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Garden is a good addition to add curb appeal to your home. Having a garden will give a fresh nuance for your outdoor space. Both large or small, gardens can make an attractive look. The beautiful landscaping is the main concern in designing a garden. Therefore, designing an attractive garden is very important.

There are some aspects to create an attractive garden look. One of them is by adding some features. To add a fresh aspect to the garden, a water feature is a great addition to the garden. Water features bring a sense of tranquility to your garden and can also block out unwanted sounds. They are also a boon to wildlife and attract birds, frogs, dragonflies, and other insects. Related to that, there are many types of water features to choose from. Here are some water feature ideas that will complete your garden landscape.

Different kinds of water features for garden landscape ideas1 (2)

Drilled Rocks

Drilled rock water features are some of the easiest and most affordable to install. A professional can drill a hole in a rock and add a pump kit to create the effect of bubbling water. These types of rock water features can be found in a wide variety of stones including sparkly mica, petrified wood, amethyst, and holey moss. A drilled stone fountain can be enhanced by adding lighting to accentuate the unique lines of each piece.


Drilled rock water which is used as a waterfall decoration in your garden decoration can be done alone with a sturdy arrangement. This rock structure can be reinforced with a mixture of cement and sand so that it can stick more perfectly. This waterfall design is a different view for your garden and of course you can try it as best you can. Drilled Rock Water Feature for Waterfall from @wishingwellgoods


If you have a rock with a large size then just make it a rock drilled water garden design that can be carved so that it can stand firmly on its own. You can drill the rock to a depth sufficient to produce the water feature you need in this garden decoration. Choose and use a rock with a dark color like black so it doesn’t require repainting. Natural Drilled Rock Water Feature from @allseasons_landscape


Not only driller rock water feature that you can use in garden decoration. But now you can combine it with a swan ornament that can make this garden look more beautiful and different. The surface of the stones and gravel at the bottom is ready to add texture to the garden naturally with a neat layout too. Drilled Rock Water with Swan Statue from @hedahlandscape

Garden Ponds

A garden pond is a beautiful addition to any yard and requires some maintenance, but the results are stunning. Ponds can be as small or large as desired and may attract animal, such as frog and other wildlife. They also provide an extra level of cooling because they continually recirculate and cool the water they contain.


To add to the beauty of garden ponds, you can add urns as mini waterfalls. The existence of this urns is ready to be used as an additional ornament that you can try and can install yourself with the right layout. Repaint the urns of this ornament in green so that it has color harmony with the greenery around it so that it blends in perfectly. Add Urns Ornament from @acer_landscape_architecture


There’s nothing wrong with adding a bridge accent to your garden pond decoration, this will be very useful for your activities while in the backyard garden area. Use a bridge with iron material so it doesn’t break easily when used for a long time. Also repaint the iron surface with black to minimize rust as well and not cause repeated renovations. Add Iron Bridge from @climapod


The garden pond design which is perfected with several types of green plants around it is able to present a tropical theme instantly. You can use tropical plants too, there’s nothing wrong with adding some blooming flowers to add color to your garden instantly. You can plant this plant with a distance that is not too far away. Tropical Vibes Garden Ponds from @zahradkaslunecna

Water Blades

Water blades are becoming increasingly popular in modern garden designs and can be a great way to add a focal point without needing the space for a stream or pond. They consist of a wall mounted box with a ‘blade’ shaped front lip that when pumped up produces a wide sheet of flowing water. Higher quality ones have a bank of baffle plates hidden inside to improve the flow of water even further giving a really impressive effect. These can be hung or built into walls and we offer them in both stunning stainless steel or less expensive acrylic. They can be fitted with LED lights to really enhance the effects they produce.


So that the presence of water blades can be seen clearly at night, you can add LEDs for proper lighting and can also be installed easily. Use LED lighting in green so it’s ready to be used as the focal point of the room. The existence of these water blades can be an additional water feature garden as well as proper lighting and can be used as needed. LED Water Blades from @igardenvision


Decorating a perfect fish pond with two water blades is a clever idea that you can add to produce a relaxing splash of water. Use and install these water blades right on the edge of the pool with the same height and of course with the same design and color to make it look more harmonious and matching. Just fill it with koi fish to keep it low maintenance. Fish Ponds Water Blades from @perfect_ponds


Apply lower water blades in your garden decoration to serve as an additional safe play area for your children. Use more than one of these water blades so that they can be used as a focal point in your garden decoration. Cover the surface just below the water blades with gravel or small stones to make the water splash harder. Low Display Water Blades from @waterbydesign


This part of the backyard garden which is perfected with modern style water blades is the best idea and decoration you can do. The water blades decoration with a white surface gives a modern impression that will never fail. You can add some greenery and blooming flowers for a natural impression and added color. Modern Style Water Blades from @igardenvision


Adding a waterfall can make your garden feel more tranquil and the sound of tumbling water has always been found to be extremely relaxing. You can create a waterfall from a pond by adding a water pump, and it will recirculate the water, keeping your pond clean. Alternatively, you can build a waterfall on top of a hill in your garden.


