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Laundry room is usually placed in a limited place and with a limited design. But did you know that currently the need for a functional and aesthetic laundry room is urgently needed. Laundry rooms are often overlooked when it comes to decorating, but they need to be just as stylish and organized as any other space. Today’s, laundry room decorating ideas not only provide a functional laundry room, but also provide a unique set of design requirements that offer ample opportunities for creativity. This of course will bring up a lot of ideas to make your laundry room look aesthetic.

Fortunately, there are lots of laundry room design ideas that can help make yours as pretty and functional as possible. Whether you want to update your space with new paint colors or cabinetry, here are some tips for making your laundry look aesthetic.

How to make your laundry room look aesthetic1

Pay Attention to the Paint

Paint is an excellent way to make a aundry room look aesthetic, both a small or large laundry room. It can also help brighten and expand the space without detracting from your existing home design. A light yellow or white with yellow undertones can mimic the effects of natural sunlight and create a bright, open feeling in your laundry room. These colors are especially ideal for farmhouse, cottage and rustic designs that value warm colors to produce a relaxing and cozy atmosphere in their homes.

If your laundry room doesn’t have any windows, choose a light color with a high-gloss shine to simulate the effect of natural lighting. This will help to create a more vibrant and spacious feel in your laundry room. In addition to selecting the right paint product and sheen, you should also consider the room’s size and ventilation. A smaller laundry room or a room with no ventilation should use semi-gloss to high-gloss paint, while eggshell or satin paint is suitable for larger rooms.


For a soft laundry room color scheme, you can dominate the color of the room with a choice of pastel-colored paint. Pastel colors are very diverse and you can choose one of them to be combined directly with plain white ceiling paint. Pastel blue or salted egg pastels might be one of the right choices for you to apply to the laundry room decoration instantly, this pastel color can be applied to storage cabinets that have a wide and large size. Pastel Color Laundry Room from @homebeautiful


Brown is one of the suitable color choices to try in the laundry room decoration section. This color is able to give a warm feel to the room instantly. Don’t just use one color tone, you can combine it with white paint on the window frames so that the appearance of this room doesn’t look too monotonous and boring. Brown Paint Laundry Room from @nataliazubizarretainteriorismo


This wooden shiplap wall that was repainted in plain white is a smart idea that you can apply to decorate a laundry room with limited space. This color is able to make the appearance of the room look brighter, wider and open. Not only on the walls, but you can also try using the same color tone on the washing machine used, paint the ceiling with the same color tone. White Shiplap Wall Decor from @holz.haeuschen


Black and white that dominates the decoration of this laundry room is able to give a touch of a monochromatic theme. For example, when you have used white wall paint, for the washing machine cabinet, use solid black. These two colors will never fail to showcase modern room décor and will never go out of style. Indoor vines add to the aesthetics of this room. Monochromatic Color Laundry Room from


Cool, attractive and modern, all positive things can be obtained when you arrange and use the right color tones. The decoration of the laundry room in a minimalist style is perfected with a combination of navy blue and plain white so that it can blend perfectly in the same room. The walls are covered with patterned wallpaper to add a touch of elegant theme, you can apply white to the window frames and paint the roof. Navy Blue Cabinet Laundry Room from @klingagarden


Other colors and paint choices that can be applied to the laundry room decor are sage green. This color looks fresher, natural and can be perfected by the presence of green plants as decorations that can bring the outdoor atmosphere freely. Next, combine it with the use of a farmhouse themed tile floor which is dominated by black and white so that it can blend well in one room. Sage Green Wall Paint Ideas from @looking_at_the_blue


Do you want a laundry room decoration that looks brighter and more impressive? The blue tone is the best choice that you can apply. This color is able to bring the atmosphere of the room to feel fresher because it is like on the beach. The use of patterned wallpaper and several types of flower arrangements on the countertop can add a contrasting color to the room but still attract attention. Blue Color Scheme from @haverhill.home


Cabinets can help boost function, provide streamlined organization, and create a polished look for your laundry room. When selecting the right type of cabinetry, consider your storage needs and budget. If you want to maximize storage, a base cabinet with large drawers can be a good choice. These cabinets will be great for storing detergents, softeners, and other laundry supplies.

