you can add furniture to support comfort at the lodge. This unique shape day bed is the right choice. The reason is that it can provide comfort for its residents and also enhance the decoration of the lodge because it has a unique design. Adding Daybed from @mood_bulgaria

7 snapinsta.app_275147849_630827194886989_7279017746696363297_n_1080

Furniture is one thing that is very influential on the appearance and comfort of your hotel. This time you can choose to use the Letter L sofa with thick pads and furry chairs so that it will add comfort there. A fireplace that is right in front of the sitting area will provide perfect warmth. Use comfortable furniture from @eightyfourrooms

8 snapinsta.app_219982595_503868264038874_7734253901596170798_n_1080

Adding facilities is one interesting idea for decorating a lodge before renting it out. It doesn’t have to be complicated, here you can add a hammock so it will be the most comfortable place to relax. Make sure the hammock is in the right position like in front of a glass wall so it will be more comfortable. Adding Hammocks from @oldhickoryfurniture

9 snapinsta.app_305006898_172521751964620_1573591803952102900_n_1080

Decorating a lodge before renting it out is an idea that will never fail. Simple but still perfect! Presenting a bathtub in the bedroom is one of the ideas that you can try. In this way, it will provide its own comfort and satisfaction for each occupant. Adding Bathtub from @northumberland.stays

10 snapinsta.app_225119645_501534554251770_4757464709091451632_n_1080

Adding storage is one way you can do for your loge decoration ideas. Here you can add Wall storage and also cabinets so that it will make your lodge decoration more proper. Meanwhile, the LED lamp behind the wall storage will present a perfect appearance and succeed in stealing attention. Adding Storage from @owlethideaway

11 snapinsta.app_241106226_584583386243410_1698436993757373252_n_1080

The bedroom is one area that you should decorate before renting out a lodge. A simple thing but very influential on comfort is the bed area. This time you can replace the canopy curtain with one that is cleaner and has a design that matches your bedroom decor so it will look more perfect. Replace Canopy Curtain from @findyourhappyplate

12 snapinsta.app_299843707_181608367675159_3756162894190033603_n_1080

Completing a lodge with facilities is one of the right ways to do it before renting it out. Here you can complete the bathroom with a fan blower at the top. In this way, the humidity in your bathroom will be maintained and healthier so that it will make the occupants more comfortable in this lodge. Added Fan Blowers from @owlethideaway

13 snapinsta.app_10725092_1678049072407847_1032351702_n_1080

The wall will be the main and most exposed background, therefore, you can decorate it before renting out your lodge. It doesn’t have to be complicated, here you can display some of the collections on the wall area so that it will make it more festive and become the perfect focal point. This method is quite easy and cheap so it will never fail to try. Adding Wall Decor from @woodsandweaves

14 snapinsta.app_310614805_202745765503315_271923254905717020_n_1080

To enhance hotel decor in an easy way, wallpaper is the perfect solution. Here you can use wallpaper to coat the bathroom walls so that it will provide multiple benefits. In addition to making your walls look more beautiful, wallpaper can also protect walls from splashes of water which can cause damage to the walls. Adding Bathroom Wallpapers from @owlethideaway

15 snapinsta.app_74711745_448811985760241_6732800411865108294_n_1080

This time you can change the bedding in your lodge bedroom so that it will provide comfort for the residents. Use bedding that is cleaner and has better quality so it will feel more comfortable and look better. Don’t forget to add pillows and blankets in a neat condition. Change Bedding from @plaids.and.poppies

16 snapinsta.app_333000511_178500811569036_6494897541774558347_n_1080

Make your lodge more comfortable before renting it out! It doesn’t have to be complicated here, you just need to replace some home accessories. Replace the carpet and long curtain with a better one so that it will provide multiple benefits. Apart from providing comfort it can also enhance the décor of your hotel. Replace Carpet and curtains from @ripvillan7

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