Do you feel overwhelmed in your underwear? Underwear will overwhelm the owner if they are not properly organized and laid out. Maybe all this time, you’ve just kept it in a cupboard or drawer. However, this condition will eventually frustrate you when everything piles up into one. You will find it difficult to find what you want to use. It may take some time for you to find it. All you have to do is to organize your underwear drawer in proper ways.

Knowing the best way to organize an underwear drawer in a very pretty neat and tidy way is important to make your day run easier. You can do some ways to organize your underwear drawers. It may take some time at first, but trust me, it is your long term investment to have an organized underwear drawer, make your day go easier and keep your mood. Here are some ways to organize an underwear drawer to copy.


Declutter Your Current Collection

A good clear-out is a must before organizing an underwear drawer. You can start by gathering every item including everything in the laundry basket. This idea will make your work go easier when everything is in one place. After that, discard anything that no longer fits you, not in the best condition. You can just retain only pieces you feel confident and comfortable in.


Before folding and tidying up your underwear, you can sort them from those that are still good and those that are not suitable for use. When you have underwear that has been torn, it’s best to just throw it away so it doesn’t fill up your storage drawer so that the room that should be used can be used to store the good ones. This storage drawer can be used easily. Dispose of Torn Underwear from @themillapartment


Tidy up your underwear drawer with neat folds and arrangements. Neat underwear storage will give you more benefits. For example, making it easier for you to find clothes according to your needs, this will make your search time more effective and efficient. Just do regular underwear tidying. Tidy Your Underwear from @thepenciltestrenton


Do you have storage drawers that you don’t use? Just use it as an area to store some of the underwear you have. This drawer can be pulled outward when it is used, after use it can be pushed back so that your underwear is protected from dust and dirt which can cause irritation or itching. Underwear Pull-Out Drawer from @pinkyhanlou


Keep all your underwear in the storage drawer. This will minimize the mess that might occur in your wardrobe. Organize all of your underwear as well and neatly as possible to make it easier for you to find and reuse according to what you need. Besides that, this drawer is also perfected with a divider which makes it look tidier. Underwear Organization from @clean.and.simple.home


You can fold underwear in the same arrangement and folds. After that, arrange them vertically neatly in the storage drawer that you have. You can store underwear according to the color or material used so that it is better organized. This underwear drawer is large enough to store more. Fold and Organize Underwear from @org_relo

Sort Underwear By Type

Once you get the happiness of what’s left, it is your time to sort. On a board level, panties, bras, and socks/lights should always be stored separately, so you can start with that. After that, you may also think about categories to make the most sense to you like activewear, occasional, or everyday. Besides, you can also organize it based on the color too.


Don’t let your underwear drawers fall apart and look messy when opened or pulled outward. Because now you can arrange and tidy it up to make it easier for you when you are going to use the underwear you are looking for. Before it is stored and folded, you can throw away the torn underwear so that it doesn’t fill up your storage drawer. Sort Your Underwear from @primspace


Of course, your underwear comes in a variety of different colors. Store them properly in drawers, one of the sorting you can do is store them according to their color. This storage is usually called KonMari so that it makes your eyes draw more attention, do it easily and before that you can sort it first. Sorting Underwear by Color from @homorganizing


It is better to separate the bra storage from the underpants that you have. Divider is one of the best storage you can use. Just put this divider in the storage drawer according to its size. This storage is quite easy to do yourself, you can paint this storage drawer section white for an elegant and newer look. Sorting Underwear by Type from @roseorganizes

Divide Your Drawers

However hard you try to keep everything neat, the smaller items of yours have a tendency to get jumbled up when left to their own devices. You can use dividers to instantly bring order to ties, underwear, accessories, and socks for far quicker and easier finding. After that, you can also go for adjustable versions to ensure you are making the best use of your space. Besides, the drawer dividers also create space limits so you cannot add anything to the space until you get rid of some items. In the end, your drawers will be tidy in a smart way.


To tidy up the inside of this storage drawer, you can use a divider according to the drawer space that will be used. Divider box storage is one of the best ideas that you can apply to store all the folds of underwear you have. Use this divider box more than one or it can also be adjusted to the width of your drawer. Divider Box Storage from @goddessalyssum


A divider drawer with a unique shape is the best choice that you can use for your underwear storage area. This hexagon divider will help store your underpants properly and of course tidier. The empty space next to the hexagon divider can be used to store some of the bras you have. Hexagon Divider Underwear from @misterorganizernorge


Think about adding a divider to your underwear drawer. Its use is intended so that the underwear that has been sorted does not come together again, use a divider with the main ingredient of wood so that it is not easily damaged when used for quite a long time. You can sort them according to your needs, for example underwear that is rarely or often used. DIY Wooden Divider Storage from @gwhomesolutions


The existence of a fairly high divider in this storage drawer will make your underwear tidier and more organized. Arrange bras and underpants in different boxes so that it’s easier for you to get back the underwear that will be used. Try to use a divider with a harder material so it is not easily damaged, broken or porous. Drawer Underwear with High Divider from @sortsupport

Fold And Stack

Although folding can make everything in a neat finish, it can be more hassle than it is worth when it comes to your smaller items. Therefore, fold to a standard you can keep up. Here you can fold easily and neatly enough into half or thirds. It is aimed at roughly the same size. In addition, when you place items back into the drawer, you can stack them vertically rather than on top of each other. Thus, your every item will be seen at a glance and will not knock over piles when going to take something.


After all your underwear is folded, you can store and arrange it neatly in the storage drawer that you have. Just arrange it neatly according to the color so it looks more effective and efficient. Use drawers with wood material so that they are not easily porous when used for a long time. Fold and Arrange Neatly from @betogether . organizing


Organize and store all of your underwear vertically to save on the storage drawer space you have. Why is it stored vertically? Yes, because this drawer space is used to store tools or other equipment that you have. Use containers to differentiate storage between one equipment and another. Arrange and Storage Vertically from @thedeclutteringmum


This storage drawer made of wood can be used as an area to put and store some of the underwear you have. This will make your underwear safer from dust and dirt that might stick because it is closed. Just use this storage drawer more than one or it can be adjusted as needed. Wooden Underwear Drawer Storage from @turdlerwrangler

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