Do your window cleaning right with these tips2

The window is one that will let you see the world outside the house. With its main function, it is clear that you can’t function the window well when the window gets dirty. Also, the window is used to let the natural light enters the house. What will it be when the window is dirty? Except for the aesthetic reason for its dirty look, not cleaning the window will make the natural light can’t enter the house in its best way. So, it should be clear that there is no doubt for you to do the cleaning periodically for the window. Anyway, since the dirt on the window will be more difficult to be cleaned, you should make sure that you have a regular schedule for this. Before you start doing the window cleaning, here are some things that you should know related to the cleaning.

Do your window cleaning right with these tips1

The Tools for Cleaning the Window

You can’t do the cleaning without the tools, right? When some of you only know the tools to clean the window are only the cleanser liquid and the wiper, then you might be wrong. If you want a really good cleaning result and ease in doing the cleaning process, then you should facilitate yourself with some tools that we are going to tell you about below.

Feather Duster

The duster will be used to let the dust go. You can use any other possible tools but we recommend you use the duster because it is easy to use, easy to find, and cheap for sure. There might be some different kinds of feather duster and you can choose any of them as long as you know well that the chosen duster can deal with the dust on your glass window.

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A duster is a simple tool that you can use to clean glass windows in your home. This time you can use a feather duster to clean the dust adhering to the wall. Here you only need to wipe the glass window with this feather duster and the dust will fall out. Feather Duster from @emeliedurfelt


To let the dirt that is stick to the glass, you will need the scrubber. It is different from the feather duster because the scrubber is used when the liquid is already applied to the glass window.

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There are many tools that you can use to clean windows, one of which is a scrubber. This scrubber is a small tool that can clean glass windows. You can use this scrubber to clean window cleaner liquid stuck to windows. Long Handle Scrubber from @everydayoldhouse

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Using a scrubber is an interesting idea for cleaning windows in your home. Here you can use the scrubber to dry the water on the windows or clean the cleaning fluid on the windows. The reason is that this scrubber has the property of absorbing water well. Short Scrubber from @hunterwindowwash


The squeegee is used to let go of all the wet things on the wall. It is using a rubber wiper to get rid of the liquid after you brush it. There are varied types of squeegee that you can purchase. Some of them are only a small one and some of them have a long stick to reach the spot that you can’t reach by only using your hand.

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To clean glass window squeegee is one tool that you will never fail to use. This squeegee is quite small but very effective in cleaning your glass windows from water and soap. The reason is that at the bottom it is equipped with rubber that works optimally to clean the window. Black Squeegee from @ungereurope

5 snapinsta.app_132627906_2753540088219293_3483693983432421903_n_1080

A squeegee is a small tool that can work well for cleaning glass windows. This tool is equipped with rubber at the bottom so that it can work well in wiping dirt, water, and soap in the glass window area. Therefore, you can never fail to use this tool to clean windows. Yellow Squeegee from @firstclasswindowcleaning_

6 snapinsta.app_134748598_2860119814247544_676675982929458283_n_1080

Look at the picture above! This is a squeegee that can be used as a tool to clean glass windows. This squeegee works by dancing dirt, soap and water on the glass window so it will be very clean. By using this tool, you only need a little effort but still get maximum results. White and Orange Squeegee from @scrubit_original

Rag Wiper

The rag wiper is not too important but if you want a perfect result, then you should have a rag to wipe the glass window after you use the squeegee. The rug wiper will be functional to wipe remain cleanser liquid on the window. With the rag wiper, your window will be surely dry and clean.

19 snapinsta.app_347193979_231641839603682_8375747723336068903_n_1080

If you want to clean windows rag wipers are one tool you can use. This tool can be used to clean the remaining water or cleaning fluid on the surface of your glass window. This wiper rag is equipped with a long handle making it easier to operate. Rag Wiper from @windowcleaner

Glass Liquid Cleanser

Well, this one has the most important role in your window cleaning because, without the liquid cleanser, your window can’t be cleaned well. There are some choices for the cleanser liquid even you can hack it. How? You can use the dishwasher liquid, vinegar, or baking soda.

8 snapinsta.app_72194387_916083045440110_5117404787279810531_n_1080

Apart from using some of the tools above, cleaning fluid is one that you can use to clean windows. Here you only need to spray the cleaning fluid on the window and wipe it using a cloth that has high absorption power. This way your windows will be clean again. Glass Liquid Cleanser from @personalised_byamandajane

9 snapinsta.app_242609823_388411262730543_1209957963841176461_n_1080

You will never fail to use cleaning fluid to clean glass windows. The reason is that this liquid is quite easy to use to clean light stains on glass windows such as streaks and others. Therefore you will never fail to use cleaning fluid. Glass Window Cleaner from @_beauty_clean1

The Steps in Cleaning the Window

After having all the tools and supplies for your window cleaning, then you should know about the steps that you should follow to do the cleaning. Don’t make a mistake if you want to get the maximum result. Take a look at the following steps.

Clean the Window from the Dust

Cleaning the dust that sticks on the window is the very first thing that you should do. Don’t be in a hurry to apply the liquid cleanser because when you do it while the dust is still there then it will be more difficult to get the window cleans. You should repeat the process and that will be exhausting. So, don’t forget to clean the window from the dust. You can use the feather duster that will be really easy to do.

20 snapinsta.app_43820693_130790727891388_8403816630314947304_n_1080

Dust is one of the dirt that often makes your glass window dirty. You can clean the dust using a duster so it will be easier. Just swipe the duster on the surface of the glass window and the dust will fall off or stick to the duster and your window will be clean again. Window Duster from @manorofstyle

Apply the Cleanser Liquid to the Window

After you clean the dust, now you can apply the cleanser liquid. You can spray it fastly on the glass window parts. Or, if you do a hack for the cleanser liquid and do not have a spray bottle, then you can apply the liquid cleanser by using a rag.

