Kinds of kitchen appliance you should have for your new house2

There are some things that you should provide for your new house and the kitchen appliance is the important one. No matter what but you need to prepare your kitchen well because your life begins there. During your decluttering and arranging your new home, you need to make sure that your need for food and drinks is completed. That is why, before you finish other home parts, you should set your kitchen first. At least, when you can’t do the decoration to beautify the kitchen, then you should complete the appliance so that you can facilitate yourself well.

Kinds of kitchen appliance you should have for your new house1

Basically, the needs of the kitchen appliance will be different from one to another. It will depend on what you commonly make in the kitchen. For those who use the kitchen to simply cook the basic meal, then they won’t need the baking appliance. For those who can’t start the day without coffee, then having a good coffee maker is such a must. Well, although the needs will be different, you should know the varied kitchen appliance so that you can choose the ones that fit your kitchen and your need well. Also, who knows that you are inspired to add a new appliance that you never think about before. Please go down for the kitchen appliance references.


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There are many kinds of kitchen equipment that you must have in your kitchen, one of which is a refrigerator. The refrigerator is one of the refrigerators that is often used to store food stock. Having a low temperature allows food and other items to remain safe and at cold temperatures so they last longer. Refrigerator from @zenithdesignbuild


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Apart from the refrigerator, a toaster is one of the kitchen appliances that you must have. This tool is used for light cooking and baking slices of bread so that they become crisper and tastier. This kitchen appliance has a size that is not too large so it is perfect for display on countertops. Toaster from @theblackvalleybuild

Toaster Oven

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A toaster oven is a kitchen appliance that functions as an oven-toaster hybrid. Not only that, it is also often used to put leftovers so this tool is quite multifunctional. This tool uses electricity so it is simpler and easier to operate. Toaster oven from @blackanddeckerappliances


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Talking about kitchen appliances, a microwave is one that you must have. This microwave functions to heat and cook food by exposing it to electromagnetic radiation in the microwave frequency range. By using this tool, your buffer work will be easier and faster to complete. Microwave from @devixkitchens

French Door Oven

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These are French door ovens! This tool has two doors that open from the middle and will make it easier for you to access it. It also functions to roast food so that it is easier to cook and perfectly cooked. Therefore, french door ovens are one of the kitchen appliances that you must have. French door oven from @monogramappliances

Coffee Marker

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Look at the picture above! This is one of the kitchen appliances namely the coffee maker. This tool serves to make coffee in an automatic and more modern way. This coffee maker is usually located in the kitchen area and placed on the countertop so that it is easier to access. Coffee Marker from @topshelforganizing


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This is a kitchen appliance that is liked by women. This dishwasher works well for washing dirty dishes automatically so it will make your job easier. You just need to put all the dishes into the dishwasher and press the button. Dishwasher from @fotile_america

Air Fryer

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Almost the same as the oven! This air fryer is a cooking tool that combines a heating element and a fan to circulate hot air. This tool is usually used to bake food or cook food with crispy results on the outside and soft inside. Therefore, the air fryer is one of the kitchen appliances that you must have in your kitchen. Air Fryer from @mum_of_2_kent


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A dehydrator is one of the best food-drying machines. It works by using electricity so that it is easier and faster to dry food. To get maximum results, food must be arranged in a single layer without touching so that it can dry thoroughly and evenly. Dehydrator from @pinkyjubbdesign


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Talking about kitchen appliances, a blender is a kitchen appliance that can make your kitchen work easier. This blender usually functions to make fruit juice or vegetable juice. This tool uses electricity to turn it on. Having a size that is not too big makes it suitable to be placed on a countertop. Blender from @renovate_eight_beech

Rice Cooker

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This is one tool that you must have in your kitchen area. A rice cooker is a kitchen appliance that functions as a rice cooker that uses electricity. This tool is very easy to operate and can also be used for hack ideas. One hack idea you can try is baking a cake. Rice Cooker from @theonlyashleymarie


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These are stoves! one of the kitchen appliances that must be in your kitchen area. A stove is one tool that is used for cooking. There are many types and designs of stoves that you can have, one of which is like the picture above. Usually, the owner places it between the kitchen set or on the countertop so it’s simpler. Stove from @housewestdesign

Food Processor

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A food processor is one of the most sophisticated kitchen appliances and makes your work very easy. Because this tool is very versatile for grinding spices, kneading dough, cutting vegetables, making juice, making pasta, and so on. This tool is driven using electricity and has many design options. Food Processor from @appliancestoday

Water Purifier

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Getting clean and pure water is one of the things that everyone dreams of. This time you can use a water purifier to complete your kitchen. This water purifier is a water filter that makes your water of higher quality. Using a water purifier is also convenient for today’s busy lifestyle; saving time, and guaranteeing pure and safe drinking water with minimal maintenance. Water purifier from @arolamshops

Cooker Hood

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A cooker hood is an essential tool in any kitchen that uses a gas or electric stove. It has the main function of removing smoke, steam, and cooking odors from the kitchen. By using this cooker hood, your kitchen will be healthier and get better quality air. Cooker Hood from @athomewiththewilds

Pasta Maker

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Look at the picture above! This is a kitchen appliance that functions to make fresh pasta. This tool works by rolling the dough into a thin sheet and then cutting it into various shapes and sizes. By using this tool, pasta-making becomes easier and more enjoyable. Pasta Maker from @prairiecreekhomestead

Yogurt Marker

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These are yogurt markers! As the name implies, this tool is specifically designed and used to make yogurt. It works by fermenting and thickening yogurt in a warm environment. Therefore you must have this yogurt marker if you like yogurt. Has a size that is not too big and not too small, making it very suitable for display on the table. Yogurt Marker from @cafelattemame

Electric Kettle

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There are many types of kitchen appliances that you can have, one of which is an electric kettle. This tool serves to boil water quickly and efficiently. This kettle uses electricity and has a small size so it is suitable for playing on a countertop so it will look simple and efficient. Electric Kettle from @cosoricooks


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Mixer is a kitchen appliance that uses a gear drive mechanism to rotate a set of beaters. This tool works to stir the dough in a bowl. It is driven by electricity so that it is faster and easier so that you will never fail to have it. Mixer from @scotbuildshamptonshome


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This tool has a shape like a rice cooker and has almost the same function as a rice cooker. But this multi-cooker has more advanced features and has more functions. Besides being able to use it for cooking rice, it can also be used for steaming without the hassle. This tool is useful for health-conscious people who can cook their food without oil and maximum nutrition. Multi-Cooker from

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