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The bathroom is one of the rooms that is often used. This is an important room in every home. No matter what the size, the bathroom must be well designed. It’s the same as thinking about bathroom accessories that will complement bathroom decor while providing function. Sometimes this is often overlooked. Meanwhile, bathroom accessories will increase the functionality of the area and comfort for the user. These small pieces are functional and decorative, and they come in a variety of styles.

Imagine when you take a shower, your towels are placed on the floor, toothbrushes that have no place, soap that has melted on the floor and other messy situations. It will not bring comfort right? Well, you can avoid this mess by adding the right bathroom accessories. There are several kinds of bathroom accessories that can be used according to your needs. And, here is a list of bathroom accessories that you must have to make it easier for you.

List of bathroom accessories you should have1

Towel Rack

A towel rack is an important bathroom accessory because it keeps wet towels in one place. This way, you can get a dry towel whenever you need one. A rack may have a series of bars to hold towels individually or it can have shelves for folded towels. It can also be free standing or wall mounted. There are also towel rings and hooks that can be used in place of a towel bar or rack. They can also be directly mounted to the door.


Towels are one of the most important bathroom accessories. Because of that you can prepare storage so that it can be well organized and tidy. Prepare an open shelf with iron that can be installed and applied to the side of the vanity table, this shelf makes it easier for you to store clean towels or towels that have been used. Built-in Towel Rack from @rai_marble


Take advantage of the bathroom wall as an area to install an open towel rack. Choose and use a rack that is long enough to be used to hang a large number of towels. Apply this towel rack in the right area so that it doesn’t make it easier for you to take clean towels. Hanging Wall Towel Rack from @alliedprojects

Toilet Paper Holder

A toilet paper holder is an important accessory for the bathroom as it is fixed near to the WC. The holder can be made of various materials such as wood, metal and ceramic. There are various designs and colours available in the market that can match with the overall bathroom décor.


Wicker baskets with a large enough size can be used to store some toilet paper stock. But to make it easier for you when using it, attach a roll of tissue to the wall holder that has been installed right in the corner of the room. The material used is brown ceramic so that it looks more shiny when exposed to the reflection of the light around it. DIY Basket Tissue Storage from @janki.home


A toilet paper holder made of wood is arranged vertically. You can move it to any area according to your needs. When this toilet paper holder is placed in a bathroom area which is dominated by wood, there is no need to repaint this accessory so that it blends in with the room more perfectly. Vertical Tissue Holder from @makowy_dom


Whether you want to add a touch of rustic charm or a minimalist look, bathroom tumblers come in various colors and materials. They’re ideal for storing toothbrushes, a toilet brush and other smaller accessories. They also have self-righting bottoms, which prevent them from falling over. While wall mounted tumblers help to clear countertops and add to the overall hygiene of a bathroom. Consider purchasing a matching set to ensure that your bathroom accessories look great together. Looking for stylish and functional bathroom accessories? Consider adding swag tumblers to your collection. They can add both flair and convenience to your bathroom space.


Do you have a tumbler at home? If so, then you can use it as a container or storage for toothbrushes so they don’t scatter everywhere. After that you can place it on the surface of the shelves, try to use a dark colored tumbler so that it is aligned with the shelves installed in the wall area. Tumbler Toothbrush Holder from @housedoctorcom

Shower Mat

Keeping an anti-skid mat in your shower area can help you avoid slipping and falling. This bathroom accessory is also an easy way to add a design element. You can find a bath mat in various styles, from modern geometric colorblock patterns to a more subtle or natural-looking design. Choose a fabric like bamboo that can absorb water quickly.


Besides being able to make your feet dry, the existence of a shower mat can also add pattern and color to the room. Now you can use a shower mat with a checkerboard pattern which is dominated by a combination of black and white. Use rubber material so that it has a slip surface that doesn’t make it slippery when used to dry your feet. Chessboard Pattern Shower Mat from @sprucyhome


A shower mat made of cotton is one of the important accessories that you can use in decorating your bathroom. Cotton material is the best choice because it can absorb water better and maximally. Another advantage that you can get is that it makes it easier for you to wash the shower mat again easily because it has a lighter material. Cotton Shower Mat from @minimal_creatives

Tissue Box

A bathroom isn’t complete without tissues and make sure that your tissue have a “home”. A tissue box is a great way to take something that’s purely functional. Plus, it’s an easy way to add a little design flair to your bathroom. Having a tissue box also saves you from having to search for tissues in the dark or rummage through your desk drawer. Plus, it shows guests that you’re prepared for anything. You can find one that complements your bathroom’s aesthetic to elevate its design.


