Things you need to know about cluster houses2

Occupancy is the one that is really crucial these days. Especially for the young employee who need a place to live in a simple way and easy access location. We recommend choosing a cluster house. This is the kind of house that is built on land that consists of hundred houses with the same simple design. Also, related to easy access, the cluster house is built near the public services so nothing can be more interesting than this. It is true that the size of the house might not be that big but quiet enough for a young employee or a small new family. You should know more about cluster houses so that you can get the right decision related to choosing the right occupancy.

Things you need to know about cluster houses1

Things that Cluster House Offer

You should know about the benefits of living in a cluster house so that you can decide whether it is proper enough for you to live there or not. Basically, the things that the cluster house offer will be different from other kinds of houses, or maybe some of them offer the same facilities. However, we do guarantee that what the cluster house offer will be really there and work well so that you don’t need to be in doubt about the quality and existence of the facility offers.

One Gate System

The one-gate system is really great to maintain the security of the house’s environment. It has limited access to the strangers not to enter the cluster area. They will need permission from the security officer to enter the cluster area and will be monitored by the CCTV so that everyone who enters the cluster can be identified. It is no wonder if it is safe to live in cluster houses even though the houses do not have fences for their houses’ security systems.

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Talking about cluster housing, it only has a one-gate system which will provide extra comfort in the cluster area even though the house is not equipped with a fence. The reason is that everyone goes in and out through one door so it will be safer. Cluster housing is one of the right choices for housing. Sled Roof Cluster Houses Gate from @architect_apholyrender

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One of the things that clusters offer is having perfect security. The reason is he only has one gate system so that everyone goes in and out via the same route and it’s easier to keep safe. One gate system is also equipped with CCTV so that security is maintained. Cluster House Gate System from @citragarden.sidoarjo


If you have kids, you don’t need to go from the cluster area to entertain them because there is a playground area provided in the cluster houses area. It great so that you don’t need to let your kids play with too many strangers because the ones who play there will be your neighbor. Not only for the kids but the playground can also be enjoyed by adults. You can go there to simply enjoy the fresh air while looking at the kids laughing and playing. That will be such a healing moment.

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Another characteristic of cluster housing is that it is equipped with a playground. Therefore, this cluster housing will be a suitable choice of housing for those of you who have children. The safety of the playground in the cluster housing area is guaranteed and you don’t have to worry about your children playing there. Cluster House Playground from

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Talking about cluster housing, this is a type of housing that is perfect for those of you who have children. This is because this housing cluster is equipped with a playground area which is in the area near the residence. With a playground in the cluster area, it will make it easier for you to supervise children. Backyard Cluster House Playground from @fionaenvirons

Sport Field

Maintaining health is an important thing that you should do especially for modern people who spend their time sitting in front of the computer. The sports field is the interesting facility that the cluster house offers. You don’t need to waste your time going outside your living area to do the sport. You can wake up in the morning and do some exercise in the sports field that won’t be far. This one is really effective and has zero budget.

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Having a sports field is one of the characteristics possessed by cluster housing. Being in a backyard cluster will make it a favorite place for cluster residents to do sports. The security in this soccer field area is also very secure because it can only be accessed through the one gate system. Football Sport Field from @ninaofficial_ecoturf

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Sport field is one that is owned by cluster housing. By having this sport field, cluster housing will be the right residential choice for those of you who have a sports hobby. Therefore, you will never go wrong in choosing cluster housing as your residence. Basket Ball Sport Field from @seventeen.playgrounds

Characteristics of Cluster House

To know better about the cluster house, you need to know about its character so that there won’t be any regret after you decide to live there. It might not be good for some people who have their own needs about occupancy but we do believe that some of you will think that the cluster house is the answer to your confusion about choosing the right occupancy these far. Check our explanation below for the characteristics of the cluster house.

Having a Large Number of Unit

There will be a large number of units in the cluster house area so that you won’t feel as lonely. However, even though there are hundreds of houses around, your privacy will be protected. There are some rules of the occupant that should be followed to maintain the comfort of living for all the houses owner.

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Having a large number of units is one of the characteristics of cluster housing. Thus, you can have more neighbors and security is guaranteed. This housing cluster is not equipped with a fence so that it will make you more friendly with your neighbours. Many Cluster House Units from @davidtongfengshui

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Knowing the characteristics of a cluster house is the right step before choosing it as a residence. This housing cluster has the characteristics of having more units and even up to hundreds. With these characteristics, it allows the cluster to have high security and you will never fail to choose it as a place to live. There are many Units from @symbiosis_a

Located in a Busy Area

Since it is located in a busy area, you don’t have to worry about completing your needs of food, entertainment, and public services because there must be complete facilities near the cluster house area. Although the environment is busy, you won’t be affected by all the noise and crowded atmosphere because as we have said before that the cluster house offers a one-gate system so that your living area will always be comfortable, cozy, and safe.

