Inspirational Comfy And Cozy Bedroom Design

For me, bedroom is the most important place for the house because it become the first place for me to lay down and rest my body after working throughout the day. And for this, designing the bedroom become tricky since lot of things need to be calculated. And after days and days studying the design, I comes up with top 5 design that I think suitable with my taste, and here I will share with you the knowledge that I have, hopefully you can find some inspiration from this.


By adding tons of pattern and colors using wallpaper, designer Elizabeth Hay successfully enhance the unique millwork for this bedroom. Not only enhancing it, the patterns and colors in the room also make it feel cozy and comfy, very suitable for when you want to lay down after tons of work.

2. Use Murphy Bed

When you have a smaller room, then you need to think creative, this is exactly what Neal Beckstedt do this time. Using a full size Murphy Bed, it can clear up the walkway for an easy access to the bathroom.

3. Go For Whimsy

Leah Ring choose to use peachy color on the wall because Ring think that the room gets great light during the day, combining with peachy color, it will give a nice glow in the room. Moreover, the room. Have its own artwork, as you can see, from prints and rich color, to the paint and patchwork textile and ceramic, these all create their own multidimensional and a unique artwork.

4. Try To Use Proportion

Using a proportion by coupling small ashtray as a nightstand with a king sized bed, Lauren Water made it look quirky, playful, and cozy. Also, by using cozy materials, Water successfully softened up the moodier tones and streamlined pieces. Together, everything looks perfect.

5. Connecting the Pieces

The rooms already have paint colors, coral tone for the door and the moldings and light blue for the walls, but the room still missing something to connect everything. That is why Avery Cox use the Rug to tie up everything together. You can also add more saturated and deeper shades of blue and yellow to help with contrast.

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