This tissue box which has a floral patterned surface is ready to add color to the room in your bathroom area. Just put it in an area that is frequently visited such as the vanity area. This floral pattern has a blend of pink, green, white and maroon that work well together and is beautiful. Floral Tissue Box from @luna_ak.handmade


Look at the appearance of the tissue box cover that is used. The pattern used is very cute and funny, so it is suitable for decorating bathrooms with children’s vibes. Wash the tissue box cover again when it looks dirty so that it has a cleaner surface and is free from adhering dust or dirt. Covered Tissue Box from @vintagevspot

Mirror Cabinet

A mirror cabinet is an indispensable bathroom accessory that provides practical storage and a sophisticated design. Its mirrored surface de-clutters your vanity while its sleek, seamless design is sure to elevate your space.


When you have a bathroom decoration with limited space, you can use the right additional accessories. For example, you can use a mirror that is equipped with a cabinet so that it can become a multifunctional accessory. Install and hang this mirror cabinet on an empty wall or in the toilet area. Wall Mounted Mirror Cabinet from @mrkastudios


A hanging mirror equipped with a storage cabient can be applied right above the use of a vanity sink. Its existence can be used to check your appearance as well as a closed storage idea that can function to put some of the kitchen utensils and equipment that you have. That way, this mirror cabinet becomes an additional storage area. DIY Mirror Cabinet from @charlotteripleyinteriors

Soap Dispenser

Soap dispensers replace a traditional soap dish and are available in many stylish designs, both manual and automatic. Automatic foam soap dispensers are an essential bathroom accessory that makes handwashing hygienic and simple. All you need to do is wave your hand over a sensor to get the soap you need.


Do not store soap with its packaging. Now you can move it into a few dispenser bottles so it’s tidier and better organized. Place this soap dispenser on an open tray and place it right around the area around the sink in use or next to the faucet. Glass Soap Dispenser from @stayhomestyle_


The soap dispenser will make it easier for you to get the right amount of soap. Just open the soap pack and make a little hole to put it in the dispenser bottle. Buy a dispenser that is equipped with a writing label to distinguish the contents, the contents of soap or shampoo can be distinguished more easily. Pull Soap Dispenser from @thelovefordecor

Soap Dish

Soap dishes lift soap bars off bare counters and shower and bathtub ledges to keep surfaces clean and dry. Most have ridges or slats to drain excess water and prevent sogginess, prolonging the life of your bar soap. They comes in various shapes and materials. Choose one that matches your bathroom’s style. For example, the wood-based soap dishes is durable, mildew-proof and eco-friendly. Plus, they look great! They’re also super easy to clean and care for.


A soap dish is of course needed in the vanity sink area. These additional accessories will organize your bar soap so that it is not exposed to water continuously and causes it to run out easily. Choose and use a soap dish with a textured surface and wider so that it looks clearer when placed on a white countertop. Textured Soap Dish from @solidastudios


It’s better to choose and use a soap dish with ceramic main ingredients, why? Because this material is easier to wash again when it looks dirtier. Choose and use a fairly bold color so that it can be seen more clearly. Usually this soap dish is used to place bar soap or not liquid soap. Ceramic Material Soap Dish from @ceramic_today


A shower standing handle, also known as a grab bar, is an essential bathroom accessory for individuals with balance and mobility issues. They are available in different strengths and mounting options to suit individual needs.


When your toilet handle looks old or damaged then you can replace it with a newer one and of course with the chosen stainless steel material which looks shiny. This toilet handle material is suitable for decorating bathrooms with modern or contemporary themes. This is one of the bathroom accessories that can be used properly. Stainless Steel Toilet Handle from @tangodiva


If your shower wall is made of white subway tile, then for the shower handle you can use a contrasting color such as solid black. Both of them become a color combination that is able to present a monochromatic theme instantly. The choice of a black shower handle also minimizes dirt easily when used for a long time. Black Matte Shower Handle from @girlpowerbywenping


Having a shelf in your bathroom allows you to store cosmetics, shampoos, and other toiletries. It also enhances your bathroom’s aesthetic. You can get a wall-mounted or built-in shelf that looks stylish and organized. It’s the ultimate bathroom accessory to add to your home.


