Secret ways to clean your rug2

Cleaning the rug is an important thing that should be done regularly. It is not only about cleanliness but also about the health. You should know that the rug can affect your health, especially the furry rug. The feather of the rug can be a cozy space for the germ to hide. Also, dust can lodge in the crevices of the rug and make you sneeze before the cold comes. How scary it will be when you don’t deal with the rug cleaning regularly. You don’t want to be sick just because of the rug, right? Especially when you have kids where the dirty and dusty rug is really risky for them.

Secret ways to clean your rug1

There are many possible ways that you can do for your rug cleaning since the rug problems will also be varied. You may have it dusty because you don’t clean it in a long time. Or, the rug may be wet cause of the spilled tea and other rug problems may occur. For the cleaning itself, you can do it by using a vacuum cleaner for the dust. However, if it is too dirty, then you need to wash it. For the stain, you should use a special liquid to make the stain goes away. Here we have some references that you can do for your rug cleaning. The ideas will be about the rug problem and how you can deal with this. Get the ideas below.

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One of the right ways to clean carpets is to use a vacuum cleaner. By using this one tool you can easily pull out the dust that is between the carpets. Powered by electricity, you don’t need a lot of energy to clean the carpet. Rug Vacuum cleaning from @wraydrive62

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There are many ways you can clean carpets, one of which is using a squeegee. This tool is equipped with rubber on the bottom that will function to pull the tumbleweed-style hairballs from your rug. In this way, your carpet will stay clean and avoid dirt in the form of hair and animal hair. Squeegee rug cleaning from @crafty_sparkly_clean_home

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Look at the picture above! This is an easy way that you can try to clean dirty rugs. This time you can use cleaning fluid and spray it on the dirty carpet. Then to dry it you can use a cloth to wipe the area of the carpet that has been sprayed. Spray cleaning solution and wipe from @claremontrugcompany

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This is one rug-cleaning hack that you can try right now. Here you can use a hair comb to clean the carpet from loose hair and animal hair. Quite easy! You only need to comb the hair and hair or animal hair on the comb so that your carpet will be clean. Rug cleaning hack from @abiscleaningspace

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If there are only a few dirty areas on the carpet, you can clean them using a small brush like this one. Here you only need to spray soap or shampoo on the dirty parts and then brush them. This way your carpet will be cleaned faster and without washing the entire rug. Brushing Rug from @life_with_jade

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The most common way to clean rugs is to steal rugs. Here you can put the rug on the floor area and add a special rug-washing soap. Then brush using a large, long-handled brush to make your work easier. Finally rinse with water and your rug will be clean again. Wash the carpet with soap from @vintagebohorug

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You will never fail to use this steam cleaner to clean the rugs in your home. This tool will work with hot steam and pressure so it is effective in cleaning dirt such as oil and dust. In addition, this steam cleaning can also kill mites that nest in your rug. Steam rug cleaning from @friendly.carpet.cleaner

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When the entire carpet surface is dirty, one of the right ways to clean it is to wash it. This time you can use a special tool to wash the carpet like in the picture above. This tool will work to brush the carpet and also clean the foam from the carpet and the results will be clean again like new. Rug Washing from @777rug

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After washing your carpet, make sure it is completely dry because if it is not dry, it will get dirty again very easily. This time you can use a dryer like the picture above. The way to operate it is almost the same as a vacuum cleaner, so it will never fail to try. Using the dryer from @allpointsrestoration

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When your floor is dirty with water or other liquids, clean it immediately so you don’t make it dirtier. It’s quite simple, here you can use a soft cloth and have high absorbency to clean the carpet from water. Put a rag on the mop handle so that it will be easier for you to move it. Cleaning the Carpet from

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