This DIY stone waterfall with a size that is quite large and wide is ready to be used as a water feature decoration in your backyard garden. The resulting water splash will be louder and ready to be used as a relaxation for you and your family with an additional sitting area. This waterfall decoration will last better because it has a harder surface material, use brown stone material. Statement Waterfall Garden from @biblioszabo


The stone material that dominates the waterfall decoration is the best choice because the materials used are easier to find around your home. This tiered waterfall can be designed together with greenery around it so it can add color naturally. Because this stone waterfall has a large enough size, it is ready to be used as the focal point of the room and you can try it for a new look. Stone Waterfall Garden from @matthew_giampietro


Add this simple backyard water feature. You can have it in a small size to perfect the decoration of water streams in the backyard garden area. Add several different plants on the edges with different types and sizes so that it looks more diverse. The existence of this water feature can make your garden decoration more attractive to the eye. Small Waterfall Garden from @cowrajapanesegarden


Water features don’t have to be a flashy decoration in the center of your garden. Fountains with natural main materials such as stone will blend with other outdoor elements. Install it near an outdoor seating area to get the most out of it. Complete with cherry blossoms all around to emphasize the Japanese and summer theme at the same time. Summer Waterfall Garden from @saintjohnsresort


Fountains can add a touch of elegance to your garden and can also be very soothing when listening to the gentle sound of the flowing water. They can be a great focal point of your garden and are sure to attract the attention of anyone that enters your yard or gardens. They can be made from a different styles and sizes. Many fountains are self-contained and have their own water reservoir that keeps them working. This makes them easy to install and easy to maintain.

Tiered fountains are perhaps the most common type of fountain that you will see in a garden area. These fountains have multiple tiers and the water cascades over each tier in a very natural way. They can also be quite dramatic. If you’re into a more modern style, there are fountains that feature statues. These can give your garden a sophisticated, European-style look. They’re especially striking when paired with a pond or waterfall.

TiaUntuk menambah suara percikan air di dekorasi kebun anda maka anda bisa menambahkan tiered water fountain dengan bahan utama batu atau concrete sehingga lebih keras dan tidak mudah pecah saat di gunakan dalam jangka waktu yang cukup lama. Tiga. Tiered Water Fountain from @santisfountains


Do you have a large number of slate stones? If you have it, you can use it as a mini water fountain decoration that can be applied to areas that are still empty so that it can be used more optimally. Use these slate stones in a vertical arrangement, arrange from smaller to larger sizes so they don’t collapse easily when exposed to the wind. Slate Stone Water Fountain from @rbl_building_services


The fountain in a container made of concrete can be moved when needed. Surround with several types of green plants to add to the natural atmosphere instantly. Try to use only pot plants to facilitate your routine daily maintenance, concrete materials also don’t break easily when used for a long time. Concrete Material Water Fountain from @campania.international


To add to the specialty of your garden decoration, add a water fountain with a size large enough so that it can be used as an outdoor focal point. Besides that, the green plants around it are natural decorations that you can take care of easily, do regular watering and fertilizing. Water Fountain Surrounded by Greenery from @campania.international


Streams are a unique kind of water feature for garden that can give your backyard a natural and soothing feel. This kind of feature can be a good alternative to pools as it uses plants for its filtration system rather than chemicals. They can also serve as natural habitats for wildlife and spawning grounds. This kind of feature isn’t just unique, but it can also be a fun way to add an eye-catching element to your garden. You can build your own artificial stream or enlist the help of a landscaper to do it for you. The trick is to make it look as real as possible.


If traditional water streams aren’t your thing, get back to nature. These water streams are made with boulders imitating what you might find in the wild. Complete the naturalistic look by adding native plants around this rugged water feature. Beautifully flowing water makes for a new sight and focal point that can never fail. Natural Stone Water Streams from @betorodf


The decoration of these long water streams is dominated by stones and pebbles which blend in perfectly. Water will flow freely to the lowest part of the land. Stones and gravel can be found easily around your house without having to buy them. This will be a relaxation area for your feet. Long Water Streams from @doll_94ssm


It’s good to combine water streams with green plants on the edges. This is a different look in your garden decoration. Grass and green plants are a combination that will never fail and you can apply it easily. You can make these water streams yourself by digging the ground and adding some rocks or gravel as accents and additional texture. Water Streams with a Side of Greenery from @colombowallah

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