Some ways to dry your laundry2

Drying your laundry can be a certain problem especially if you live in four seasons country. You should be able to dry the laundry whatever the season is coming. It will be quite difficult during the cool weather and so easy during the summer. Of course, you will need help from the facilities to deal with the drying problems that may occur during a year with season changes. Choosing the facility to dry your laundry should be done with some considerations. But, before that, you should know the advantage and disadvantages of each facility.

Some ways to dry your laundry1

Basically, there are two different basic ways that you can have in drying the laundry. The first one is by using the machine and the second one is the clothesline. When you use the drying machine, then there won’t be any effort that you should do. You just have to pay for the electricity to get ready to wear clothes. However, it doesn’t mean that having a clothesline is not a good idea. You should know that drying the laundry by hanging it on the clothesline can bring a benefit, especially during winter when the humidity will decrease and your house environment feels too dry. Hanging the wet laundry can help you increase the humidity in the room. So, which one will you choose?

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One way to dry clothes that is easy and precise is to use dryer matchers. This machine is driven by electricity so it will dry your clothes faster. Usually this dryer is displayed near the washing machine so that it will be easier for you to access it. Black Dryer machine from

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Sun drying is an easy and cheap way to dry your clothes because it doesn’t require electricity costs. Folding Dryer is the right choice for the idea of drying your clothes. The reason is simpler and very space saving so it is very suitable to be in the laundry room. Folding Drying from @whitmorinc

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You can never fail to use a tumble dryer to dry your laundry. Because the dryer, faster and easier to dry clothes. This time you can set the dryer next to the washing machine so that it is easier to access and also looks tidier. White Dryer machine from @speedqueenhome

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This is one dryer you can own! Having a folding design makes it quite easy to move and more flexible. Made using aluminum material, makes it stronger and can hold more clothes. To speed up the drying process, you can place it right in front of the fireplace. Aluminum Dryer machine from @hillshomeliving

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Simple and perfect! One of the best ways to dry clothes is to use a dryer. Use a dryer that is powered by electricity so it will be more effective and efficient. To save space, you can arrange this dryer vertically, so that it is more space saving but still functional. Stacked Dryer machine from @ajmadison

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Besides using a dryer, you can use this clothesline to dry laundry. It has an A-frame shape and is quite large in size, making it usable for drying more clothes. This time you can place it on the balcony area so it will get direct sunlight and your laundry will dry faster. A-frame Laundry dryer from @hillshomeliving

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Using a dryer machine is one of the right ways to dry your laundry. The reason is that it is equipped with a system that can dry clothes quickly and easily. Set this dryer in a cabinet so it will keep your laundry room neat and organized. Dryer machine from @yvonne_loyaltrealty

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This is one of the clothesline that you can have and is suitable for drying clothes. Having a single folding design, this dryer is perfect for those of you who only have a narrow space. This time you can install it in an outdoor area so that it will be more optimal for drying your clothes. Single Folding Dryer from @hillshomeliving

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This is a dryer machine! This tool serves to dry clothes easily and is moved by electricity. By using this tool, it will be easier for your clothes to dry even though you need to pay for electricity. Place the dryer in the right place so that it will remain functional and not interfere with your activities. Silver Dryer machine from @kenmoreappliances

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Easy and cheap! This is an easy and inexpensive dryer to dry your laundry. It has a sanding design and has many handles, making it usable for drying lots of clothes. Equipped with wheels at the bottom, making it easier to move from indoor to outdoor areas or vice versa. Standing Dryer with Wheel from @hillshomeliving

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This time you can take advantage of the ceiling area to dry your clothes. Use a ceiling dryer to hang or dry your clothes so that it will provide several benefits. Apart from saving more space, this one dryer idea can also dry clothes more easily and cheaply. Ceiling Dryer from @aberfordinteriors

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Utilizing sunlight to dry clothes is a perfect idea. This time you can use a folding dryer which is made using a pipe so it’s simpler and more attractive. Place it in an outdoor area so it will get direct sunlight and can dry clothes faster. Outdoor Dryer from @sensiblesustainability

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Apart from using a dryer, hanging clothes is a simple way to dry them. This time you can take advantage of the top area of the washing machine to dry clothes. Install the rood there and use it to dry your clothes so it’s simpler and cheaper. Dryer on top of the machine from @ourbenecroftestory

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This time you can use the top area of the washing machine to dry your clothes. Use a long rod and attach it to the top of the washing machine to dry your clothes so that they are simpler and easier to access. This method is perfect for saving costs, because you don’t have to pay for electricity to dry clothes. Long Laundry Dryer from @renovation.x

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Drying clothes is one of the right ways to dry clothes. This time you can use a wooden drier for ideas to dry clothes so it’s cheaper. It has four levels, making it usable for drying more clothes. Hence, you can never fail to use it for drying clothes ideas. Wooden Dryer from @boolahbaguette

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This time you can use a folding dryer to dry your clothes. Installing it in a window area makes it work well for drying clothes. The reason is, he will get direct sunlight. This one dryer idea will never fail to try. Window dryer from @green.ings

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This is a dryer that is made using metal so that it is stronger and lasts longer. It has three levels so that it can accommodate more clothes, making it simpler and more perfect. Not too big in size, making it more space saving but still functional. Metal Dryer from @hillshomeliving

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Using an outdoor dryer is a great way to dry clothes. You can use a folding dryer and mount it on the wall so that it can be adjusted according to your needs. Made using wood material, this dryer will look aesthetically pleasing and will catch the attention of everyone who comes. Outdoor Dryer from @juluhome

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Easy and cheap! You can use a wire dryer to dry your clothes so it’s easier and cheaper. Placing it in an outdoor area will make your clothes dry faster. Therefore, the idea of drying clothes on this one will never fail for you to try because it is cheaper and easier. Wire Dryer from @kadanza

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This folding dryer is made using wooden material so that it will present an aesthetic and natural appearance. Having a folding design makes it very easy to adjust according to needs but still functional for drying clothes. Having three tiers right and left makes it able to accommodate more clothes. Wooden Folding dryer from @homebytasnim

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One way to dry clothes is to use a wall mounted dryer so it’s simpler and still saves space. Made using metal material, making it stronger and durable. Having several rod dryers can accommodate more clothes. Wall Mounted Dryer from @ikeacanada

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This dryer has a folding design that makes it more flexible and can be moved easily. Having a blue and white color combination will present a beautiful appearance. Made using metal and has a lot of rods, making it able to hold more clothes. You can place it in an outdoor area so it will work well for drying clothes. White and blue dryer from @bellechose_homedecor

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Jika anda memiliki ruang yang kecil, portable dryer adalah pilihan yang tepat untuk mengeringkan pakaian. Walaupun memiliki ukuran yang kecil, nemun tetap memiliki banyak rod sehingga dapat menampung lebih nanyak pakaian. Anda dapat menempatkannya di tempat sempit seperti di samping meja dan di samping mesin cucui sehingga sangat space saving. Portable dryer from @kateemmerson_retreats

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This hanging dryer is one of the dryers that you can use to complete the laundry room. Being in the ceiling area makes it not take up floor space and is simpler. Having many and long rods allows it to dry many clothes at the same time. Hanging Dryer from @guildanderson

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Look at the picture above! A dryer that is hung on the ceiling will be the right choice for drying clothes. Being right on the glass roof, it will get direct sunlight and make your clothes stronger. Made using metal and coated with anti-rust paint making it stronger and not easily corroded. White Metal Dryer from

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