Nothing will be more effective to bring natural beauty to your home than the wooden floor. It is because the floor will be installed all around the house so it will give such a big impact there. Also, if you don’t like something complicated where you should add these and those, then the floor will be surely enough to bring the natural atmosphere inside the house.

In applying the wood to your floor, there are some considerations that you should think about. The first one is on the colors of the wood where each color has its own impression. For example, the dark wood gives you a warm atmosphere and the impression is also really dramatic. Then, for the white wood color, you will get a wider home space impression. Also, your house will be seen as clean. Additionally, besides the color, you can also consider the pattern arrangement of the wood.

Before choosing the right wood for your floor, you should know the varied kinds of wood flooring that you can install in your house. It will be varied based on the material and the uniqueness of the design. Here are the ideas.

Parquet Floor Design

The good thing about parquet design is that this one looks beautiful with the details applied there. If you love something aesthetic and eye-catching, the parquet floor is the one that you should consider. It will fill the room with adorable characters and personalities to make your house value increase.


This hardwood material is made into parquet flooring style which looks durable and long-lasting. With a variety of hues and colors of hardwood flooring giving style to any room. Parquet Floorfrom@atkinson_kirby

Bamboo Wood Flooring

Some of you may not know that bamboo can also be used to be the floor. It is the one that is recommended because bamboo is really sustainable. It can grow fast so using bamboo as the flooring material won’t harm its existence.


The natural pattern of bamboo flooring is an excellent choice if you are looking for durability and longevity, adds a warm feel, and is eco-friendly.Bamboo Wood Flooringfrom@bamboowarehousejhb

Solid Wood Flooring

Solid wood has high durability. It is really strong although the price will be a little bit high. However, it can be such a good investment with its strong and durable characteristics. You can have it for timeless permanence flooring. It is true that solid wood is not sustainable but it doesn’t need to be changed in certain periods of time because it is really durable.


A timeless floor made of solid wood floors, the color emission produced is good, indicating that it is made of prime-class materials that can last a lifetime. Solid Wood Flooringfrom@die_dielenschmiede

Pallet Wood Flooring

It can be said that pallet wood flooring is the easiest one because it only uses pallet wood. Even more, you can have reclaimed wood for this project. You don’t have to worry that the pallet wood won’t be able to bring you a valuable impression because you can get it by applying colors there where each color will represent a certain impression you need.


The perfect color between bright Pallet Wood Flooring combined with room tones of white makes it stand out from many other types of wood. Pallet Wood Flooringfrom@finishing_touch_floors

Herringbone Wood Flooring

The herringbone wood flooring is about pattern arrangement. You can use any wood material for this but the point is about how you can arrange the wood to form a herringbone pattern. It is quite unique and can increase the beauty of your flooring.


The natural knots of herringbone flooring arranged in a swirling pattern following the planks and beams add a characteristic and timeless look. Herringbone Wood Flooringfrom@tedtoddfloors

Rustic Finish Wood Flooring

The rustic finish can be aesthetic. It doesn’t mean that the floor will be seen as dirty but let’s see this from the aesthetic side. Commonly, rustic wood flooring is applied to the kitchen. Or, you can have it for your patio, terrace, or any spot that you think will fit well.

Rustic wood flooring

For an easy installment, you can have the peel-and-stick flooring that you can get at the store. There will be varied wood flooring types that you can buy including rustic wood flooring. So, are you interested to have it?

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