10 snapinsta.app_927075_1496142947267219_760345838_n_1080

After cleaning the window from dust, the next step is to apply cleaning fluid to the surface of the window. It’s easy enough, here you only need to spray the cleaning fluid on the window. This one method should never be missed to get maximum results. Apply the Liquid Cleanser to the Window from @bluer0se

Brush the Window

When the cleanser liquid is already applied, you have to brush it really soon before the liquid dries. It will be bad if the liquid dries because it will leave a stain. Choose the right brush not to let the window being damaged.

11 snapinsta.app_329644517_575263381164378_2822389917655593954_n_1080

Don’t leave the cleaning fluid on the glass window surface for too long, because it will dry out and be quite difficult to clean. Therefore, after spraying cleaning fluid on the windows, the next step is to brush the glass windows. Here you can use a special tool that will make it easier for you to clean windows. Brush the Window from @briizmalta

7 snapinsta.app_96003490_768008120396334_6289826720957884080_n_1080

Brushing the window is one step that you can do after applying cleaning fluid to the window. You can use a brush that has a long handle so that it can reach the entire surface of the window. Make sure all window surfaces are perfectly clean so that it will make your home look more well-maintained. Brush the Liquid Cleanser from @101firsttimebuyers101

Clean the Cleanser Liquid

After you brush the window with the cleanser liquid applied there, you will need to let the cleanser liquid go. What you should do is wipe the glass window area by using the squeegee. The process will be really satisfying. Have a try!

12 snapinsta.app_345626657_1950044232018075_6816514306777995716_n_1080

This time you can clean the cleaning fluid on your glass windows. Here you can use a squeegee to clean it so it will be easier and get maximum results. Here you only need to pull the squeegee from top to bottom until it is clean from the cleaning liquid. Clean the Liquid Cleanser with Squeegee from @william_ni_carpet_care

13 snapinsta.app_346909330_787582792943535_2317770896107889685_n_1080

Cleaning the cleaning fluid on the window is one step that should not be missed. Here you can use a scrubber to clean the cleaning liquid so that it will absorb the cleaning liquid properly. Therefore, you will never fail to use a scrubber to clean the cleaning fluid. Clean the Liquid Cleanser with Scrubber from @windowcleaner

Wipe the Window

It will be the last process that you will do. This time, the cleanser liquid might already go but there will be some liquid left or the window is not dry totally. The rag will help you deal with this. With this last touch, you will get such a perfectly clean and clear glass.

17 snapinsta.app_12328436_537152883124693_1243799791_n_1080

Wipe the window is the next step you have to do. Use a cloth that absorbs water well to clean the glass window so it will keep it clean and dry properly. This step is one of the easiest steps to do and is the last step in the window cleaner. Wipe the Window from @hispanictrends

21 snapinsta.app_340472297_545446924398810_4303008473941149546_n_1024

Wiping windows is the last step of cleaning glass windows. You can use a cloth that has a high absorption of water so that it will make your windows dry and clean quickly. Here you only need to wipe the cloth over the entire surface of the glass window and your glass window will be maximally clean. Clean the Glass window from @shineofsanantonio

Mistakes in Cleaning the Window

Although seems easy, there are still some mistakes that people do when cleaning the window. The mistakes will make your cleaning process more difficult to do and exhausting because you need to repeat the process. Also, the worse thing that might happen is that you can damage the window by creating streaks on the glass window. Here are some mistakes that you should avoid.

Do the Cleaning on a Sunny Day

Just make sure that you choose the right time in cleaning the window especially when you use the liquid cleanser. On a sunny day, the liquid cleanser that you spray will dry soon and will leave a stain on the window. During summer, we recommend you do the cleaning in the morning or after the sun is set.

16 snapinsta.app_344640364_624940069165119_7238912242325184188_n_1080

The mistake that is often made when cleaning windows is cleaning them when the weather is hot and hot. If you do this, the water and cleaning solution will dry out quickly and your windows won’t be as clean. Therefore, cleaning windows when the weather is hot is something that must be avoided. Do the Cleaning on a Sunny Day from @allprowindowcleaningca

Not Cleaning the Dust Before the Liquid Applied

This is mostly done by people when cleaning the glass window. They don’t take the dust seriously and just spray the liquid that way. In fact, the dust can create streaks on the window that will damage the glass. Then, you will need extra time for the cleaning because you might need to repeat the process because the wet dust will be more difficult to clean than the dry one.

18 snapinsta.app_169325099_1551909348347949_4303410824752063962_n_1080

Not cleaning the dust before applying the liquid is a pretty fatal mistake. The reason is if you don’t clean the dust first, your windows will be more difficult to clean. In addition, your window will not look optimally clean. Therefore you have to clean the dust first before spraying cleaning fluid. Not Cleaning the Dust Before the Liquid Applied from @motherearthorganicvinegar

Wipe the Window Using a Cotton Rag

It might be seen as something common and you don’t find any problem with the cotton rag. However, you should know that the cotton rag can’t absorb the liquid best. Also, the cloth fiber of the cotton rag can stick on the window which will make the window looks dirty and dusty so that the whole cleaning steps that you have to follow won’t have any point. In this case, we recommend you use a microfiber rag.

15 snapinsta.app_346391464_3396251304037751_5643080862781540043_n_1080

Wiping a cotton cloth to clean glass windows is one of the mistakes you often make. The reason is that cotton cloth cannot clean glass windows to the maximum. Therefore, you should avoid using a cotton cloth to clean glass windows. Fabric Window cleaner from @neatfreakscanada

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