Having a lawn is so much worth it. You can make your outdoor space to be a green area which is great for our eyes and soul. However, it is quite exhausting when it comes to maintenance. Even before the maintenance, you might be exhausted by wondering whether the grass will grow well or not. Anyway, rather than having so many worries with your lawn, what about having artificial turf? There will be some benefits that you can take as follow:

  1. the artificial turf has a low maintenance
  2. it looks aesthetic
  3. the cleanliness is way more than the real one because it doesn’t need soil
  4. it is pet friendly
  5. cost-effective since it doesn’t need maintenance and watering.

Anyway, talking about the application of artificial turf, here are the possibilities that you can follow.

Combine it with Concrete Walkway

The combination of the concrete that is used as the walkway material with the artificial turf can be such a good one. It is true that the design is really simple, however, the simple design with a sleek and rigid look becomes the interesting side of the combination. Commonly, it is used in modern home decoration or industrial decoration.


Combining concrete and artificial turf will give your outdoor area or room in your home that professional, finished look that is difficult to achieve with other types of surfaces. Another benefit of artificial grass set over concrete is that it lasts longer than most other types of surface materials. Concrete Sidewalks Patio from @pacificconcrete

Use it for Your Pool Greenery

Having greenery for the pool is really recommended. Not only to make it looks fresh and for aesthetic need. But, the artificial turf can also be used to make the pool area not to be too slippery.


Placing artificial grass around the pool area will help keep it clean and can make an excellent, sturdy ground cover. Installing it on a pool deck creates a beautiful appearance, is easy to maintain, and provides a non-slip surface for swimmers getting in or out of the water. Pool Greenery from @turfsellers

Apply it to Your Rooftop

The rooftop area will be too hot during summer which will make any greenery provided there to be withered. In this case, having artificial turf is the best solution you can take. You won’t need to see a withered grass and your rooftop area will be green the whole year.


Have you ever considered installing grass on your roof? There’s no better place to install artificial turf than on a rooftop deck, where you can relax and take in the city skyline. Rooftop Lawn from @groturf

Use it for Your Balcony Yard Area

For you who live in an apartment, having a yard is something impossible. However, if you have a balcony there, then you should utilize it maximally. You can install artificial turf to create a yard. Really easy and only need low maintenance.


Artificial turf is so versatile that it can be used for almost any space, not just lawns and backyards. So it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a yard but want to enjoy the outdoors and expand your small space to host guests. Apartement Balcony from @miguetti_designs

Use it to Complete Your Patio

Do you have a patio? You can install artificial turf there to complete your patio. You will spoil your eyes with the green area without needing to maintain it and worry about the living chance of your greenery.


Combining artificial grass with pavers, concrete, or other landscaping materials can create beautiful patio designs. Applying it to your patio will allow you and your family to relax and enjoy the outdoors by giving you the feeling of having grass under your feet. Patio Walkway from @southernturftexas

Install it for Your Kids’ Playground

Having a private playground in the yard? We recommend you use the artificial turf than the real one because it is really kids friendly. You don’t need to worry that there will be dirty soil that your toddler may eat randomly.


Artificial turf for playgrounds has become increasingly popular due to its numerous advantages. Firstly, its appearance is surprisingly similar to natural grass, providing children with the sensation of playing in a real outdoor environment. Additionally, its soft and comfortable texture provides a safe play surface, reducing the risk of injuries compared to natural grass. Playground from @authenticgrass

Artificial grass rug

This artificial grass looks really realistic. You can use it as an indoor and outdoor grass rug. It is completed with drainage holes so that there won’t be any water sticks there. This artificial rug is easy to clean and has an eco-friendly material of high quality. Since it only needs low maintenance, then get this artificial grass.

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