To save your space more in a bathroom you can invest in over-the-toilet storage. Your floor space will be saved and get the bathroom look clean.


4 Tier Bathroom Storage Shelving Unit

4 tier bathroom storage shelving unit Favorite Over-The-Toilet Storage Unit For Clutter-Free And Functional bathroom


The shelves of this product offer more storage space than most over-the-counter units. You can mention this as an excellent choice for anyone who owns a lot of stuff in a bathroom. As maintenance, this shelving unit can be wiped down with distilled white vinegar and a microfiber cloth. You can place their plants, towels, and other storage needs.

Metal Bathroom Organizer

Metal bathroom organizer Favorite Over-The-Toilet Storage Unit For Clutter-Free And Functional bathroom


Since metal is an excellent material option for the sturdiest, most solid over-the-toilet storage so chooses it for now. Your bathroom will have aesthetic appeal and can look industrial very quickly. This storage unit is good for stashing pretty yet delicate items like breakable bottles, incense holders, plants, and even a photo frame.

UTEZ 3-Shelf Bathroom Organizer

It is a versatile organizer that will work for any bathroom as a solid over-the-toilet storage solution. It is made with solid engineering wood that is carefully crafted. This over-the-toilet storage is a great way to get additional bathroom organization without taking up too much of the floor space. On the other hand, it also adds an elegant and functional look where you can check your supplies with one glance. The shelves are convenient for stashing tissues, perfumes, beauty products, and toilet paper.

Bamboo 3-Tier Organizer

A bamboo 3-tier bathroom organizer is a perfect pick for small bathrooms. It will help everyone to keep their toiletries organized so there will be no more stuff under the sink.  This bamboo organizer also offers a durable and smooth finish that can well protect you from being scratched.

Sriwatana Storage Cabinet

This storage cabinet offer mix of 2-door cabinet with an adjustable shelf and open storage shelf. You can store a lot of items like soaps, paper towels, towels, body wash, and even perfume. As good news, it also performs as a perfect decoration to fit your bathroom and offer a tidy and convenient lifestyle. With a high-quality CARB P2-grade MDF, it also provides long-lasting use. If you have a farmhouse home design, this storage will be awesome with visible wood slats and elegant metal handles.

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