6 ways to increase natural lighting to your home2

Having a comfortable home is what everyone needs. There are surely many ways to make your home more comfortable. Like using comfortable furniture, good layout, comfortable flooring, and more. But other than that, there is one thing that can make your home more comfortable that is by providing adequate lighting. I am sure that every home will install lighting equipment to illuminate their home. But letting your home be flooded with sunlight is such a pleasant thing and certainly brings many benefits.

There are many benefits that you can get from natural light. There is no doubt that sunlight has many benefits. Natural lighting can make your house feel airy and bright. It also makes photographs look stunning, especially when the light is warm and golden. In addition, when you let sunlight into your home it will make your home healthier. Humidity in your home is more controlled. Because of the many benefits that natural light can bring to your home, we have several ways to add and increase natural light in your home. Here are some ideas that you can try.

6 ways to increase natural lighting to your home1

Glass Walls

Letting more sunlight into a room through a glass wall could also save your customers money by lowering their electricity bills. This is because by letting more sunlight in, they won’t need to use their lights as often, which can significantly lower their energy usage and help them to save on their monthly utility bills. This is especially beneficial for homeowners who struggle to afford their monthly energy bills.


To let more sunlight into the room, you can use a transparent glass wall that is large enough and open. Try to use thicker glass material so that it doesn’t break easily when used for a long time. This glass wall is perfected with a solid black iron frame. Transparent Glass Wall Design from @amoderndesign


Take advantage of some of your bedroom walls as transparent glass wall decorations. This will be one of the advantages that you can get because it will save more electricity every month. You can apply this glass window design with a square shape to a room with a modern, contemporary or rustic style too. Square Shaped Glass Wall from @nathananthony_official


Look at the combination of glass material with iron frames that are repainted in solid black. This will be an excellent blend and certainly able to provide enough color contrast. The painting of the iron frame is intended so that it does not rust easily when exposed to splashes of water in winter, so maintenance is easy. Glass Wall with Black Iron Frames from @hayleymarie_loves


This home office decoration, which is perfected with transparent glass walls, is an important decoration part that will replace the use of lights during the day. Use walls with thicker materials so they don’t break easily when used for a long time. The white frame is part of the right blend. Glass Wall Home Office from @alandesignstudiochicago

Install Skylights

If your home lacks natural light, installing skylights in the attic could be the answer. They bring in sunlight without compromising your privacy and are a great option for rooms that aren’t easily accessible for windows. Besides bringing in natural light, skylights can save you money on energy costs. Moreover, they help you maintain a healthy indoor environment by lowering your carbon footprint.


Take advantage of your bathroom ceiling as a skylight decoration that you can use in any room. Currently, you can use a skylight design right above the bathtub to provide sunlight into the room so that it can make you feel warmer. Glass windows are the right mix. Square Shaped Skylight from @sebringdesignbuild


This skylight design that can be opened is applied to the living room decoration. You can open this skylight according to your needs. Glass window frames made of wood give a DIY impression that will never fail, use black and white furniture to present a monochromatic theme. Skylights Can Be Opened from @sophiagarro_design


Natural lighting can be obtained easily when you use a skylight design in your kitchen area. You can combine it with the use of pendant lights as a maximum blend. Transparent glass walls are additional natural lighting that you can use simultaneously. Natural Light Kitchen from @amoderndesign


Wall to ceiling natural lighting that is applied in this living room decoration is the best idea or decoration that you can apply. You can enter more sunlight into the room. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also do routine maintenance to get a cleaner and shiny surface. Wall to Ceiling Natural Lighting from @nuelarchitects


The use of skylights that are applied in this bathroom decoration can add to the texture of the room which you can try right now. The presence of sunlight entering this room makes the room look brighter all day long. Just apply it right above the vanity so that it can be used optimally. Textured Skylight from @nuelarchitects


Installing mirrors in your home is a simple and affordable way to increase the amount of natural light that enters a room. By positioning them in areas that receive a lot of natural light they will help to reflect the sun around the space making it feel brighter.


