Nothing can be more fun than enjoying the summertime in the water. Of course, going to the beach is the best one, but, if it is impossible for you to go there, then the swimming pool is the solution for you. Anyway, before deciding to deal with the swimming pool, there are some things that you should consider as follow.

  1. Whether there will be kids in the pool or not. If yes, then you should make sure that the pool is kids friendly. You can do this by providing a pool that is not deep for the kids. Then, you should also consider the material that won’t be slippery.
  2. The space around. Having swimming is a great one, however, you should consider the space you have. If it is only in a small one, don’t fill the space with the pool only, you should also consider other utilizations such as greenery and seating area.
  3. Whether you want it permanent or not. There are many factors that make you consider not having a permanent pool. Let’s say that you rent the house or you want to utilize the space outside for other purposes in the future. Not having a permanent pool is really possible. There are some kinds of this.
  4. Maintenance possibility. Before adding these and those to your pool and before you design a pool with certain specifications, you should consider your capability in maintaining the pool. Not only the time and energy but also the cost will be high.

After all of the consideration, then it’s time for you to know more about the kinds of pools that you can have. It can be based on the shape and the facilities added there for you to really enjoy the pool this summer. Here are the ideas.

Glass Wall Swimming Pool

The glass wall swimming pool offers you a fresher appearance of a pool. It is because the pool water can be seen above the ground which is really refreshing. For the summer, this one is the best you can have. However, be careful with the risk since it won’t be as sturdy as the concrete.


Aligning the glass wall swimming pool on the terrace creates a fresh feel. The transparent glass walls allow beauty to flow directly into the living area. glass wall [email protected]

Waterfall Swimming Pool

Adding a waterfall in the swimming pool will let you get a water boom vacation experience. Additionally, if you complete the pool with some greenery there, you will feel as if you are in real nature playing with the water. This water feature is the best one you can have in your private swimming pool.


This one is a continuous gentle flow of water into the swimming pool. Availability in various sizes ensures a model to suit every specific need. Waterfall features the finest swimming pools with natural elements that reflect the style and add value. waterfall swimming pool from@swimmingpoolsdesign

Swimming Pool with Jacuzzi

When swimming is not your skill, then simply enjoying a glass of wine or juice in the jacuzzi can be a perfect moment you can have. Since it only needs a small space, then adding it to your outdoor space won’t make you run out the space. Now, you can also enjoy the pool moment with your family and close friends even when you can’t swim.


A sleek, elegant, and modern design swimming pool with a jacuzzi next to the pool will let you have a perfect time for relaxation. It is also soft and has a non-slip surface for safety with maximum seating capacity, you can enjoy the moment with friends. jacuzzi [email protected]

Swimming Pool Bar

Enjoying the summer outside won’t be perfect without the beverage and having a pool bar will be really great. There is nothing that can be more perfect than the pool and cold water during summer. Check the swimming pool bar idea here to give a reference to how it can be really interesting.


This pool bar lets you have not only the table but also the seating in the pool. It is great how you can really enjoy the bar atmosphere in the pool while enjoying the summer weather. The addition of the lighting in the pool lets you get a party atmosphere which is great! bar fromt@zortzos_interior_design

Lap Pool

This one is a basic pool design but will be enough and the right one for you who love swimming. It is in a rectangular form and won’t be wide enough. This design is the most comfortable pool design for swimmers to enjoy the summer in their yards.


This lap pool has a simple design but looks attractive. There is limestone paving around it with a fountain and chairs for a perfect combination between beauty and function. lap pool from@natalie_luxerealtor

Kidney-Shaped Pool

If the basic design is too boring, then the kidney-shaped pool is the one that we recommend for you. The pool has an indentation that is shaped like a kidney just like its name. This design is many used as a private pool. See how the kidney-shaped pool looks attractive in the following image.


A beautiful kidney-shaped pond in your yard with greenery around it maintains a natural feel. Relax under the beautiful sun and enjoy every change of time. Kidney-Shaped Pool from@aquaspapools


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