You probably already know how great it is to cool off on a hot, summer-like day. And there’s nothing like diving into a cool pool on a hot summer day. Diving into a cool pool is the perfect way to escape the summer heat. However, high temperatures can make your backyard oasis feel more like a lukewarm bathtub than a refreshing retreat. But did you know there are some things you can do to make your pool more comfortable? All you need is having a right pool landscaping. With the right pool landscaping, you can create an oasis in your pool. And it will make your summertime more enjoyable. There are some features that you can apply to keep your pool cool in the heat. Take a look at these ideas below.

Pergola and Gazebo

Summertime is all about how cooling the day and midday swims. But the scorching summer sun can also cause problems for your home, garden and also your poolside. One of the biggest challenges is heat gain – when the surfaces of your house and pool absorb the sun’s energy and then need to be cooled down later in the day. Providing shade can significantly reduce heat gain. In this case, you can build a pergola or gazebo. Both pergola and gazebo can provide a shade to your poolside.


Pool, pergola, seating and greenery. Create the perfect summer retreat and chill outdoors with friends. Wooden Pergola from @beipoa_interiors

Install Retractable Canopies

When summer arrives and swimming pools become the go-to spot for outdoor relaxation and family fun, it’s important to protect swimmers from the sun. Retractable canopies are one of the most stylish options for pool shade ideas because they allow homeowners to control the amount of sunlight that covers a specific section of the pool area at the touch of a button.


This wave-shaped Cable Curtain can keep everyone comfortable around the pool as it protects from the scorching sun. Simple and fast retract when you want to re-open. Retractable Canopies from @cableshade

Shade Sail

A shade sail mounted to the side of a pool can also act as a stylish and effective solution for pool shade. These modern shaped shades can be placed in a variety of unique angles to cast shade around the perimeter of a pool and give the space an eye-catching design. If your pool area is small, you can opt for an umbrella. It is suitable for the small pool area but able to bring a great shade.

Triangle sun shade sail

To enjoy your summertime in your pool, keep it cool is very important. One of way to keep cool your pool area is by adding some shades. A modern, stylish, and able to keep cool your pool area, you can install a shade sail. This shade can be mounted to the side of a pool which will overshadow your pool. It is usualy in a triangle shape and available in a wider variety of colors and sizes to suit your needs.


It is very stylish and modern way to add Shade Sail shade to a swimming pool, great installation gives a place to shelter from the sun while swimming. Shade Sail from @sapphirebeachholidayparknsw

Green Landscaping

Create a calming environtment to your pool area. By creating cast green shadow it will make your pool look like an oasis in the hot day. Whether it’s green grass or trees that cast shade over the pool area, these landscaping ideas create an appealing backdrop and help reduce the temperature of water. You can also plant shrubs to create a green landscape. By planting some trees and shrubs around the pool, you can create the natural shade that will keep cool and save energy at the same time. Plants can add beauty and a natural feel to your poolside environment. Also, the plants add texture and interest to your pool.


The low-maintenance grass and gardens around the pool create natural shade which is cool and fresh when the sun comes in, ensuring relaxing time is comfortable. Green Landscaping from @bruce_landscapes

Water Feature

Adding water features not only increases the appeal of your pool, but can decrease its temperature. Fountains and waterfalls keep pool water circulating, increasing air exposure and encouraging evaporation. This is one of the best ways to lower your pool water temperature, especially when you run it at night while the temperatures are cooler. A water feature can also be a source of relaxation and awe. A dramatic water cascade reflects light and creates a serene mood. A waterfall adds an elegant, natural touch to a pool. A raised fountain wall with a sculptural rock face is another way to incorporate a beautiful water element.


Fountain features can add a stunning visual element, and the sound of running water can create a calming ambiance perfect for relaxation. Plus, the added circulation can help keep your pool water cleaner and cooler. Water Fountain from @aquaspapools

Outdoor Fans

If you’re battling high temperatures and humid weather, an outdoor fan for your pool may be just what you need to help cool down your hangouts. Whether you’re looking for a sleek, modern ceiling fan or something that’s more classic and traditional, there are some options can deliver the breeze you need to stay comfortable. The first thing to consider is how big of an area you’ll be cooling with your new fan. A good guideline is to choose a fan that has at least a 52-inch blade span, but larger models are available as well. Next up, you’ll want to decide on a style that complements your home. Look for a model that matches or blends with your outdoor decor to create a cohesive look. Some fans offer multiple color options, so you can find the one that best suits your space.


With warm weather, you’ll want to spend more time outside, with a contemporary style three-blade outdoor fan with quality performance displayed outdoors beautifully providing a cool atmosphere in the hot sun. Outdoor Fans from @sassafrashome

Misting Systems

Adding water features to the landscape can cool a pool area by adding movement that prevents stagnation. But if you’re looking for an even more immediate effect, consider a misting system. These systems consist of tubing with nozzles connected to a pump that sprays a fine mist into the air. This cools the air and can lower temperatures up to 35 degrees. Misting systems can be installed in homes and commercial settings. They’re great for cooling outdoor patios, grilling areas and pools.


Misting system is the right choice. A misting system capable of cooling an outdoor patio properly planned and installed can be the difference between a patio and a swimming pool which is truly relaxing. Misting Systems from @modernmistingsystems

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