If you need open storage in the bathroom area, then an iron shelf is the best choice for you to try. Why choose iron material? Because this material will be more resistant to splashing water and certainly not easily corroded or corroded, try to repaint it with a choice of colors that can be adjusted to the color tone of the room used. Black Iron Shelves from @ourcosynest


Don’t worry when you have a bathroom decoration with limited space. Because now you can use the wall as an area to install several open shelves that can be stacked vertically. It’s a good idea to use a shelf support with iron material so that it is more sturdy to use to put some of the decorations or ornaments that you have. Vertical Wall Shelves from @marta_kop_home


Look at the design of bathroom shelves made of wood and iron, doesn’t it look sturdy? Yes, you can install it right in the floating vanity area so it can function better and optimally. No need to re-paint to make it look more natural and more environmentally friendly. Choose and use only teak wood which has a smoother surface. Combination of Wooden and Iron Shelves from @olsonhousehome


Bathroom storage is a necessity for keeping the space organized and clutter-free. A set of woven baskets can serve as a catch-all for miscellaneous items, from cotton rounds and balls to first aid supplies, beauty products and more.


A woven basket that is used to store clean towels can be prepared right next to the use of the bathtub. Its natural appearance has a solid surface and is not easily damaged when used for a long time. Having a basket that is large enough for additional storage will work well and will store more clean towels. Rattan Wicker Basket from @clematiscottageyorkshire


Match the color of the storage basket in your bathroom decor. When the bathroom is dominated by white, you can also use baskets in neutral colors, such as a combination of white and gray color blocks. The basket, which is equipped with two handles on the right and left sides, makes it easier for you to move it when you need it. Color Block Basket from @organihaus


There’s nothing wrong with using a bathroom basket with a more stylish look. For example, you can choose and use woven baskets that are equipped with tassel accents on the outer surface. Place it right on the surface of the windowsill to make it easier for you when you are going to use a towel or tissue according to your needs while in the bathroom. Windowsill Basket with Tassel Ornament from @ourlittlegreyhome_no4

Wall Hooks

Wall hooks add extra storage and provide a place for transient goods like additional towels, clothing or even a visitor’s toiletries bag. Sticky hooks also make great alternatives for areas behind the bathroom door or beside the sink.


Take advantage of the empty bathroom wall area to install some hooks as an open storage idea. Now you can choose it with leather only so that it is more sturdy and not easily damaged either. Just hang this hook in an area that you use often so it can be of better use, usually this hook is used to hang towels that have been used so they don’t get damp. Leather Hooks from @the.garage.collective


The wall in this part of the toilet works better when you use it as an area to hang some hooks. Try to hang the hooks in a neat arrangement and of course have the same or appropriate height so that it looks neater. This hook design is usually used to hang towels or toilet tissue holders that are hung. Hang Hooks at Same Height from @hauswork3000

Toothbrush Holder

A toothbrush holder keeps your toothbrush away from bacteria-fuelling water. It comes in various types and designs. You can put it on the countertop or you can choose a wall mounted toothbrush holder to keep your desk clutter free.


Toothbrush holder with this tooth shape is ready to be used as a focal point because it has a different appearance from the others. Use more than one so that it can be used to store toothpaste as well. Try to use it with two different colors so that it is more varied, just place it right in the countertop vanity area to make it easier for you when you are going to use it. Toothbrush Holder with Tooth Shape from @goodget.home


You can get a luxurious, elegant and modern look instantly when you use a toothbrush holder made of marble which is dominated by dark black. There’s nothing wrong with adding a touch of gold for a shiny look when exposed to the reflection of the lights around it. Use a soap dispenser with matching materials and colors so that it can be used as the focal point of the room. Marble Material Toothbrush Holder from @zelfbouwmarkt_official


When most people think of trays, they tend to picture food serving tools or decorative elements used in home decor. But a tray is not only useful in the kitchen, but can also be utilized successfully in bathrooms to keep items more organized and act as a more stylized vignette.Trays can be made from a variety of materials that will mesh well with your bathroom design. For a more luxurious look, consider a leather or woven tray. But you can find a more affordable option in plastic, glass or even stone. This allows you to find a style that will complement your existing design, whether it’s an elegant marble tray or a simple pale lacquer.


The countertop vanity area will be tidier and more organized when you use a tray as an additional open storage area. Use a tray that is large enough to store more bathroom equipment and supplies. Perfume can also be placed on the surface of this tray to make it easier for you to use it. Woven Tray Display from @wallsandthingsofficial


Your soaking area like a bathtub will feel more comfortable and relaxed when you complete it with a bathtub tray that can be used to place an aromatherapy candle with the right choice of aroma. Use a tray with only wood material to make it more sturdy and not easily porous when exposed to splashes of water. Tray Bathtub Ideas from @mrs_roobottom_home

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