Another option is a pantry cabinet for larger items such as brooms, mops, or ironing boards. These cabinets are typically more expensive than a base cabinet, but they will be a better fit for your space and your needs. Closed cabinetry can make your laundry room more tidy and polished. However, open shelving can also be a great option for organizing frequently-used items.


This open cabinet made of natural wood can be repainted in plain white to reveal an elegant and minimalist design. Just place this open cabinet right next to the stacked washing machine to make it easier and more efficient to reach washing needs. In this open cabinet you can add several plastic baskets for additional, more organized storage. Open Cabinet Storage from @mukenshome


Take advantage of the laundry room wall as an area to apply a floating cabinet that can be used as an open or closed storage area. Adjust the material and appearance of the cabinet with the theme of your room, marble backsplash with melamine wood floating cabinet ready to present a modern and minimalist theme instantly. Floating Cabinet Laundry Room from @dom.pod.warszawa


Repaint your laundry room cabinets in white for a minimalist and modern look. It will be a look that will never fail and not go out of style either. Currently, you can use melamine wood as the main ingredient so that it has a more shiny surface when exposed to the reflection of sunlight and the lights around it. A glass door is an additional natural light that you can put to good use. Minimalist Style Cabinet Storage from @studioblackinteriors


Do you need storage space in a laundry room decor? The cabinet is one of the best storages that can be utilized to the fullest. Now you can use melamine wood as the main material that will never fail. Repaint it with gray so that an elegant look can be obtained instantly. This cabinet works in a closed manner so that your stock of washing needs is safer. Melamine Wood Cabinet from @arkeniestetiikkaa

Lighting Ideas

Whether your laundry room is located in a basement, closet, or even an upstairs space, it needs good lighting to make the work easier. Using natural light or replicating it is the best way to achieve this, but you can also use LED lights to add some interesting aesthetic appeal to your space. The key to lighting your laundry room is to layer it – think about accent, general, and task light. For example, you might choose a mini recessed ceiling light or a bright chandelier to provide overhead lighting in your laundry room. Recessed lighting is ideal for smaller laundry rooms, as it adds a layer of ambient light to help spot stains. It is also a great choice for spaces that don’t have windows, as it can balance the overall lighting in your space.


The laundry room with additional task lighting in the countertop area can be used as additional lighting that can be used optimally when washing clothes or ironing clothes. The light produced from this task lighting has an orange color which can make the room feel warmer. In addition, this lamp is also able to provide a classic and simple look. Task Lighting from


Don’t just use one lighting in a large, spacious and open laundry room. Now you can combine chandeliers, recessed lamps and wall sconces which are hung right above the glass window in this laundry room. These three lights can be used simultaneously to produce a bright room all day long. Or you can use this lighting according to the needs of the room. Different Types of Lighting from @enforthomes


A globe pendant lamp with a large enough size is able to illuminate your laundry room thoroughly, including in the corner area of the room as well. Just hang it right in the work area of this laundry room so that it can still be used when the room gets dark at night. The touch of gold on this globe lamp can add to the attractiveness of the room because it produces a sparkle from the sunlight that enters the room. Single Globe Pendant Lamp from @mmlighting


The vintage look of this pendant lighting design is dominated by galvanized material which is not easily damaged when used for a long time. Because the ceiling in the laundry room is quite wide, you can use two galvanized pendant lighting with two sizes, the same material and color so that they look more harmonious. Dominating white shades make the room look brighter and more open. Galvanized Pendant Lighting from @peltierhome


Take a look at the classic use of LED lighting in this laundry room decoration, its size is large enough to be used as the focal point of the room. Just hang it right in the middle of this laundry room decor to highlight and provide maximum lighting to all corners of the room. Glass windows are an area that makes the room brighter during the day because it will allow more sunlight into the room. Classic Style LED Lighting from @peltierhome


