Decorating a bathroom comes in several ways, one of them is placing furniture. The furniture options are not only for functionality but also aesthetic and durability. Including your bathroom vanity area. Talking about the bathroom vanity means you have to pay attention to all aspects. Whether the model, size to the material. As well as the countertop is something that you also have to pay attention to.

Countertops may only take up a small space in your bathroom but they can have a significant impact on the look of the room. Choose a material that suits the priorities of your space and your aesthetic preferences. The material your vanity top is made out of is not only an aesthetic choice, it’s also a functional one. The materials you choose should be able to stand up to water, humidity and cleaning products.

Moreover, whether you’re remodeling your bathroom or looking to give it a facelift, you have more options than ever for vanity tops. The right countertop material will stand up to water, soap, toothpaste, cosmetics and alcohol. Here are some bathroom countertop ideas.


Whether you’re completing a full bathroom remodel or just want to freshen up your powder room, there are more stylish and functional countertop options than ever. The key is to understand what’s out there before you make your final selection. Acrylic countertops, also known as lucite, are inexpensive and durable. They offer a modern look that blends with any decor style.

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Simple white acrylic countertops in the bathroom to complement patterned tiles and bold cabinets are a great way to make a beautiful statement in any bathroom. Acrylic Countertops from @caesarstoneus


Tile countertops are available in an almost endless number of styles, sizes and colors. They’re heat-, stain and scratch resistant. However, mildew easily grows on grout lines if they’re not properly sealed. But tiles offer a lot more colors and patterns that can add an attractive look to your vanity area.


The mosaic pattern tiles of bathroom vanity top in a black and white color gives a minimalist look to your bathroom. Paired with the white grout lines give a clean and classic look to the bathroom, their hues and textures adding a charming freshness. Mosaic Tile Countertop from @mosaic.factory

Ceramic or Porcelain

A popular bathroom countertop option, ceramic and porcelain vanity tops offer stunning beauty that works well with a wide variety of styles and decor. Also known as vitreous china and fireclay, these surfaces are nonporous and resist chips, stains, soap scum and burns.


The bathroom counter is light and bright. The room looks spacious by adding a white ceramic dressing table. It takes a little planning but the end result is an elegant and luxurious bathroom. Ceramic Table from @sgsdesigninteriors


Laminate is one of the most affordable options. A cost-effective option, laminate vanity tops come in a range of patterns and colors. Some even mimic the look of marble and granite. Laminate can mimic the appearance of more expensive stone surfaces at a fraction of the cost. Laminate bathroom countertops also hold up well against chips, stains, and heat.


The minimalist bathroom has a laminate countertop, the appearance of patterns and surface colors resembling stone is very nice to be combined with contemporary walls and tiles and ceramics. Laminate Countertop from @aarman.decor

Peel and stick marble table sticker

If you want to get an elegant look to your bathroom, laminate countertop can be a smart and affordable option. You can buy peel and stick marble table stickers. This laminate can mimic the marble look and upgrade your bathroom looks. Although, it is an affordable way but a laminate bathroom countertop can hold up well againts stains and heat. So, it can be your options if you want a budget-friendly bathroom idea.

Butcher Block

Butcher block is often seen as a kitchen counter material, but this beautiful wood can also be used in bathrooms. It adds a touch of warmth and traditional style to any bathroom. It’s durable and resistant to scratches, scorching, and stains. It’s easy to clean a butcher block countertop, using a solution of soap and water. For stubborn stains, sprinkle the spot with salt and rub it in. Then wipe down the countertop.


The simple beauty of Butcher Block installed on the bathroom counter looks neat and relaxed combined with the above furniture, the wood motif brings warmth to anyone, creativity like this can add value to your bathroom. Butcher Block from @tipsyoak


One of the best bathroom countertop ideas is quartz because it is non-porous and doesn’t need to be sealed like most natural stone options. It is also resistant to stains, scratches and dents. In fact, an ordinary daily wipe down with warm water and mild soap is usually all you need to keep it looking new.


The quartz bathroom that exudes elegance and modernity looks again of a stunning design creating a beautiful contrast against the white backdrop, adding depth and texture to the space. Quartz Table Top from @emerstonequartz


Marble counters are a popular option for bathrooms because of their natural glow, which brightens up the space and makes it look bigger. White marble works best if the rest of the room is done in cool tones, such as grays and woods, or neutrals and silvery metals. It’s softer than granite, but still fairly resistant to scratching and cracking. Marble is more susceptible to stains than other countertop materials, so it’s important to properly seal them on a regular basis.


Luxurious statement marble bathrooms look elegant in natural and layered artificial light. using the same marble throughout the bathroom, lining a large vanity. A beautiful place to start and end the day. Marble Bathroom Countertop from @jelenadesignstudio


Concrete is a modern alternative to traditional natural stone countertops for the bathroom, offering a clean, unique, sturdy and contemporary look. It can be shaped and colored in a nearly infinite number of ways to create a one-of-a-kind countertop configuration for your bathroom vanity. It can also be shaped to include integral features such as sinks or built-in soap dispensers. Concrete countertops can be framed and poured right in your home or made offsite and then sprayed with a sealer for added protection. Concrete bathroom counters are fairly easy to maintain and offer a sleek surface that is resistant to water, food stains, mold and mildew.


Concrete countertops have natural characteristics with all the cracks and lines and discoloration. Natural elements from the earth make it more attractive in line with the color of the bathroom wall. Concrete Countertops from @kyleedeandesigns

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