Ideas to use shrubs in your landscaping designs2

Many shrubs provide year-round interest through their branches, leaves, flowers and fruit. It can be said that shrubs can add value and curb appeal to your home and create borders and privacy. The right shrubs can be used to create charming garden “rooms.” This is why adding shrubs to the landscape is a project you need to do.

When choosing a shrub for your landscape, it is important to consider its mature size and adaptability to the climate of the planting site. This will ensure that it fits the space well and doesn’t eventually outgrow the area.

For a natural look, plant your shrubs in clusters of odd numbers to mimic the way nature grows them. This helps the shrubs blend together and keeps them from looking crowded. Planting shrubs in groups also allows for easier pruning, making them a less labor intensive part of your landscaping. But more than that, shrubs have more functions than that if applied correctly to a landscape. Shrubs can be used in a variety of ways in your landscape. Here are some ideas for you.

Ideas to use shrubs in your landscaping designs1

Create a Privacy Hedge

Planting shrubs in a dense, fast-growing hedging format creates privacy that can be more visually appealing than a tall fence. Evergreen plants like this Japanese euonymus with gold-, cream- and white-variegated foliage make excellent hedging choices because they can be planted close together without looking sparse. Junipers, too, offer a variety of height options and are an excellent choice for hedging because they grow well when pruned.

Hedging shrubs also work well when you need to block sight lines in a specific area of the yard. Here, a row of fast-growing plants like Green Giant Western Arborvitae provide year-round privacy, act as a windbreak and help absorb ambient noise.


Growing a hedge will not let you down. It adds privacy and a beautiful view to your beautiful yard. Applying this backyard fence adds a great look to your room. Privacy Hedge from @hg_landscape


Add greenery to your backyard with this beautiful hedge. They maintain your complete privacy and provide fresh air for you. This hedge grows tall and narrow. Furthermore, they will still grow for up to 10 to 20 years. Living Hedge from @kinggardeninc


Boxwood grows well to protect our privacy. It can serve as a natural fence that will enhance your outdoor space. Moreover, this plant can be combined with other green plants to enrich fresh and clean air. High Hedge Fence from @thestandarddesigngroup

Use as a Backdrop

Often used as backdrops for flowering plants or as focal points, shrubs make beautiful landscape features. They are also a great option for screening or filling in areas of the garden.


This Shurb will help us maintain privacy. But you can also use this shroud as a backdrop for an interesting look. Adding potted greenery placed in front of this shrub is a great idea. Hedge Backdrop from @taftalexander


These boxwoods make a great backdrop for your garden. Complete with several blooming flower plants, it can produce a charming garden appearance. Backdrop Boxwood from @ali_mentesh


Small shrubs that add some interest planted in front of these shrubs are great options for filtering or filling garden areas. Besides that, you can apply it to the garden next to the house for a good idea. Boxwood and Flower from @provenwinners

Attract Wildlife

Shrubs are an important part of the natural landscape, providing food and shelter for wildlife and preventing soil erosion. In addition, shrubs are attractive to humans, appealing to our inner search for beauty.


This green plant of the Shurb Lavender type can attract the attention of several insects and other types of animals. These plants can provide shelter for wildlife and prevent soil erosion. lavender Shurbs from @europeangardendesigns


Various types of shurbs that are planted in the front garden of this house can be home to several wild animals. Some of these colorful blooms will also create a great look for your garden. Colorful Shurbs from @katecoulson


This blooming shrub can provide a great look for your home garden. This shrub is a haven for wildlife and prevents soil erosion. In addition, this shrub will interest our search for inner beauty. Shurbs Wildlife from @southernlivingplantcollection


These hydrangeas and shrub flowers are able to convey the inner beauty of everyone who sees them. This flower will be a home for wildlife and be able to prevent soil erosion. Hydrangea Flower and Shurbs from @mylavenderroselife

Bring Color to Your Landscape

Shrubs add color to the landscape with flowers, berries and foliage. Many have sweet smells, too. They are perfect for framing a home’s architectural details or showcasing flower beds. They also make great backdrops for smaller plants like annuals and perennials.

There are shrubs that bloom all season long such as azaleas and rhododendrons. They can be mixed in with evergreens to create attractive hedges or used as foundation plantings and borders. There are also a number of evergreen shrubs that provide color in the winter, such as holly with its shiny dark red leaves and beadlike red berries.


Some of these colorful flowers will bring lots of attention to your garden. They are perfect for framing a home’s architectural details or displaying flower beds. The combination of green plants is also able to produce a fresh and good look. Cottage Shurbs from @sunsetplants


The purple flowers that you plant in the front garden of the house manage to create a nice design. They can be mixed with greenery to create an attractive hedge or used as a base and border plant. Blooming Shurb from @waysidegardens


Rhododendronsx flowers can be mixed with greenery to create an attractive hedge. Having these purple flowers will also work to come up with a great look for you to try on. This other evergreen shrub also gives the whole garden a fresh feel. Rhododendronsx from @moestuin_avontuinier


These colorful blooms frame architectural details of a home or feature flower beds. This expanse of green leaves also displays a garden that is cool and fresh and can make your garden look different. Colorful Flower Shurb from @highbeechesgardens

Make A Divider

In addition to their beauty, shrubs can make a great divider for the landscape. They can be placed at eye level to separate one garden bed from another or used to frame a specific plant in the yard. Using shrubs to create borders and dividers is a great way to control the shape of your yard without having to weed or mow as much. This is a very popular use for them because it’s so easy and looks so good.


This boxwood divider makes a great divider for your home garden. Used to separate the sitting area from the green grass area, giving it a fresh and cool look. Hedge Divider from @provenwinnersdirect


These cubed Shurbs make great borders in your garden. This is what distinguishes the sitting area from the garden area so that it offers a neat and orderly garden design. Shurb Divider Backyard from @bennerlandscapedesign


Using shrubs to create borders is a great way to control the shape of your lawn. Cutting the shrub into cubes gives a neat look and is a popular look for them because it’s so easy and looks so good. Divider Backyard from @vilalujano


Boxwood screens that are applied to this garden can be a good barrier for you to try. This is a great way to have a great look for your home garden border. This is a very popular use for them because it is so easy and looks so good. Garden Divider from @thefrenchtopiary


Shrubs are a great option for you to try in your home garden. Used as a border, it frames certain plants in the yard. These shrubs can be placed at eye level to separate one garden from another or used for gardening. Boxwood Divider from @riverroad59

Add Texture

Planting with a variety of textures helps to create a more visually interesting landscape. And shrubs can be use to add texture to your landscape design. The texture of a shrub is determined by the shape, color, and size of its foliage. Shrubs not only add texture but can also soften the look of hard edges. For example, you can add shrubs around foundations, ponds, patios or decks. It will make your garden landscape more attractive.


Shrubs can be used to add texture to your landscape design. You can try this because it will produce a nice landscape and be able to provide an amazing garden decoration. Texture Boxwood from @explorefrance


This hedge box texture is able to give a beautiful appearance to your front garden. You can add shrubs around foundations, ponds, patios, or decks. It will make your garden landscape more attractive. Box Texture Hedge from @playingwithstags


Several of these circular shrouds can add a nice look to your garden design. The texture of the bush is determined by the shape, color and size of the leaves. Adding these hydrangea flowers adds a great look and a different design. Round Hedge from


Forming a topiary in this shurb gives a great look to your front garden. Regardless of the shape of the topiary, you can make round and cube shapes to make it look great. Topiary Boxwood from @southerncrossgardens

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