Storm damage how to protect and maintain your house to minimize the risk2

For you who live in an area that has a high risk to be hit by the storm, doing the maintenance for your home or simply checking the house condition is such a must. You should know well the times when the storm commonly hits the area so that you can concern about house maintenance before the storm hits. Also, you should make sure that you build your house using the best sturdy material so that it won’t be damaged by the storm. When you already have a sturdy house building, then simply doing the maintenance will be really useful to protect the house and minimize the risk that is caused by the storm.

Storm damage how to protect and maintain your house to minimize the risk1

For the home maintenance and checking that you should do related to the storm damage risk, you should look back to what you’ve experienced with the damage. Or, you may ask for the others’ experiences if you are new to this. However, to give you ease, here is a list of the things that you should deal with. It won’t deal with all house parts because the focus is to protect the house from storm damage. Take a look at the ideas we provided below.

Repair the Siding

The siding that is installed on the outdoor wall is the one that will be risky to be affected by the storm. It is good of the storm doesn’t fly the siding and only creates gaps or a little bit of crack there. But, what if the siding is gone? So, before the storm hits, you should repair the siding if there is a part that should be patched. Or, if the siding looks good, you should check on the installment and make sure that the siding locks well with the wall.

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Repairing the siding is one way you can protect and maintain your home to minimize risk. One of the siding repairs that you can do is to replace the peeling walls. This method is cheaper and easier, so don’t miss it. Replacing chipped siding from @aasiding_nj_ny

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Protect and maintain your home to minimize the risk of storm damage! Repairing upholstery is the right idea. This time you can repair the damage to the siding by re-gluing it so that there are no parts that peel off. This method will make your home look beautiful again after the storm damage. Repairing damaged Siding from @aasiding_nj_ny

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The coating is one part of the house that will be affected by a hurricane. You can maintain it by gluing back the coating that has peeled off using bolts so that it is stronger and safer. This method is quite easy and inexpensive but very effective in protecting and maintaining your home. Glue the exposed siding back with bolts from @aasiding_nj_ny

Checking the Shingles

Not only the roof but the shingles are also the important part that should be considered well when doing the maintenance. The shingles are used to protect the gaps between the roof on the peak part of the roof and lock the roof well. Since the spot is located on the peak then it is the most risky one to be damaged by the storm. When the shingles are damaged, then another part of the roof is risky to be damaged also. So, it is clear that not only the leak will happen and damage your whole house part but the shingles damage can damage other roof parts. In maintaining the shingles, you can do it by changing the broken shingles and checking the installment to make sure that everything is installed well.

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Shingles are one part of the house that is often damaged during storms. This time you can take care of your home by checking the shingles regularly. By checking, you will find out the damage earlier and can fix it more quickly. Check for damage to the shingles from @roofershelper

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Checking for shingles regularly is one of the easiest ways to protect your home from storm damage. By checking it regularly you can find out damage to shingles such as peeling shingles. Then you can fix it properly and precisely. Therefore this idea should never be missed. Shingles Peeling from @roofadvance

Making Sure the Gutter Can Work Well

The storm will come with rain in many cases. That is why the gutter also needs to check well. Imagine that when a storm with wind and rain hit the area while your gutter is broken or can’t work well. The rainwater can’t flow well and will create leaks here and there. The things that you should do for the gutter maintenance are as follow.

  1. Clean the gutter from the gutter blockage such as foliage, twigs, and other small particles.
  2. Clean the gutter from moss
  3. Making sure that the gutter is installed well and sturdy
  4. Checking the gutter from the leak. It could be from the small perforation caused by the hit or durability.
  5. Checking the pipe system that is connected to the gutter.
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Effective and efficient! Checking the gutters regularly is one of the right ideas to protect your home. Make sure there is no damage to the gutter such as cracks or clogged gutters. Because if that happens, it will result in water damage and can also result in greater damage. Checking the gutter from @agonraingutters

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Gutter is one part of the house that needs care and protection. Make sure your gutter is in good condition in the sense that it is clean and can drain water perfectly. You can do this by cleaning the gutter from various kinds of dirt such as leaves and tree branches. Check gutter cleanliness from @your_life_in_monmouth

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This time you can protect and maintain your home by checking the gutters. Check the gutter periodically to find out damage earlier. In this way, your gutter can work properly and will not cause other damage that will disturb the comfort of your home. Checking Gutter damage from @pmhprojectmyhouse

Checking the Windows and Doors Sealing

Not to let the water and the wind or anything that comes with the storm enter the house, you should maintain your window and doors. Well, it is true that as long as you have a good door and window material that still works well you don’t need to worry. However, I believe that you know about the gaps that are commonly there on the windows and doors. Here it is the thing that you should concern well to be maintained. In this case, you can seal the windows and the doors so that you won’t let any water or simply wind enter your house.

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To minimize the risk of storm damage, one of the easy things is to check the door sealing. You can check the sealing periodically so that it is detected earlier if there is damage and can be repaired quickly. The reason is when it is damaged, it may cause even greater damage. Checking the door sealing from @grand_conceptstore

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Not only door sealing! Window sealing is also one of the things you should check regularly. Make sure everything is in good condition so that it will make your home more minimal risk. This method is quite easy to do but still effective and efficient in protecting and maintaining your home. Checking the Window Sealing from @caulking_professionals

Trimming the Trees Near the Building

When talking about the storm what will be a threat to your house building is the trees. What we are talking about here is the trees near your house building. When the trees collapse and override the house then you will get big damage there. So, we recommend you not to have a big tree near the house building. Or, if it is too late and the tree is already there, at least you should trim the tree before the storm hits. If it is impossible for you to deal with the tree, you can ask a professional to do it. No matter how you will deal with the tree, just do it!

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Trees in the area near the house may cause damage to your home during a storm. Therefore, you can trim it regularly so as not to cause damage to the roof of your house. You can do this yourself or call an expert. Trimming Garden Tree from @salvastreecuttingservice

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One interesting way to look after and protect your home is to prune trees near buildings. The reason is if the tree is not trimmed, it will result in damage to the roof such as cracked roofs, peeled roofs, collapsed roofs and others. This home care and protection idea will never fail to try. Trimming Side yard trees from @treeproltd

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To protect and care for your home, this time you can prune trees in the area near your home building. In this way, your house will be protected from falling branches which will cause damage to the exterior of your house. To do this, you can cut it yourself or bring in the experts. Trimming the tree from @treeproltd

Checking Your Drainage

It is true that the drainage won’t be connected to your house building but it is important to protect your house too. Remember that the drainage will let the water flow in the right way so that the water in the soil won’t damage your building from the bottom. Here are the drainage maintenances that you can do.

  1. Clean the drainage from the clog
  2. Clean the drainage sediment
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Don’t miss drainage! Because drain is very influential on the building of your house. This time you can check the inground drain near your house, make sure everything is clean and can work perfectly. In this way, water cannot erode the soil which will result in the shifting of your house. Check in-ground drainage from @crowntech_engineering

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Check for drainage as an effort to protect your home from damage. You can check the drainage pipe section, make sure everything is in good condition and there are no leaks. In this way, drainage can properly drain water to the disposal and will not cause soil erosion. Checking Pipe Drainage from @stephenlisk

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Easy but very influential! Checking drainage is an easy way but very influential on your home. You can check regularly on the landscape drainage section!. In this way, you will find out what happened to your drain such as clogged, leaking and others. When it does, fix it sooner so it doesn’t cause too much damage. Checking Landscape Drainage from @civil_engineersden

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