13 snapinsta.app_320818299_843835523592726_3344515630937934663_n_1080

Unlike the general residential areas that are located in suburban areas, this cluster is located in a busy area and close to public facilities. With an area close to public facilities such as malls and police stations, it will make your life easier in the cluster area. This feature will be the perfect consideration for choosing to live in a cluster. Close to malls from @ahmedsaidarchitect

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Being in a busy area and close to public facilities such as police stations and others will make this cluster house the right choice for housing. Because you will find it easier to reach public facilities very easily and can make your life easier. In addition, being close to the police station, security will be more secure. Close to Police Station from @vineyardexteriors_inc

Minimalist House Concept

For modern people, the minimalist house concept is the best choice that they can take. With all of the busy days and complicated business, coming home to a simple and minimalist place can be a healer to calm down the mind. So, again, we recommend you choose the cluster house for your occupancy since it offers you the best house design ever.

15 snapinsta.app_179941169_509214353777862_910603658386596148_n_1080

This is one of the dwellings named cluster. This cluster house has a minimalist concept so it looks beautiful and not excessive. Not having a fence will make it look very simple but still look perfect. Because it doesn’t have a fence, this cluster has a green area at the front of the house. Open green housing Concept from @project3architects

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This cluster house carries a minimalist concept because it has a market for all groups. This minimalist concept is shown by the absence of a fence on the front of this house. However, this cluster still looks beautiful and has high security, making it suitable for your residence. Minimalist Design from @prau.architects

Having the Same House Design for All Units

Living in a neighborhood will create a possibility of envy of each other because of the neighbor’s success or achievement. Living in the cluster house will minimize this possibility because all the houses have the same designs. There won’t be any case where your neighbor has a more expensive roof or door. People won’t think about ways to make the house looks more valuable and prettier.

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One of the characteristics possessed by clusters that make it different from other types of housing is having a uniform building. Being in a row position and having a uniform building will make this cluster look very beautiful and have its own charm. This is one of the characteristics that the cluster has which is quite prominent. Same Exterior Design from @blocstudio

10 snapinsta.app_145065073_1064928100679668_8018741045257110886_n_1024

Like other types of houses, clusters also have characteristics that make them different from other houses. One of them is located in a complex or residential area with uniform buildings. With this uniform building appearance, the exterior cluster will look more beautiful and attractive. Have the same Exterior Appearance from @symbiosis_a

Having Complete Sharing Facilities

Although the cluster house area is located in a busy area where the facilities can be reached easily, having public activities with minimum strangers is such a blessing. So, with its complete sharing facilities, the cluster house becomes the best choice you can take.

11 snapinsta.app_343462184_577108997566372_7420280332010719584_n_1080

This housing cluster has several facilities, one of which is a green open space or often called a park. This facility will be a plus for this cluster. This is because the existence of this garden will make residents get a comfortable area to relax and also the air in the cluster area is also healthier because there are various kinds of green plants. Green Open Space from @genenti_landscape

12 snapinsta.app_119353734_1957637507707178_2004227012582975143_n_1080

Having several facilities is one of the things that will be considered for living in a cluster. This housing cluster has several facilities offered, one of which is a playground. With this playground facility, cluster housing will be very safe and suitable for long-term housing for those of you who have children. Playground from @hansenpartnership

Open Space House Design

The cluster house has an open space house design that will let you get the ambiance outside the house. There won’t be any fences or hedges to protect the privacy of your house. Well, you won’t need them anyway because as we’ve mentioned before that your security and privacy are really protected while living in the cluster house area.

17 snapinsta.app_60771111_121942902356243_2435585474821610400_n_1080

Look at the picture above! This is one of the characteristics that cluster housing has, namely not having a fence. But this will not be a problem and will not reduce the existing security in this cluster. The reason is that this cluster uses a one gate system which is equipped with CCTV so that security will be maintained. Open Housing Design from @creativity_in_art_architecture

18 snapinsta.app_343084826_961050821586796_1465823162399056371_n_1080

Open space house is one of the cluster characteristics that can be seen clearly. Not having a fence on the front will make this cluster look simpler, wider but still secure. This is because this cluster can only be accessed through a one gate system which is equipped with CCTV. Open Space House Design from

With all of the explanations that we have shared above, are you interested to live in the cluster houses area? Make your choice and be sure that you get the best occupancy in the best living area.

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