Lights are one of the important room interiors, now you can apply them to the laundry room decoration. Now you can use more than one recessed lighting installed on the roof area so that the lighting you get is more optimal. Try to choose a lamp with white lighting so that it can be used better at night, this lamp is suitable for modern or contemporary room decoration. Recessed Lighting Ideas from @maxs_manor

Add Accessories

The right accessories can turn a drab laundry room into an inviting space to do chores in. Look for time-saving gadgets that are stylish and functional, like lint traps that attach to walls. When it comes to buying accessories, be sure to buy durable items that will withstand wear and tear over the long haul. If you’re looking for a laundry room accessory that is both practical and cute, look for laundry baskets. These can be hung on the wall or placed in the corner of your laundry room to store dirty clothes. Storage jars are also a great option for keeping detergent pods, dryer sheets and other cleaning supplies organized.


Cover the laundry room floor with a runner rug that has a neutral color with a touch of a bohemian pattern. Just apply this runner rug right in front of placing the washing machine so that it can be used as footwear that is more comfortable to use all day long. Repeat washing this rug easily because it has a material that is not too thick so it dries easily too. Gray and white dominate this bohemian rug pattern. Bohemian Runner Rug Design from @decorsteals


Additional accessories that you can use in decorating the laundry room are some wicker rattan baskets that can be used as additional storage. The existence of this basket is able to store goods more well organized. For example, you can use it as a container to store clean clothes or dirty clothes. Place it right above the floating shelf to minimize the use of floor space so it’s wider. Woven Storage Basket from @jkath_designbuild


Do not store detergent or clothes deodorizer in the packaging. For a new and tidier look, you can use a jar as a storage area that can be neatly arranged on a storage shelf area that is installed on an empty wall. Only use this storage jar as needed, because if you have too much it will make the room look more chaotic and messy. Jute baskets are a storage addition that you can use in a variety of different sizes. Jar Detergent Storage from @mybohoabode


A laundry room can easily be made aesthetic with a little imagination. It’s a space that typically gets a lot of abuse from everyday use, so choosing the right flooring can make it a more pleasant place to work. One of the best things you can do is choose a floor that’s water-resistant. This is especially important if you’re washing large items, such as clothes, that might drip on the floor.

Another factor you should consider is how easy it is to clean your floors. For example, tile is a good choice for a laundry room because it’s easy to clean. It’s also resistant to stains, so it won’t soak up any spills from bleach or petroleum-based cleaners. It’s also available in a variety of colors and styles, so you can choose a look that matches your other flooring. And to add texture into your laundry room, you can choose a patterned floor.


Lower maintenance and less expensive is the use of vinyl flooring for your laundry room décor. The color of this wooden vinyl is dark, making it easier for you to combine it with other interiors around it. In addition, vinyl wood also has attractive fibers that can add patterns as well as texture to the room instantly. The existence of LED lighting can be used as additional room lighting. Wooden Vinyl Floor from


Look at the use of tile floors with the main ingredient being ceramic, doesn’t it look more shiny when exposed to the reflections of the lights and sunlight from around it? The ceramic material used is also easier to clean when spilled with perfume or detergent. Just wipe using a microfiber cloth that has been wet with water. The colors and patterns used on the tile floor also look more eye-catching. Ceramic Tile Floor from @myinterior_diary


The simple appearance of using farmhouse tiles is suitable for decorating a laundry room with the addition of wood on the countertop. This farmhouse tile can be tried on the floor area with an installation that can be adjusted according to the pattern. The color of the tile used is blue so it is suitable in combination with plain white cabinets and washing machines. Additional greenery in several different areas is also highly recommended. Farmhouse Pattern Floor from @home_family_deco


This floor tile with a floral pattern has splashes of deep black color which can be combined directly with the use of plain white wooden cabinets. Both of these colors are able to provide an instant addition of monochromatic style. It’s not enough to get here, the tile floor material used is also not easily broken and can be used throughout the year without repeated renovations. The flower pattern on the tile is rarely used so it can add to the visual appeal of the room. Black Matte Floral Floor from @lux.decordesign

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