Do you feel your bedroom looks a bit dark? Don’t let this condition too long because it will make your bedroom unhealthy. In addition to using windows, you can increase the natural light in your bedroom by installing mirrors. Install a mirror facing the window, so it can reflect light throughout the room. Hanging Wall Mirror from @espejos.medellin


You can use a large bar mirror to brighten up your living room. This mirror is not only a good addition to your room but can also reflect the natural light. Sunlight that enters the room will be reflected by this large mirror throughout the room. So, this will make the room feel brighter, airier and comfortable for sure. Mirror Frame Design from @dreamhouse_byme


Another way to improve natural light flow is to install large new windows. A large window allows sunlight to easily enter your home. Remove any furniture or home decor that blocks your windows, and make sure to keep your curtains open during the day to maximize light levels.


By applying a large window this corner dining room will receive more sunlight. The natural sunlight will brighten up your eating space and make your eating moment more comfortable. Don’t forget to open the curtain during the day to maximize the light. Elegant Window Ideas from @interieurbogaert


To increase the natural light in your kitchen, you can install a large window. This classic window can be your option to maximize the sunlight. There are some area in the kitchen that can be installed a large window. Like this picture where the window installed in the sink area. This will help you to get fresh air and a bright kitchen look. Classic Casement Windows from @dalejoinery


If you have a dark spot in your home, let’s make it bright by installing a large window. Like this nook space, you can make it as bright as you can with an arched shaped window design. These windows are large enough to allow your corner space to receive natural light. Arched Shaped Windows from @estethic__life


By combining a white paint and large window, your home will be more brighter than before. The folding window will help you to open and close it. And during the day you should open your curtains and windows to let in the sunlight and fresh air. Imagine you are sitting on a bench near the window with a bright and fresh atmosphere. Having a home filled with natural light is such a pleasant thing. White Folding Windows from @the.palm.co

Bi-Folding Doors

Installing bi-fold doors is an effective way to increase natural lighting to your home. This type of door offers large expanses of glazing that allows sunlight to enter the room transforming it into a vibrant, happy space that makes you want to spend more time there. They’re also connecting indoor and outdoor spaces and making your whole house feel bigger.


Instead of using a regular door, if you want to increase the natural light in your home, you can choose bi-folding doors. This window is wider, so when you open it, it allows more sunlight to enter. Usually, this door is installed at the back of the house which will connect indoor and outdoor. Bi-Folding Doors with Black Frames from @solarluxsystemsuk


To connect your kitchen with outdoors, you can install transparent bi-folding doors. The door is designed wide and can be folded allowing you to open it wide when you are cooking. The transparent design of the bi-folding doors allow plenty of sunlight to enter your kitchen and make it look bright. Besides that, fresh air will also fill your kitchen and make it more comfortable. Transparent Bi-Folding Doors from @thewestcoasthome

Applying Light Colors

The ceiling and the walls of any room can have a significant impact on how much natural light shines into it. Dark hues can absorb sunlight, whereas lighter shades reflect it, brightening the room. Painting the ceiling and wall with lighter shade helps the room feel larger and brighter.


One way you can do to give a bright feel to the dining room decoration is to use and apply bright colored paint. At this time you can repaint the ceiling and walls with plain white. This would be a good starting point. White Paint Ceiling from @amys_homelife_288


The ceiling of the living room which was repainted in plain white was perfected by using a large number of recessed lamps. This would be a great start to making the room look brighter all year round. Glass windows with a size large enough to be the right mix. White Ceiling with Beige Wall Design from @mohamed_elhussieni_designs


Light gray and white are a combination of colors that can make a room brighter. Both of these colors are suitable for use in a room with an open decoration. If the ceiling is painted white, then for the walls you can paint it light gray. Neutral Scheme Color from @greylynwayne

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