Best types of privacy trees to grow in pots for your backyard2

Relaxing your backyard vibe is always amazing. Check the ideas below to see some inspiring ideas.

Best types of privacy trees to grow in pots for your backyard1

Dwarf Alberta Spruce

Best Types Of Privacy Trees To Grow In Pots For Your Backyard


Make your backyard more attainable with Dwarf Alberta Spruce as a bushy evergreen conifer with a classic pyramid shape. So it will be great for growing in pots. This slow-growing evergreen tree will also reach up to 10-13 feet in height when planted in the ground but remains smaller when it grows in pots. This type of tree is perfect to create a privacy screen on patios and balconies. It is a great choice to add structure or line a fence.

Japanese Maple

Japanese maple Best Types Of Privacy Trees To Grow In Pots For Your Backyard


Japanese maple is lovely with its bright red ornamental leaves. It is an excellent option for everyone who wants a smaller decorative privacy tree. Growing Japanese maple in a pot will easier movement in your yard or patio for a different aesthetic look. Although they lose their dense canopy of leaves in winter, their intricate branch structure will add interest to the space during the colder months. You can encourage positioning the tree in a spot with dappled shade to protect the leaves from scorching in hot water.

Bay Laurel

Bays are popular as a traditional decorative trees for landscaping. It is often seen lining steps or flanking a front porch. Bay laurel is an evergreen tree with dense, glossy green foliage that provide easily shaped and pruned. Therefore, people love this for a living privacy screen. On the other hand, it offers you attractive aromatic leaves for cooking. Here you can position the tree in a spot with full sun to partial shade and water regularly that allow the soil to dry slightly between watering. Then, you can fertilize with a balanced slow-release fertilizer in spring and prune as needed to maintain its desired shape and size.

Olive Tree

An olive tree in a terracotta pot will be best in warmer climates. You can have a mature olive tree with silvery green leaves to offer shade and privacy. You will be amazed by the beautiful green tinge looks against a brick backdrop. Moreover, if you are lucky, you can have some edible fruits in summer.

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